Supernatural 7.04 – Defending Your Life

A man gets crushed by a phantom car that somehow pops up on the 10th floor of a building. Sam thanks Dean for not killing Amy (yeah) and they proceed with their first “regular” job in a long time.

They find out the man had backed his car into a little girl and killed her. So they go and burn her bones thinking that’s what’s going on. But across town, a man gets chased by a dog that somehow pops into the restaurant restroom and eats him up.

The Bros read about it the next morning and find the man had been running a dog fighting operation, but changed after having to volunteer at an animal shelter and ending up loving it. People change, Sam says.

After looking at the body, they realize both had red dirt around them. They head to a nearby apple orchard that has red dirt, but on the way, an older man comes running out onto the road. They take him to their motel room and he explains he had just been let out on parole after being in prison for 30 years for robbery and murder. Drinking at a bar, he suddenly gets jumped and finds himself in a courtroom in some barn at the apple farm.

The man, Warren, remembers the judge’s name was all symbols so Sam asks him to write them down. Dean asks Sam to talk outside. He says he can’t help but side with the ghosts on this one, the three victims seem to have it coming. Sam notices Dean being uncomfortable.

Dean decides to go check out the bar and Sam’ll go check out the barn. Sam goes back and asks Warren to go with him to the barn, but he doesn’t want to. Sam lets him sit in the chair and surrounds him with salt as he heads out while calling Bobby with the symbols the man drew.

At the bar, Dean talks with the pretty bartender Mia. A man creeps at them at the end of the bar as Dean tells Mia about feeling guilty.

Sam heads to the barn and finds nothing but the same red dirt they found on the two victims. Bobby calls and tells Sam the symbols relate to the Egyptian god Osiris who plays judge, jury and executioner based on the amount of guilt a person has.

Bobby warns Sam… a guilty person? Who does that sound like to you?

Dean is waiting outside the bar for Mia, who had said she’d be off in an hour. Sam calls, but Dean gets grabbed from behind, dropping his phone. (and showing real phone numbers too!)

Sam keeps calling until Mia picks the phone up and calls back. Sam heads to the bar and right where Mia found Dean’s phone, red dirt. Meanwhile, Warren gets spooked, leaves the salt circle and ends up shot by the couple he had murdered.

Dean finds himself chained in Osiris’ makeshift Egyptian barn courtroom. Osiris knows Sam is outside the door so he calls him in. Sam contests Dean has the right to an attorney. Amused, Osiris allows it.

Dean says Sam isn’t a lawyer, but he reminds him that he was pre-law (at Stanford y’all!). Or he watches a lot of The Good Wife (heh!).

Osiris brings out three witnesses. First one… Joanna Beth Harvelle!

Osiris asks Jo about working with Dean. Was it hard? (That’s what she said. Or Osiris said.) And especially considering her feelings for him? Would she have gone down the same road to that suicide mission if it wasn’t for Dean?

Defense’s turn. Sam points out Jo idolized her father, also a hunter and became one to impress him, not Dean the jerk. Jo agrees and Osiris snaps her away.

Next witness… Sam Winchester. Osiris brings up how he was living a normal life. He was pre-law at Stanford, going to marry Jess… until Dean arrived in the Impala. Dean then gets flashes of all the people who’ve died under his watch since.

Osiris infers that Dean had brought Sam back into the fold just so he wouldn’t have to suffer alone. Sam contests he would have gotten back into the life one way or another, not just because of Dean.

Osiris points out that he doesn’t decide Dean’s guilt, just that he weighs the guilt that’s already in him. If Dean feels guilty, then he is. Sam wants to call Dean to the stand.

Sam carefully chooses his questions allowing Dean to say he doesn’t feel guilty about not being a psychic, that Jo dying just blows and that his heart is heavy, but not with guilt.

Osiris continues to be amused. He asks Dean if he should call the last witness or not. And Dean knows exactly who that last witness would be.

Sam doesn’t know what’s going on. Osiris then proclaims Dean “guilty in your heart” and sentences him to die. He tells Dean to quickly get his affairs in order.

They head back to the motel, now crawling with cops wheeling Warren away. They spend the next day finding a way and Bobby calls with the solution. They need to stab Osiris with a ram’s horn to seal him away for a couple of centuries.

Sam finds Jewish people blow into one every day so he says he’ll go to a synagogue and get one. Dean, alone, spreads a salt circle and tells Jo to come out now.

Jo says Dean doesn’t deserve this. But Dean says Jo didn’t deserve this life either. Dean admits he didn’t want to do this alone. Jo says she knows Dean carries around a lot of crap that he doesn’t have to do.

Jo says its time. Controlled by Osiris, Jo turns the gas on and breaks the circle with wind. She pulls out a lighter from Dean’s jacket.

Meanwhile, Osiris has marked his next defendant, but Sam gets there just in time and stabs him. Jo drops the lighter and disappears.

Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week
The next day, the Bros are by the river having a beer. Dean tells Sam Jo seemed happy. He also tells Sam he doesn’t know who the third witness would’ve been even though he does.

Dean wonders why Osiris didn’t Judge Judy Sam. Sam says he doesn’t feel guilty, that hell’s not so much wiped his slate clean, but just helped him put everything in the past so he can hopefully move on. And he feels good.

Episode Thoughts
It was an interesting little episode. Very simple and straightforward.

Really though it was an excuse to bring Alona Tal back for an episode (and you gotta give them credit for finding random, creative ways to bring people like her and Samantha Ferris back from the dead. It is great to see them.).

Also a nice excuse to show clips of Adrianne Palicki and Jared Padalecki together again. I’ll always love Sam and Jessica. (Hee.) Cute that they actually remembered Sam was pre-law before all the cap of the last seven years.

So Dean feels loads of guilt and the Amy secret lives for another episode.

And yay for the traditional Emo Moment with the Impala, some beers and a scenic setting. I missed those kinds of Emo Moments.

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