Supernatural 7.01 – Meet Your New Boss

We pick up right we left off. Castiel knows they will never respect or love him. He says they can live, as long as they stay in their place.

“Be thankful for my mercy,” godCastiel says. He pops off.

Sam’s nose starts bleeding and the flashes of hell start up again.

godCastiel returns to heaven and gives a speech to all the other angels telling them he’s their “father now.” That they must be obedient, otherwise they’ll get fried like this field of dead angels he’s standing in.

“It is a new day, on Earth and in Heaven. Rejoice.”

Back on the ground, Dean gets started working on the Impala. He heads inside and finds Sam awake and seemingly fine even with the headwall broken. Dean heads outside first, but Sam starts hearing windchimes.

godCastiel pops into a church where a pastor is preaching about the evil people roaming around, but godCastiel won’t have any of his hypocritical nonsense and has him literally choke on his own tongue. godCastiel introduces himself to the congregation and starts to walk out, but someone calls his name and he feels weak.

They learn more about godCastiel skipping around the world handing judgment around and working miracles.

He pops into Crowley’s new home and offers a deal. He’ll let Crowley have his King of Hell post back, but godCastiel will control the flow of souls, him taking most of them of course.

Sam continues having hellish hallucinations, but he overhears Dean and Bobby hoping his condition really is under control, so he doesn’t tell them about it.

Dean thinks he might have an idea. They summon Crowley asking him to give them a spell to bind Death, the only one who can get the upper hand on godCastiel.

godCastiel passes a blind man on the street and heals him. And the first thing the blind man sees? godCastiel’s meat suit getting eaten up. He looks into the mirror and he sees some, thing(s) wanting to claw their way out of his stomach (pretty picture indeed) with the things calling to let them out.

Crowley has the spell slipped under the door. They have most of the stuff they need, except for one thing; “an act of God crystallized forever” or a crystal known as a fulgurite. They track one down at some rich couple’s home nearby and head off to get it.

“Excuse me, you got any Grey Poupon?”

They prepare the spell and ritual right at the mansion, with the couple tied up in the corner. Death appears, loudly, annoyed at being bothered… and bound.

Dean offers fried pickle chips. Death assumes they want help with Sam’s hallucinations, but they say they want help to “kill God.”

godCastiel appears, but he can’t snap Dean, Sam and Bobby’s heads to explode since they’ve got Death tied up.

“God? You look awfully like a mutated angel to me. Your vessel is melting, you’re going to explode.”

Death points out that godCastiel gulped down a lot of things in purgatory, old things and not just a bunch of souls. He tells the story. Before angel and man, God created the “first beasts, the Leviathans.” And God first created purgatory just to hold them, and to keep them away from His eventual creations.

Now that Castiel’s swallowed them, the Leviathans are just a thin membrane away from getting re-unleashed.

“I know God, and you sir are no God.”

“Alright, put your junk away, both of you,” Dean interjects. “Look, call him what you want, just kill him now.”

“Alright, fine,” Death says and gets ready to finish godCastiel off, but godCastiel unbinds him.

Death sits down to have some of the food Dean bought for him and godCastiel pops off again. He shows up at the campaign headquarters for a Senator, Michelle Walker. He wants to punish her for her horrible policies she puts out in “his” name.”

Before Death leaves, they ask him to give them at least a little clue. Death tells them their only hope is to somehow have Castiel send all the things back to purgatory. He’ll give them another eclipse so they can open another door to purgatory.

“Don’t thank me, clean up your mess.”


“Try to bind me again, you’ll die before you start. Nice pickle chips by the way.”

Death leaves.

godCastiel wakes up with everyone in the campaign office laying in pools of blood. He’s just about ready to fall apart.

Dean gives up. Why bother? Nothing else has gone their way, not even Sam being 100%. Sam explains he didn’t want to burst the one good bubble they had.

Sam goes out into the yard and starts talking to godCastiel. He says he thinks the Castiel they know is still in there, deep, deep down in there. Let’s fix this he says.

Sam goes back inside as Dean is watching anime porn when suddenly godCastiel pops in. “I heard your call. I need help.”

They head back to the lab. They prepare for the spell and ritual. Sam goes down the hall to the get a jar of blood. He starts hearing things again and Lucy pops up.

Sam knows he’s just hallucinating… but Lucifer says otherwise. He says Sam never left hell. That all of this is just his best torture yet. “You’re still in the cage… with me.”

Back in the lab, Castiel apologizes, “I feel regret about you and what I did to Sam.” Umm… doesn’t help.

Dean goes to check on Sam. He’s not there. The jar of blood is on the floor though. “Damn it,” Dean says and heads back to the lab as they finish the seal on the wall and Bobby starts the spell.

Castiel’s last words as the door begins to open… “I’m sorry Dean.”

The door opens and it appears all of the things inside godCastiel go flying back into purgatory. ungodCastiel collapses.

Bobby says he’s gone. But suddenly he heals and wakes up. “That was unpleasant,” he says. He thanks them.

“Ashamed. I really overreached. I’m going to find some way to redeem myself to you.”

They start to go, but Castiel says the Leviathan held on to his insides and are still there.

And they take over the meat suit. Castiel’s dead, they say and they hurl Dean across the room. Then Bobby.

“Well this is going to be so much fun!”

Episode Thoughts
Season 7! Who would have thought we’d see Supernatural Season 7?

The show’s had its ups and downs, but I think this was a very interesting start to the season.

They certainly got rid of godCastiel right away. That was definitely unexpected. I really thought that would be a big part of, at least, the first half of the season.

I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that we now have the Leviathan as the big bad instead of godCastiel. Maybe a little of both?

I’ve always been more with Sam than Dean, but messed-up-Sam again? It seems like that’s been the only thing they’ve done with Sam the last few seasons.

It could certainly get old, but we’ll wait and see what they do this time.

I guess there will be things that feel played out, we are in season 7 after all. I’m waiting for that monster-of-the-week format they promised they’d go back to last season. And I do think that might be the way to go with less on an emphasis on the season (or half season) story arc.

The deep, philosophical attempts are nice and can be amazingly awesome, but in the process the show loses its sense of fun (despite the one liners here and there).

Still, I’m happy to have Supernatural on the air. Here’s to a great season!

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