Recap: The Amazing Race Australia 1, Episode 5 – “Our thing farted.”

The Amazing Race Australia – Episode Five

The Leg

Its 4 in the morning and Matt & Tom and Tyler & Nathan open the first clue of the 5th leg of the Race telling teams to fly to Cape Town and head to Dolphin Beach for their next clue. 

All the teams get on the same flight and they fly to Cape Town.  Once there, they hop into taxis and Matt & Tom maintain their place on top by getting to the cluebox first along with Tyler & Nathan, Jeff & Luke, Chris & Anastasia and Alana & Mel where they find the Road Block.

In this Road Block, teams drive themselves to the Melkboss Air Strip where they’ll have to complete a tandem skydive from 9000 feet.  Their team member will help guide them at the landing site using flares.

Sam & Renae and Dave & Kelly are bringing up the rear while Mo & Mos have to walk/run a kilometer and/or mile down the beach after their taxi drops them off way off the mark.

Teams gear up for the Road Block and despite fears of heights and soiling themselves, they all make the jump and land safely on the ground.

Now teams have to make their way to Nobel Square in Cape Town for their next clue, but also where they’ll find the Intersection where teams have to pair up with another team and complete all tasks together until they are told otherwise.

Matt & Tom and Chris & Anastasia are the first pair of Intersected teams and they open the clue telling them to head to Kargo Warehouse where they will hitch and load a trailer with gifts for the children of the Intyatyambo Orphanage.  After delivering the toys and groceries, they’ll receive their next clue.

Tyler & Nathan wait for Jeff & Luke while Alana & Mel arrive before Dave & Kelly, but decide to take a loo and twinkle break first.  That leaves Sam & Renae with no choice but to wait and Intersect with Mo & Mos.

The first two teams get their trailers loaded, but Alana & Mel and Dave & Kelly can’t find each other getting out of the Harbor carpark.  Sam & Renae meanwhile continue their flirtatious strategy and get a couple of policemen to lead them and Mo & Mos straight to the warehouse where the girls get frustrated with Mo & Mos’… Mo & Mos-ness.

On the way to the orphanage, it’s the obligatory “eyes opened” sequence where teams are in awe of the poor conditions people live in, but are enlightened nonetheless.  At the orphanage, teams are touched by the smiles on the children’s’ faces when they arrive and they all enjoy the short time they have there.

But the Race continues.  The teams are no longer Intersected and teams find the Detour.
In Guns, teams head to the Valley Club Shooting Range where they must shoot nine flying clay tiles.
In Rosé, teams head to a winery where they must collect a large barrel and bring it up to tanks where they’ll fill the barrels with rosé wine.

Matt & Tom, Jeff & Luke, and Tyler & Nathan go play with guns while Chris & Anastasia head to Rosé.  Chris carries the barrel all by himself.  That’s fine.  But then Anastasia opens the tap, the bucket overflows and Chris unloads.  He starts screaming, lecturing and insulting Anastasia about not waiting to open the tap.  She takes a seat while Chris does the Detour himself, while continuing to scold her.

The teams finish up at the Detour and they receive their next clue pointing them to the Atlantis Dunes where they have ride all-terrain vehicles across the sand dunes and search among 15 baskets for two that contain clues.  Under the other 13 baskets are hourglasses of varying sizes.  If a team uncovers the hourglass, they’ll have to wait until the sands run out before moving on to the next basket until they find the clue.

Tyler & Nathan, Matt & Tom and Jeff & Luke are the first ones there and after a few hourglassed-baskets, they find the clues and they are directed to the Pit Stop at Nobel Square in Cape Town.

While Sam backs into her own trailer, Chris & Anastasia have the luck to find the basket with the 45 minute hourglass.  And to kick ’em while they’re done, their car keys are lost… in the sand dunes.

As Dave & Kelly head off to the Pit Stop and Chris & Anastasia scour the dunes for keys, Mo & Mos zoom past Alana & Mel and Sam & Renae to head out into the dunes before them.

At the Pit Stop, Tyler & Nathan squeak by and officially win the leg and a A$5000 home entertainment system from Bing Lee.  Matt & Tom have to settle for 2nd, with Jeff & Luke checking-in 3rd and Dave & Kelly up in 4th.

Alana & Mel luck out and find the clues and head to the Pit Stop in 5th.

Back at the dunes, Mo & Mos finally finish their hourglass and head off while Sam & Renae find the clue. 

After Chris & Anastasia find the car key, they take another blow to gut… literally, in Anastasia’s case.  She speeds off ahead of Chris over a hill and goes flying and then smashing down below, slamming her body into the ATV and then throwing her off.

She’s fine though and they find the clue and head back to their car… but now the key would flip out.  Sam & Renae come running (where were they?!) and they help Christasia with the key before they head off together.  Sam & Renae finish 6th, while Chris & Anastasia flip-flop back to 7th.

That leaves friends Mo & Mos last and eliminated.

Episode Thoughts
Another good episode.  What I liked best was it being a great example of how legs can last longer than an hour or two.  The teams this leg were Racing the whole day.  And it’s been that way for the previous legs as well.

That is unlike TARUS which seems to prefer having episodes play out in real time and having legs be run in less than an hour or two.

TARUS has pretty much done away with extra tasks and focused on Detours and Road Blocks only, sometimes skipping one or the other altogether.  Which is what makes TARAu much more fun and exciting with all the extra tasks they have to do.

The tasks help build more excitement and allow for teams to slip up or get ahead instead of the legs being decided right at the beginning with no opportunity for teams to catch up and/or fail.

Also nice to see TAR in South Africa as well and TARA and TARAu  appear to love making a point to do something good for the childrens every season which is also nice.

Addo Elephant National Park
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Cape Town

Dolphin Beach
Cape Town

Melkboss Air Strip
Melkbosstrand, Cape Town

Nobel Square
Cape Town

Intyatyambo Orphanage
Khayelitsha, Cape Town

Valley Club Shooting Range or Winery
Cape Town

Atlantis Dunes

Rhodes Memorial
Cape Town, South Africa

Addo Elephant National Park
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Matt & Tom  4:09:00am
Tyler & Nathan 4:09:30am
Chris & Anastasia 4:26am
Jeff & Luke 4:36am
Sam & Renae 5:03am
Kelly & Dave 5:32am
Alana & Mel 5:48am
Mo & Mos 5:54am



> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Who did the Road Block?
Who’s up for a bird’s eye view of Cape Town?
In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block

2 Matt Tom 3
3 Tyler Nathan 2
2 Anastasia Chris 3
2 Jeff Luke 3
1 Alana Mel 4
3 Dave Kelly 2
3 Sam Renae 2
2 Mo Mos 3

1 Joey Richard 2
1 Tracy Anne-Marie 2
2 Ryot Liberty 0

Rhodes Memorial
Cape Town, South Africa

1st Tyler & Nathan (+1)
2nd Matt & Tom (-1)
3rd Jeff & Luke (+1)
4th Kelly & Dave (+2)
5th Alana & Mel (+2)
6th Sam & Renae (-1)
7th Chris & Anastasia (-4)
Eliminated Mo & Mos (=)

Jeff & Luke Jeff & Luke – They’re moving along consistently and I am liking them more and more each week, but now I’m hoping they step up their game and really show what they’re capable of.  Though it can be beneficial to be consistent and under the radar, it certainly doesn’t hurt to step it up and maybe help avoid the cowboys/farmers and the surfers exchanging Pit Stop prizes.
Anastasia & Chris Anastasia & Chris – In some legs, there’ll be a team that just steals the show and this leg it was Christasia.  Their meltdowns, missteps, bickering, and eventual making up was hilariously entertaining.  Just when you think it couldn’t get worse for them, it did.  A hilarious folly of mistakes, and added to with the fact that they’ve placed 7th-3rd-7th-3rd-7th so far makes it even better.  Here’s hoping they place 3rd next week! 
Alana & Mel Alana & Mel – Now that they don’t have Richard & Joey to harp on about, they can get to talk about more important things… like each other.  Alana finally doing a Road Block was great, but she’ll still have to catch up to Mel in the count.   The sisterly tension, but “up” attitude about it all makes them very enjoyable to watch.
Mo & Mos Mo & Mos – They went out with a bang, avoiding soiling their pants and all.  While it would’ve been nice to see them do well, they just couldn’t keep up and it was time.  They were funny and not forcibly so, but their Racing skills and physical limitations just didn’t help them. 
Tyler & Nathan Tyler & Nathan – A good win for them, but I can’t help but feel bored by them.  They’re definitely doing well, but aren’t exactly exciting in doing so. 
Matt & Tom Matt & Tom – Like Tyler & Nathan, they’re Racing very well, but aren’t all that exciting.  Their country bumpkin-ness is old news, now it’s time to show some personality beyond that from the farm.
Sam & Renae Sam & Renae – They’re really starting to settle into being a completely lackluster team.  With them using their looks, as they admit, they might be in even more trouble than they are now.  And with Mo & Mos gone, they’re going to be the elimination escape artists of the Race.  Very disappointing.
Dave & Kelly Dave & Kelly – Best moment from them so far this season really was that scene at the gas station.  Absurdly hilarious, but not enough to redeem all that pointless high and mighty act over the other teams and this newfound giggle condition that makes them think they’re Anne-Marie & Tracy or something.  Sorry, you’re not.

Quotes from Episode 1.05

Anastasia: “Yeah, we both have to realize that any one of is allowed to use our heads even though we both have heads.”
Chris: “I don’t know what the hell that means man!”

Alana: “No need to rush, take your time.”
Skydiver: “I thought you were in a Race!”

Mel: “Our thing farted.”

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