Supernatural 7.03 – The Girl Next Door

Right where we left off, the Bros are being taken to Sioux Falls General. But before they can be Leviathan dessert, Bobby (who is alive, by the way. Shame on you if you thought he died. lol) comes and saves them.

Three weeks later, Whitefish, Montana. The three of them are hunkered down in one of Rufus’ old hideouts. The Impala is all fixed and Dean’s leg is still in a cast. While Bobby fills them in on what little intel he’s got, Sam starts tuning out, but he presses on his palm would and snaps out of it.

Dean asks “two legs” to go on a food run and after he leaves, tells Bobby about still being worried about Sam. Bobby says he’ll be fine. Dean is not reassured. Bobby heads out to go collect copies of his library that were destroyed.

Sam is at the convenience store and notices the newspaper headline about an Ice Pick Killer. He takes the paper and pays for the groceries with a credit card… that alerts the Leviathans of their whereabouts.

Dean is upset Sam didn’t get the pie he wanted. Cake’s close enough Sam says.

Dean falls asleep and Sam reads the paper. He flashes back to Lincoln, Wisconsin, 1998. He’s on his own again while Papa Winchester and Dean are out on a hunt. He helps them out by basically camping out in the library pulling any info he can.

presentSam leaves a note for Dean and leaves. Dean wakes up and tells Bobby “the other shoe has dropped.” Bobby still not as worried as Dean and tells him to just relax and let Sam have his few days.

But Dean saws off his cast himself.

As Dean follows Sam’s trail, Sam goes to see the body of the latest victim of the ice pick killer. Sam knows just what he’s looking for and the coroner confirms his suspicions. A big chunk of the victim’s midbrain, the pituitary glands specifically, are gone from the body.

presentSam looks over the clues he’s collected and we flashback to teenSam doing the same thing and relaying his findings to dad and Dean.

presentSam seems to know the next murder spot and goes on a stakeout. Flashback to teenSam, once again at the library. As he’s researching, he notices a pretty girl. While presentSam goes to follow someone into the woods, we see teenSam trying to muster up the courage to talk to the pretty girl.

After some advice from big brother, he goes to say hi, but the girl says she’s not supposed to talk to boys.

Later, Sam leaves the library and so does the girl. But he notices two guys following her and he follows them just in time to save her from the skeeves.

They introduce themselves. She’s Amy.

presentSam continues following the woman, who is keeping her eyes on some drunk guy. But Sam pulls her from behind. Noticing the necklace, it’s Amy!

“You got tall, huh?”

They take a walk. Same pattern, just like when they were kids. But it’s not like that, Amy says. She’s living a normal life now.

Flashback to teenAmy nursing teenSam’s face. They chit chat. Sam learned how to kick ass watching a lot of Bruce Lee movies. Amy brings Sam a soda from a fridge full of brains.

They start to bond and connect with their similar family situations. They both move around a lot. teenSam tells her how it sucks to always be the new kid, to be “the freak.” But Amy says so was Jimi Hendrix, Picasso… and her.

“All the coolest people are freaks.”

They kiss.

Present day, Amy tells Sam she’s managing it. She’s not some murderer, she had to. But she can’t explain why.

“Please believe me Sam.”
“I can’t. I’m sorry.”
“So am I.”

She knocks the knife away and slams Sam’s head into the tree and runs away.

Dean puts together that Sam is hunting a Kitsune and vaguely recalls hunting one with Papa Winchester back in 98. He tells Bobby.

Sam catches Amy back to her home. He notices she’s just killed another person. He demands she tell him why she’s doing this or he’ll have to kill her.

“Sam, you know me.”
“I knew you. That was a long time ago.”
“No Sam, you know me. You know the kind of person I am.”

Flashback. teenSam spills the drink. Amy mentions how her mother will freak if she finds the spill, she has a temper. Sam says his dad has a temper too, especially when he’s drinking.

Amy says she doesn’t think she’s a good person. But Sam says he’s been around enough bad to know she’s good. They both don’t want to be like their parents, to follow their path.

Present day. She shows him. She opens the door to show him her son Jacob. She’s built a life. She’s still feeding, but on the dead. She’s a mortician. But it became too risky. Jacob got sick and was dying, but she found fresh meat helped make him better.

She gives him her word that it’s over. She says they can both walk away from this.

“Sam… after what I did for you.”

Flashback… Amy’s mother comes home and Sam hides in the closet. Her mother says “they” caught up, “a couple of pros in a piece of crap Impala.”

They have to run. Amy tells her mother okay fine, she’ll pack while her mother goes to gas up the van.

Mom leaves and Amy brings Sam out of the closet. Sam looks at her funny. He says he has to go, but catches a glimpse of the jar of brain on the table. He takes his knife out.

“You’re a monster.”
“You’re a hunter.”

Amy tells Sam to just run. They don’t want to hurt each other.

Present day. Sam opens the door to his motel room and is greeted by a punch from Dean.

Sam leaves. Arrives at the motel and Dean punches him.

Sam tells Dean he let the Kitsune go. What!? He explains everything. One more flashback. Amy’s mother is back and takes Sam by the collar.

“What is wrong with you, huh? Are you that stupid really? I already told you you can not have friends. This kid is food.”

“No!” Amy says and her mother responds with a slap to the face.

The mother turns her attention to Sam and is about to claw her way to his brain, but Amy stabs her from behind.

Present day. Dean says her saving him is nice and all, but Sam should’ve finished her off. She’s killing people so she has to be killed. Simple as that.

“Nothing in our lives is simple.”

One last flashback. Sam tells Amy to run. Amy wants him to come with her, “we can be freaks together.”

“I can’t. I’m sorry.”
“So am I.”

Amy leaves and we’re back in the present. Dean calls Amy a freak and Sam can’t take it. Dean apologizes.

Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week
“I see the way you look at me Dean, like I’m a grenade and you’re waiting for me to go off. I’m not going off. I might be a freak but that’s not the same as dangerous.”

Sam continues…

“It’s okay. I spent a lot of my life trying to be normal. Come on. I’m not normal. … I’m a Grade A freak, but I’m managing it.”

And so is Amy. She’s figuring out how to deal with being a freak.

“You don’t trust her, fine. Trust me. Dean, please.”
“You gotta start sometime right?”

(And I wish the episode ended here.)

Next day, Bobby calls Dean to have them meet him in Spokane.
They arrive at the motel and Dean tells Sam to check-in while he goes to the pharmacy for his leg.

But really, Dean has gone to see Amy.

Amy arrives at her motel to find Dean sitting on the couch. He tells her that she is who she is and she will no doubt kill again.

“Eventually the other shoe will drop. It always does.”

He stabs her. She dies. Dean turns around and Amy’s son is at the door.

“You ever kill anyone?”
The kid shakes his head.
“If you do I’ll come back.”
“The only person I’m gonna kill is you.”
“Look me up in a few years. Assuming I live that long.”

The boy goes to his mother as Dean leaves.

We close the episode with a pretty scene of the Leviathan pouring scorching hot cheese on the convenience store clerk before eating him. Pretty.

Episode Thoughts
Well that was a downer of a ending after a nice little episode. A cute, emotional episode too.

First of all, kudos to Mr. Ackles for directing the episode. It was a nicely directed episode, a different and fresh feel. I like how the flashbacks were integrated into the episode.

But I wish they included more about how Amy was apparently Sam’s first kiss (as Jewel Staite noted in her TVGuide interview). I think it was only vaguely hinted at, but pretty glossed over.

And yes, yay for Jewel Staite! She is awesome. Sorry Taylor Cole, but I think Amy and Jewel Staite might be my “2nd true love” choice for Sam now. (Jessica will forever be #1 of course, and let’s just forget about that werewolf.)

Now about the story in the episode. Bobby was of course not a surprise. And they moved on from all of that pretty quickly. But with the Bros. Trust has always been a big theme and its always been iffy with them.

But after Dean tells Sam to trust him last week, when Sam asks the same of him, he doesn’t. Such a downer of an ending, I really wished it ended with the Winchester Bros Emo Moment of the Week..

I do hope this will come into play later on. I mean, it’s always the things they don’t tell each other that gets them to their emo moments.

I liked that the kid’s got Dean’s number, but I think I’ll just decide to forget that whole last act completely and instead remember the awesome sweetness of Sam and Amy. Jared and Jewel had nice chemistry for what little we saw of them. Best episodes of the season so far.

Oh, plus I totally recognized the location they used for Valholla from NBC’s short lived Saturday morning show SK8 in 2001. #iwasin8thgrade!

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