Supernatural, Episode 7.11 – Adventures in Babysitting

Four weeks pass after the last “idjit” from Bobby and the Bros solemnly continue sitting around their forest hideout. Dean wonders why crazy Frank hasn’t called back with info on the numbers Bobby had written on Sam’s hand.

Sam asks Dean if they should call or notify anyone about what has happened to Bobby. Just then, Bobby’s phone rings and it’s a girl who says her father told her to call Bobby in case of emergency. She hangs up when they say Bobby isn’t there.

After Dean’s beer mysteriously vanishes out of the bottle, they split up with Sam going to check up on the girl that called and Dean going to check up on Frank.

Dean finds Frank’s basement command center has been cleaned out, but in comes Frank with a rifle and suspicious that Dean might be a Leviathan. They show each other their red blood to prove otherwise and Frank fills Dean in on being tracked by the black goop guys since helping the Bros out.

After declaring Gwyneth Paltrow is indeed a Leviathan, Frank takes Dean to his new command center where he tells him the numbers, after finding a missing sixth number, are coordinates to an empty plot of land in Wisconsin newly purchased by Dick Roman Enterprises.

They head over to set up surveillance, only to find surveillance has already been set up. So Frank hacks into the feed and they sit and watch,

Meanwhile, Sam has found the girl, Crissy, who reluctantly lets him in at first. She tells him her dad is a salesman who’s been gone a few days without checking in. She leads him to her dad’s room and assuming she knows nothing about her father’s life as a hunter, gets her to leave him alone in the room where he finds a clue wall in the closet.

He gives her Dean’s number in case he doesn’t get in touch with her. After some digging, her finds out her father and other men have been taken by a Vetala who lures men and then eats them slowly.

Only thing he doesn’t know is they work in pairs, so the two Vetalas easily snatch him up.

Listening to the message Sam left him, Dean knows exactly what Sam’s mistake was and just then, Crissy calls to say she hasn’t heard from Sam. Dean hurries over to her after a talk with Frank about being “professional” even when shit happens in this business.

Once there, Crissy cuts to the chase. She actually does know about what her father does and demands Dean take her with him to save Sam and her father. He reluctantly takes her and on the drive, gives her a pep talk about her being able to go to college if she wants to instead of this hunting life.

“One thing doesn’t make sense though. My father’s a pretty good hunter and your brother’s the size of a car…”

They manage to stumble upon the two Vetala taking their next victim and follow them to their warehouse storage meal room.

“You’re a dweeb.” turns into “Oh, you jackass.” when Dean handcuffs her to the steering wheel to keep her from going with him into danger.

Dean heads inside and about gets the upper hand on the two Vetala until Crissy runs in and puts them back at a disadvantage. But no worries, Crissy is fast with a knife and they finish off the Vetala.

In the hospital, Sam and Dean suggest to the father that they quit the hunting business and go back to a normal life. Before leaving, Crissy runs after Dean and thanks him.

Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week
Dean finally comes to realize that maybe they do need to just get back to work and concentrate on kicking Dick Roman’s ass instead of moping around and feeling sorry for themselves and Bobby.

Winchester Bros VERY Emo Moment of the Week
Sam turns the radio on and goes to sleep while Dean drives. “Dear Mr. Fantasy” sets the mood as Dean laughs and seemingly holds back tears.

Episode Thoughts
Okay so, I am so used to the usual long December-January hiatuses that I didn’t even know Supernatural was back this early!

Needless to say, I’m glad it is back this early. A nice, mellow episode that I am now going to group together with the rest of the “slice of a hunter’s life” episodes. These episodes, which we’ve gotten a lot of lately and throughout the series, basically show how sucky the life is of a hunter. But if they don’t do this work, then who will?

No Leviathans, which is actually a good thing, but very good use of Frank to help highlight this crappy world that exists where your family could get eaten or skinned alive and you just have to hold your head up high and hope you get an opportunity for revenge.

So overall, a nice episode. Nothing memorable, but a nice (and I mean that as a compliment) episode.

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