Recap: The Amazing Race 19, Episode 8 – “You really got to beat this cream to turn it into something good.”

The Amazing Race 19, Episode 8 – Super Shady

The Leg

The eight leg of the Race begins and teams all head to the airport for their next destination, Copenhagen, Denmark.  Teams are given tickets, but don’t have to use them if they find something better.   All teams except for Zac & Laurence are on their way to Amsterdam, with the father and son instead flying to London and getting into Copenhagen at 8:30pm.

In Amsterdam, Andy & Tommy and Jeremy & Sandy find a Cimber Air flight that gets them into Copenhagen at 10:35pm while Ernie & Cindy and Bill & Cathi find a Norwegian Air flight getting them in at 11:00pm.  That leaves Amani & Marcus deciding not to find a different flight and expecting other teams to be on the SAS flight getting them into Copenhagen at 8:20am.

The five teams get to Copenhagen and must drive their brand new Ford Focuses to Vor Frelsers Kirke.  But it’s Hours of Operation, so they spend the night and wait for the 7:30am open. 

The next morning, teams head up the tower where they must find two clues, a flag up top and another on the roof of one of the buildings below.  On each of the flags, two clues “FREDERIKS” and “BORG SLOT” which they have to put together to figure out their next clue is at Frederiksborg Slot.

Most of the teams notice the two clues, but the men unfurling the flag on the roof hide it again before Jeremy & Sandy can see it.  They see a map on top that has a different Borg, so they figure that’s where they need to go.

Zac & Laurence and Ernie & Cindy arrive at the Slot first and find the Road Block.

In this Road Block, teams will have to learn a three part traditional dance from the Renaissance.  When they can perform it without mistakes, they’ll get their next clue.

Zac and Ernie get started with the Road Block by dressing up in period costumes and choosing a teacher.  Meanwhile, Amani & Marcus finally arrive in Copenhagen and catch up to Jeremy & Sandy who have to return to the church tower.

At the Road Block, Cathi gets started as Zac is having a little trouble getting the hang of the dance.  But Ernie gets through all three routines and they get the next clue telling teams to drive to Frilandmuseet where they must search the grounds for their next clue.  They leave just as Andy & Tommy arrive.

Once at Filandmuseet, Ernie & Cindy stumble upon a red mailbox which happens to have their next clue and the Detour.
In All Hopped Up, teams must assemble a steeplechase course for rabbits, known as Kaninhop in Danish, and then must each run a clean race with a rabbit.In All Churned Out, teams must use two churns and a mold to work out cream into six sticks of butter.

Ernie & Cindy choose the butter.  Back at the Road Block, Zac watches as Cathi and Andy finish before him, but he finally completes the Road Block as Sandy just gets started.  Meanwhile, somewhere, Amani & Marcus are lost.

As Bill & Cathi catch up at the Detour, Ernie & Cindy finish and open the clue telling teams to head to Karlstrup Windmill where they find the Double U-Turn.  Cindy insists they use the U-Turn and with Bill & Cathi right behind them, they choose them to hopefully ensure a first place.

Bill & Cathi finish the Detour as Andy & Tommy arrive and they head to the next Route Marker only to find their faces on the tablets.  They decide to U-Turn Laurence & Zac, call Ernie & Cindy “bastards” and head off to do the bunny side of the Detour.

At the Road Block, Amani & Marcus catch up to Jeremy & Sandy but both are still trailing the rest of the teams. 

Andy & Tommy finish the Detour before Zac & Laurence, but the father and son have to go back and do the other Detour after finding out they’ve been U-Turned.  They run in to Amani & Marcus just finishing the rabbit side of the Detour. 

While Jeremy & Sandy hurry to catch up after getting lost and going the wrong way, Ernie & Cindy head to the Pit Stop at Havet Ship back in Copenhagen.  And after last week’s disappointment, they finally get their leg win and a trip to Fiji.

Bill & Cathi take 2nd with Andy & Tommy finishing right behind them in 3rd.  As Jeremy & Sandy get to the Detour and start on the butter and Zac & Laurence finish their 2nd Detour, Amani & Marcus meet Phil in 4th.

Zac & Laurence leave the Detour on the way to the Pit Stop, but get lost and go the wrong way.  That allows Jeremy & Sandy to speed through the Detour and end up sneaking by to take 5th.  That means Zac & Laurence are 6th and eliminated.

Episode Thoughts
Good episode overall.  The tasks made up for the linear leg design and Hours of Operation (again and of course).

 The tasks were interesting and the teams made them fun.  The Racing also stepped up this week since it’s been a while since teams drove themselves on the Race and that is always when things get interesting.

Though they could have originally planned back-to-back U-Turns, it seems more likely the non-use of the U-Turn prompted them to put it on this leg as well and it certainly gave immediate results. 

Speaking of Fiji, I hope TAR goes to Fiji soon.  Maybe a San Francisco or Hawaii starting line then fly to Fiji or Fiji via New Zealand.  That would be very cool.

Oh and we can look forward to this next week:

Speedos! Bodies! Muscles! Woah! 

Sunbird Livingstonia Beach
Senga Bay

Nairobi, Kenya
London, England
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Copenhagen, Denmark

Vor Frelsers Kirke

Frederiksborg Slot

Kongens Lyngby

Karlstrup Windmill
Kongens Lyngby

Havet Ship

Sunbird Livingstonia Beach
Senga Bay

Andy & Tommy 3:12pm
Ernie & Cindy 3:13pm
Bill & Cathi 3:26pm
Amani & Marcus 3:34pm
Laurence & Zac 3:36pm
Jeremy & Sandy 3:42pm






In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Who did the Road Block?
Who’s ready to take a few steps back in time?
In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block

5 Ernie Cindy 4
5 Bill Cathi 4
5 Andy Tommy 4
4 Laurence Zac 5
5 Jeremy Sandy 4
4 Amani Marcus 5

4 Justin Jennifer 4
2 Liz Marie 4
1 Kaylani Lisa 2
2 Ethan Jenna 0
1 Ron Bill 1

Havet Ship

1st Ernie & Cindy +1
2nd Bill & Cathi +1
3rd Andy & Tommy -2
4th Amani & Marcus =
5th Jeremy & Sandy +1
Eliminated Zac & Laurence -1
Ernie & Cindy Ernie & Cindy – They had a great leg and finally pull out the win.  But their decision to U-Turn Bill & Cathi was questionable.  Not because they U-Turned an equally awesome, rootable team, but because they didn’t U-Turn Andy & Tommy who had screwed them out of a win last leg and are certainly the stronger team.  Though they weren’t in danger, and using the U-Turn when you’re not in danger is risky, the frustration from last leg definitely played a part in their decision making and they didn’t want to have to suffer another footrace to the Mat only to come in 2nd.  Otherwise, good momentum moving forward if they can keep it up.
Bill & Cathi Bill & Cathi – Another great leg for them.  The U-Turn did nothing to hurt them, at worst, they would’ve still finished 2nd as long as they didn’t get lost as bad as other teams.  They’ve been one of the stronger teams this Race and have been very consistent which is a good thing.  But a bad thing in the sense that they do need to step it up leg to leg.  As the U-Turn showed, they can handle speed bumps along the way (literally and figuratively) and are strong contenders.
Jeremy & Sandy Jeremy & Sandy Just a horrible leg for them.  So much time wasted on mistakes and wrong turns.  They managed to squeak out of elimination, but they need to take care of those mistakes that could’ve easily killed them in the Race.  Personality wise they’re keeping up, but as competitors, they definitely need to take care of those little missteps that hurt their otherwise good Race.
Amani & Marcus Amani & Marcus – Well, back to mediocrity from them.  Why they didn’t look for flights in Amsterdam is beyond me.  They hate being at the bottom of the pack, but they put themselves in those situations.  They slack off on important decision and end up getting themselves lost.  All the energy in the world won’t be able to make up for their mistakes and they will catch up to them sooner or later.
Andy & Tommy Andy & Tommy -A quiet leg from them, thank goodness.  Finally they don’t lead the whole way through as has been custom these last few legs.  Again, more tolerable team the less we seem of them.
Laurence & Zac Laurence & Zac – It was only a matter of time.  They actually were safe despite the U-Turn, but their poor navigation skills, which has been a running irony this Race, did them in.  For guys who have sailed the world, they are not very good with directions.  And while Zac has been okay and positive this Race, Laurence, even in this leg, has been condescending to other teams and especially his son.  Very annoying to watch and sad to see Zac just stand there and take the undeserved criticism from his father. 
Quotes from Episode 19.08

Cindy: “Everyone looks so blonde.”

Cindy: “You guys met each other in high school?”
Bill: “Actually, she was 12 and I was 13.  We were in middle school and…”
Cindy: “Aww, so cute!”
Bill: “We went together for eight years and got married on the day of graduation from college.”
Cindy: “Wow!  We just met in a bar.”
Bill: “That’s okay too.”
Cindy: “Over a shotski.”

Ernie: “You really got to beat this cream to turn it into something good.  Smells good though.  I just want to lick it up.  You like that?”

Marcus: “Is that a rabbit?  In our country, them’s are goats!”

Cindy: “I don’t know if you want to eat my sweaty ass butter.”

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