Grimm, Episode 1.10 – Organ Grinder

“We shall see the crumbs of bread… and they will show us our way home again.”

Nick tells Monroe he wants to tell Juliette everything, but he says that is not a good idea. It just doesn’t work that way and that regular humans just can’t process seeing living proof of these fairy tale creatures.

Meanwhile, two shirtless boys are being chased through the woods. One of them falls into the river, leaving the other one to be captured by men who drag him back past other people throwing bodies into a fire pit. Next morning, the river boy (after getting his eyes pecked out by a crow, The Birds style) is found with vampire teeth marks on his neck.

The coroner suggests they could be IV needles used to drain blood since the boy is missing a serious amount of it. Nick and Hank find the boy, Steven. Already has a record They trace him back to where he got the pucca shell necklace he was wearing when found. A homeless girl, Gracie tells them about Steven having gone to the clinic recently and then going off after accepting a job.

Nick and Hank go to the clinic. They talk to the office manager, Tom who pulls up Steven’s record and then talk to Dr. Levine, who treated him for a spider bite. She tells them about Steven living on the streets.

They suddenly get a call for a car accident and head to the scene to find pints of blood and human organs scattered all over the street. Nick sees the true form of the driver of the van carrying the organs.

“Seems like this town’s just getting weirder,” Hank remarks (about the scene, not the guy’s true form).

After researching in Aunt Marie’s trailer, Nick finds out the guy was a Geyer and they harvest human organs. At dinner, Monroe confirms this and tells Nick about how human body parts are used for “creature enhancement” just like animal body parts are used by humans for various medicinal or “medicinal” purposes.

In fact, human testicles are like Viagra for some species. Nick asks if Monroe knows of a place to get these enhancers. He reluctantly goes to a shop owned and run by a Fuchsbau to pick up some $300 worth of Gallenblaze which Nick later confirms is grounded up human gall bladder.

They later also confirm that some of the blood from the accident was Steven’s and they connect his disappearance to possibly organ harvesting. Nick hurries to the shop where he confronts the Fuchsbau shopowner who admits to selling the organ enhancers and coughs up his Geyer supplier.

Later that night, Nick and Juliette go look for Gracie and her brother Hansen to take them for dinner and some questioning. They talk about running away from their sucky parents in Idaho and then about Steven taking the job with another of their friends, Kevin. Juliette senses Gracie had feelings for Kevin and manages to get her to open up more about what happened.

Next day, Gracie visits the clinic as she has a fever from sleeping in the rain last night. She tells Dr. Levine about the detective taking her and her brother out to dinner and their investigation.

Sgt. Lee has an address from the phone of the driver from the accident, which matches the address connected with the phone number given by the Fuchsbau. Renard joins them as they head to the rural address where they find a trailer and greenhouse full of human organs.

A phone rings belonging to the man presumably guarding the storage facility, but now dead after Renard shoots him with a rifle, and Nick finds it is the clinic.

Meanwhile, Tom, the office manager from the clinic, meets Gracie and Hansen in the street and then has them stuffed into a van. They are taken to some big mansion-type estate. Hansen pulls a pucca shell necklace from his pocket and leaves a trail of shells as they are dragged to the back, past a fire pit where bodies are already being hurled in.

Nick and Hank head to the clinic and Nick sees the woman closing up shop is a Geyer. He corners her in the backroom and lets her know who he is. She ends up confessing the address and Nick, Hank and plenty of backup rush to the estate.

Dr. Levine sees Gracie holding hands with a barely alive Kevin and she decides to operate on her next. Outside, Nick and Hank see the pucca trail and follow it to the back operating shed. Their SWAT team backup storms in with guns blazing, so Nick and Hank burst into the operating shed. Nick follows the Doctor outside to by the fire pit, but doesn’t see her. She’s actually hanging out up a tree (which Nick had just read about) and she jumps on him and attacks. They fight, but she ends up falling into the fire pit after scratching Nick all over.

Hank surveys the scene and can’t believe it.

“This town is definitely getting weirder.”

Renard goes back to his office and finds a package left on his desk. It’s a box with a Reaper symbol on it. He opens it up and sees a freshly cut off ear, reminding him of his encounter with a Reaper a couple of weeks ago. He gets a call from that very Reaper who tells him that the world is becoming more complicated. That Renard needs to control “this Grimm” because things are getting out of balance.

Renard says he’ll handle it his way.

Episode Thoughts
This was a good episode. Though the Doctor being the big bad this week was predictable, we got lots of great scenes including Nick thinking about telling Juliette everything, Nick and Juliette taking Gracie and Hansen (Gretel and Hansel, heh) to dinner, and Hank thinking how weird Portland’s gotten lately. Plus giving a little more insight into Renard and his part in the greater picture of the series.

More picturesque Oregon is always great. But I do hope that the show picks up the pace during episodes. While the slow burn is nice and all, it could get tiring after a while. It is a different approach to crime procedurals, but while I don’t necessarily want the Supernatural-style blood splatter crash to black every commercial break, I do think Grimm can make things a little tighter while still keeping that moody, atmospheric sense of melancholy that works so well with the Oregon setting.

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