Supernatural, Episode 7.12 – Time After Time

Sheriff Jody calls the Bros with a possible job for them concerning mummified people.

“I hope you’re reading cartoon smut because reading Dick Roman crap over and over again is just self-punishment.”
“It’s called anime… and it’s an art form.”

They head over to the town and talk to the eyewitness of one of the attacks. The stoner tells them about a Justin Timberlake-hat-wearing, snappy dressed man sucked the red energy out of his neighbor, who aged right before his eyes.

Back at their temporary home, Sam finds a history of strange dead bodies in town, all popping up in threes. There have already been two now.

“Are you going to look at more anime or are you strictly onto dick now?”

Dean uses some of what he learned from Frank to hack into local security cam feeds where they find video of Justin Timberlake guy… who happens to also be in one of the old photos accompanying the articles on the dead bodies from the 40s. He hasn’t aged a day.

The Bros go talk to Terri, a child (now older of course) who had found one of the bodies back then. She recognizes the man as a Mr. Snyder who lived on her parents’ street. They go there and stake out a home where they see Snyder.

They follow him and Dean sees him just finishing taking the red energy from a man. He runs at him, but suddenly they are transported back in time. Fedora-dude runs off and the old-time cops arrest Dean.

In the interrogation room, Dean learns he is in 1944 and he is in the presence of THE Eliot Ness (played by guest star Nicholas Lea whom I will forever think of as the guy from Whistler). Dean fanboys over The Untouchables and even more when he realizes Ness is also a hunter.

Ness fills Dean in on similarly red lighted victims and recruits him to help with the case. Ness calls him a “bindlestiff” and takes him to Ezra Moore, a seamstress with a clothing shop… but also the 1940s answer to Bobby as well.

“Gas costs four bucks, you can get cheese out of a spray can and the President? He’s a black guy.”

Back in the present, Sheriff Jody offers to help and brings over a bunch of Bobby’s stuff from a storage locker in the hopes they can use something to help get Dean back.

Simultaneously, the hunters in 1944 and in 2012 find out they are dealing with the Greek god of time, Cronos who eats people’s “time juice” to stay powerful. Sheriff Jody and Sam find a way to summon Cronos. The only downside, they need the exact moment, to the very minute, that Dean and Cronos are literally touching each other.

Ness and Dean follow Cronos and find out he’s got a lady love, Lila. Ness stays behind to watch the home while Dean goes to Ezra who gives him the weapon they need to kill the god. After a kiss from Ezra, Dean realizes if he kills Cronos, he can’t get back. But he comes up with a plan to send a message to Sam by leaving it in the home they are staying at in 2011.

As Logan Cronos (played by Jason Dohring) fights Ness and hurries to tell Lila to pack up, Sam finds Dean’s note to the future in the wall. With the date on top of the letter, all they need is the exact time, so they find Lila still alive and ask her about that night.

She tells them two policemen came to arrest Cronos, whom she knew as Ethan. Sam shows her a picture of Dean and she says Ethan “chocked the life out of that man.”

She tells them the clocks stopped at 11:34 so they head back home and hurriedly set up the summoning spell.

Dean heads back to the house and he, Ness, and Cronos get into a standoff. The summoning spell works and Dean and Ness are taken back to 2011.

Sam stabs Cronos in the heart with the magic twig Ezra gave Dean.

“You wanna know your future. I know your future. It’s covered in thick black ooze. It’s everywhere. They’re everywhere. Enjoy oblivion,” Cronos laughs as he dies.

Episode Thoughts
Now that was a fun episode. It was quick, fast-paced and it was great seeing Sheriff Jody again, not to mention being awesome working with Sam. Plus Dean’s fanboying over The Untouchables was great too.

I could’ve done without tagging on more Leviathan stuff at the end of the episode, but otherwise it was a good, fun episode.

And color me surprised again. No new Supernatural for three weeks. I guess it’s better than no new episode in two months.

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