Hindsight Review: KBS’ Romance Town – Money is Fun… and Heartwarming

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Romance Town had finally premiered on KBS World/KBS America just a few weeks ago, but after last week’s Episode 7 and 8, I couldn’t wait. I loved how the series progressed over the eight episodes so much that I had to just keep watching. So I plowed through the next 10 episodes like they were a delicious guilt-free dessert.

And they played that way too. A yummy, delicious and thoroughly enjoyable treat. I held off on the final two episodes after the 18th cliffhanger in as many episodes to whet my appetite and those two hours did not disappoint.

I was already looking forward to Romance Town before it premiered, just after reading the premise. A story of maids who are best friends in a cul de sac of the filthy rich.

What I didn’t expect though was how funny and hilarious this Korean “drama” would actually be. There have been plenty of light, fun, cute and funny Korean dramas in recent memory, but I can’t remember any (that I’ve personally watched) that have been as hilariously fun as Romance Town.

It helps that the series has an excellent ensemble. Sung Yu Ri and Jung Gyu Woon certainly drive that against all odds, romantic angle. But it was the excellent ensemble that made the series one of those rare character-driven Korean dramas that I wish there was more of.

Though maybe a little rushed, the finale presented one of those untidy, yet satisfying endings. Everyone is happy, yet it was a bitch getting here. Nothing is perfect, and nothing is even set in stone per se.

The series itself was the same way. It was a series about maids winning the lottery; their lives and how money can affect those lives in more ways than one. How money isn’t everything. Money doesn’t bring happiness. But money isn’t all evil either. That there’s nothing wrong with money. But money can poison even the purest of hearts.

In the end, it’s all up to the hands that hold it.

Staying true to that character driven story, the finale served as a prime example of all of that, illustrating those points via our new friends.

At the center of it all, a basic philosophy: Respect for everyone, no matter what social class. And most especially, respect yourself. The series’ final, maybe even unexpected, scene was beautifully poignant. The five maids have been through hell, not just within the 20 episodes of the series, but their whole lives.

But their lives were only beginning. And it served as a nice reminder to us all that no matter how bad things can be, there’s always tomorrow.

Romance Town had depth and meaning. But even more so, it was a side-splittingly hilarious and fun ride with plenty of heart. A great example of how to do comedy, a romantic comedy, and a solid character-driven story.

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