Grimm, Episode 1.08 – Game Ogre

“Fee fi fo fum… I smell the blood of an Englishman…”

A very large man stuffs a gavel down the throat of a state judge. Then after going to Monroe to use his watch expertise, they track down the owner of a watch found on another victim to the assistant DA whose tongue now has been ripped out of her mouth. Hank immediately knows who the killer is.

Oleg Stark, convicted of murdering a family and sentenced to 300 years in prison. He’s just escaped, resulting in the victims being the judge, prosecutor, and jury foreman in his case. Now Hank, the arresting officer, could be the next one.

Hank wants to take him down himself, but Renard does not want one of his officers risking their life. Sgt. Wu hands Nick and Hank info on Stark’s possible mode of transport, but too late.

Stark parks the car, stuffs a teddy bear into the gas tank and lights it. He helps a grandmother cross the street, away from the impending explosion, and walks away.

Nick and Hank get word of the explosion, but Renard tells Hank to stay put and he goes with Nick instead. Later that night, Nick goes researching in Aunt Marie’s trailer and finds plenty of weapons while Stark steals another car.

Nick goes home and Juliette is conveniently out buying ravioli as Stark smashes through the windows and proceeds to throw Nick all over the house, demanding to know where Hank is. Juliette, shockingly, arrives home and runs to the kitchen to grab a boiling pot of water to hurl at Stark who runs away.

Nick is banged up and is confined at the hospital. He apologizes to Juliette, but she tells him to rest. Renard promises cops will stand guard outside their home. This is the last straw for Hank. Sgt. Wu suggests they set up a trap for Stark using Hank as bait.

Meanwhile, Nick calls Monroe who comes to the hospital. He confirms to Nick that this guy is a Siedbarste, your everyday ogre. Monroe says it is difficult to kill them, unless you have Siedbarste gift, a poison which Aunt Marie just happens to have in the trailer. Nick tells Monroe about the trailer and asks him to grab the gift as well as a rifle made specifically for it.

As Monroe excitedly looks through the trailer and sets up the bullets, Hank arrives at the hospital. He confesses to Nick that he and the DA had conveniently “lost” a tape that would’ve given the jury in Stark’s trail reasonable doubt and in turn would’ve allowed Stark to walk.

That’s why Hank is going to lead Stark to the quarry where he had originally murdered that family instead of the setup location everyone is waiting at. Nick calls Monroe and tells him to give Hank the rifle. He sees Hank just as he’s leaving the hospital, so he follows him (as well as Stark).

Stark tries to run Hank over and Hank uses up all his bullets, so they begin to fight as Monroe sets up the rifle and shoots. Stark falls, Hank calls into the station and Monroe returns the rifle to the trailer. He calls Nick with the update.

Back at the station, Renard tells Hank about his disappointment, but also to inform him of the bullets they found in Stark. Two of which were from a rare, old rifle which undoubtedly has peaked Renard’s interest.

Episode Thoughts
Great to have Grimm back. Another solid episode.

I feel like we are closer to someone, either Hank or Juliette of course, finding out about Nick being a Grimm. However, I’m also half-expecting either Hank or Juliette already knowing and/or being one of the very creatures a Grimm would be hunting.

This episode took focus off of Nick though, which was refreshing, and balanced the other characters pretty well. I do hope we get more depth out of Juliette’s character though.

Grimm definitely likes a low-burn in how they pace their episodes. It works out fine, especially when they use the atmospheric-ness of Portland. In episodes like this though, I do think they could’ve tightened it up a little because there were some scenes where it felt like obvious filler, even for seconds at a time during various scenes.

Still, a good episode and again, yay for the show being back with new episodes.

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