Hindsight Review: Cute, Sweet, Charming Baby-faced Beauty

It is hard not to love KBS’ Baby-faced Beauty (동안미녀). The series was a perfect example of how to do a sweet, romantic comedy.

While Romance Town has the upper hand when it comes to side-splitting comedy, Baby-faced Beauty takes top honors when it comes to romantic cuteness. That’s not to say Baby-faced Beauty wasn’t funny. They had plenty of genuinely funny and surprising twists and turns.

But like Romance Town has the great chemistry of Sung Yu Ri and Jung Gyu Woon, Baby-faced Beauty has the even sparkier tandem of Jung Na Ra and Choi Daniel.

As So Young and Jin Wook, they were destined. No matter what was thrown at them, they find their way back together.

They’re the definition of “one true pairing.” And maybe the biggest accomplishment, making that so without shoving it down your throat. They didn’t have to force you to root for So Young and Jin Wook. You just did. You wanted to. And you knew they were going to end up together.

Even though the various interlopers would make their moves, you knew they were nothing when they went up

Most romantic comedies have one ending, the two leads end up together and live happily ever after. No surprise there.

But on Baby-faced Beauty and with So Young and Jin Wook, it wasn’t that they would end up together. The joy was in watching them always find each other just to see Jung Na Ra and Choi Daniel’s chemistry explode off the screen.

Their playful and sweet chemistry was my favorite part of the entire series. And I can confidently say they are the cutest, sweetest, most kilig Korean drama pairing ever.

You ever wanted to know what the Filipino word kilig meant? Just watch Choi Daniel on Baby-faced Beauty. Jin Wook’s absolute giddiness whenever he’s around So Young, gets a text or call from her is the living definition of the word.

The middle episodes may have been on a loop, plot-wise and the extra two episode extension probably wasn’t needed story-wise, but the overwhelming and welcome sweetness between So Young and Jin Wook made up for all of it.

Baby-faced Beauty was by no means perfect. But there’s times when you just want to fall in love. And you just couldn’t help but fall in love right alongside So Young and Jin Wook and more importantly, fall in love with Jung Na Ra and Choi Daniel.

A fun, charming, cute, and sweet journey through family, career, and love.

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