Supernatural, Episode 7.13 – The Slice Girls

A man gets his hands and feet cut off then gets a carving on his chest. Pleasant scene.

Sam and Dean investigate what’s actually a string of similar murders. Still dealing with Bobby’s death, Dean heads to a bar where he hooks up with one Lydia who ends up pregnant and gives birth all within 24 hours.

While Sam focuses on the job, Dean focuses on the strange happenings at Lydia’s house. When he goes back to retrieve Bobby’s flask which he had left after his one night stand, he notices Lydia actually has a baby (who talks like a five year old girl). He watches the house from across the street and later sees the same girl, Emma, now actually five or six years old and taken away by a car full of women.

After aging some more, Emma and a group of other girls are given something to eat and some milk for their “blood mission.”

Sam and Dean meet with a Professor who brings them information on the symbol carved on the victims’ chests. It relates to the Greek goddess Harmonia who is looked up to by a culture of women who believe men are of no use but to make babies.

A suspicious detective actually works for this group of Amazons. They know Sam and Dean are hunters and plan to take care of them. Meanwhile, the Bros find more information that leads them to believe the Amazons are reproducing quickly to make armies of some sort.

They figure out what’s going on and they search through Bobby’s files. Dean notices the papers have been moved and he suggests that it is Bobby. Sam says it is not Bobby just because they both want it to be.

Sam takes the paper that notBobby separated from the others to the Professor to translate it from Greek. Back at the motel, Dean gets a knock at the door. It is Emma. She needs help and she says Dean is the only one she can trust… because he’s her father.

She doesn’t like being trapped, she doesn’t want to be like those women. Meanwhile, at the university, the Professor translates the paper for Sam which says the daughter must kill her father. So everything Emma’s saying is bull. Dean pulls a gun out of the fridge just as Emma pulls out her dagger. She plays on the fact that she is his daughter and Dean urges her to just walk away. But Sam arrives and does what Dean can’t… kill Emma.

They head to the Amazon headquarters to finish off the rest of them, but find it empty and abandoned.

Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week
In the car, sensing Dean’s hesitation from earlier, Sam reminds him about what he said to him about Amy; that they have to kill the monsters. Dean denies it, but Sam brings up how Bobby was right about Dean’s head not being in the game.

“You’re just as screwed up as I am. Except… bigger.”

Sam begs Dean not to get killed, like he almost did tonight. “I’ll do what I can,” Dean replies.

Episode Thoughts
Aha! So that’s why they brought up Amy again in the recap at the beginning of the episode. I should know better than to not expect something’s up based on the Thens.

I think it’s safe to say Bobby chose to stay above ground instead of going to his Heaven. Which is fun and kind of sweet. I wonder if he’ll do more than drink their beers and move papers around though.

Thank goodness for no Leviathans this week. But I wonder too if these Amazons will return sooner rather than later as well. I did like bringing back the Amy point and turning it around on Dean. It’s a nice change of pace to have Sam be the voice of reason for once. Hee.

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