The Amazing Race 18 Cast – A Huge Disappointment

The Amazing Race 18 Cast – A Huge Disappointment

When I first heard that season 18 of The Amazing Race could possibly be a 2nd All-Stars season, I was cautiously excited.

I was excited for the possibility of seeing some of the best, most memorable teams back on the Race.  I was looking forward to seeing a few of my favorites back for another shot.  But I was also worried that Bert(ram van Munster) and Co. would mess up completely on the casting.

And when the first team spoilers were posted back in November, my heart dropped.  I was surprised… no, I was absolutely shocked at the odd and seemingly random and totally annoying list of teams participating on TAR18.  The list was practically confirmed, missing only that official press release from CBS.  But until it arrived, I held out hope that maybe this is all some hilarious mix up we could all laugh about later.  I still didn’t get my hopes up though.

After the TAR17 finale and seeing the horribly misleading and cruel teaser for TAR18 revealing the “Unfinished Business” tag, it made me even more upset about the list of teams.  At the very least, they didn’t call this group of teams “All-Stars” because most of them on the list shouldn’t even be in consideration.

But the “Unfinished Business” tag carried even more weight than “All-Stars.”  After compiling my own list of teams with real “Unfinished Business”, I just annoyed myself even more seeing how many more deserving teams there were worthy of a spot on TAR18 than half of these people that were cast.

Then you have the illogical self-imposed rule of limiting the pool of teams to only ones that competed TAR12 onwards.  What in the world for?

In the USA Today article revealing the teams, they have two mind-boggling quotes, one each from executive producer Bertram van Munster and host Phil Keoghan.

First, from Bert referring to the TAR12 cut off…

“If we’re digging too far back, people might not even remember who they were.”

What? That makes absolutely no sense.  And it goes back to Bert’s proclamation back with TARAS that they only wanted teams with relationships that have changed since their original seasons.  But then, some of the best, most All-Star worthy teams were still friends, still married, still siblings, stilldating… why limit yourself for no reason?  Especially when those so-called “new relationships” ended up having no impact on the storylines they had carved out for the season anyway.

First of all, The Amazing Race is admittedly not Survivor.  There are no Richard Hatchs or Colbys or Ethans or Russels.  Though TAR shares a certain Boston Rob with Survivor and TAR2 3rd placer Blake Mycoskie is busy dating Maggie Grace and starting his own charitable organization, TAR viewers are either long-time fans or casual viewers.

Casual viewers could care less if these people Raced before.  So they wouldn’t have to know who any of these people are.

Long-time fans however will certainly remember the likes of the Bowling Moms or Colin & Christie or Tara & Wil and especially Charla & Mirna.

And really, All-Star or “Unfinished Business” seasons are for the long-time fans anyway.  So why limit yourself to the point that you have half the cast of one previous season back again?  Five teams from TAR14.  TAR14 wasn’t even all that memorable (a common theme for all post TAR12 seasons).  TARUB could’ve easily pulled teams from pre-TARAS and have been better and guaranteed more entertaining teams then the ones that were chosen. 

The article also includes this blurb, most likely from the CBS PR department…

“Each has a compelling story of thwarted ambition: a lost passport, a taxi ride from hell, a penalty for failing a task involving dozens of ringing phones.”

Couple that quote with this from Phil…

“There was a lot of ‘would’ve, could’ve, should’ve’ angst going on, so the energy right at the start was just extraordinary” and the season embraces the idea that “everybody deserves a second chance.”

A lost passport?  So give a 2nd chance to Zev & Justin, but not to Toni & Dallas who also lost their passport? But unlike Zev & Justin, Toni & Dallas’ lost passport was through no fault of their own?

Taxi ride from hell?  You could say that about any countless number of teams.  Taxis have always been hell, so how about other legitimate bad luck scenarios like, oh, say… TAR production malfunctions perhaps?

And a penalty for failing a task involving dozens of ringing phones?  So now we’re blaming Franz Kafka for the Globetrotters quitting the Road Block instead of their own lack of common sense?

Come on TAR! Come on Bert and Phil!

Well, for all this whining and bitching, we’ll just have to wait and see how the actual season turns out.  But for many TAR fans, the casting is getting TARUB off on the wrong foot.   And that is unfortunate because TARUB actually wouldn’t be such a bad idea.  If only they had casted better…

  My Subjective Pre-Race Team Rankings
Probably one of the few truly deserving spots on this cast list.  The season will be a bust if they don’t win the million.
If Brook & Claire couldn’t be TAR18’s representative, Gary & Mallory are a fine choice.
One of the few truly memorable teams on this list.  They Raced well and could make a great run.
*GAP* —————————–
They definitely stepped up their Race leg after leg, but there were plenty of all-female teams before them that are more deserving of a spot.
Mel’s strength and character were surprising and refreshing and were big positives during their season, but so were many other “older” contestants before them.
They were hailed as the next Kris & Jon (TAR6) but circumstances dealt them an unlucky card.  Still, why not just ask the real Kris & Jon in the first place?
Very likeable team, but then why not ask Toni & Dallas back too?  And leaving your own passport somewhere is more your own fault than getting stuck with unreasonable tasks, horrible taxi drivers, and production errors.
* —————————–
Though not easily forgettable, you could easily name ten teams more deserving of another shot than them.
*see Jen & Kisha*
*see Herb & Nate* – Plus, we don’t need more holier-than-thou attitude from either of them.
11. JET & CORD
*see Margie & Luke* – Plus, TAR needs to stop portraying them as these heroes because they are from it.  They aren’t the good guys they are being made out to be (and really, TAR did show their true colors a couple of times on the Race).  Probably the thing that irks me the most is a quote from an article I do not have handy at the moment proclaiming them the “most beloved team of all-time.”  WHAT. THE. FRACK?  No.  Just no.

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  1. Well I’m not nearly as disappointed with the cast as you are apparently, as there are quite a few teams that are back who I loved. I do agree that they should’ve brought back a few pre-All Star teams, though.My rankings just to compare:1. Kynt & Vyxsin – I’m such a stan for these guys, can’t help it. <32. Gary & Mallory – Yeah if we can’t have Nat and Kat or Brook and Claire, they’re the next best choice. Love them.3. Kisha & Jen – I definitely think they’re deserving, I loved them.4. Jaime & Cara – Lmao Jaime and her war on taxi drivers was hilarious, and Cara was likable so yayz.5. Ronald & Christina – Pleasantly surprised they returned. Liked them a lot.6. Flight Time & Big Easy – Well they were one of only three or four likable/rootable teams from TAR15 imo. I thought they were a lot of fun.7. Mel & Mike – Not one of my all-time favorite teams, and I personally wouldn’t have chosen them, but I don’t mind that they’re back.8. Margie & Luke – Meh. Definitely could’ve done without them.9. Amanda & Kris – Ummm..why?? I’m not the biggest Kris and Jon fan (although I don’t mind them) but they definitely would’ve been a much better choice.10. Zev & Justin – Toni and Dallas should’ve had their spot, obvs.11. Jet & Cord – Ugh.

  2. @Weedy Spyze – Really, it’s more of a “You could’ve gotten someone better” kind of thing. It’s like they wanted to assemble an All-Star cast, couldn’t get the teams they wanted so they had to settle on this group. It’s just not as exciting as it should be.

  3. They definitely could’ve gotten some better teams (from earlier seasons, obviously), but at the same token it could’ve been a lot worse. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing some of these teams again, and the ones I’m not I can just hope they are early elims.

  4. I guess we all have different views here.1. Ron & ChristinaTAR needs a multi-generation team to win. They are the perfect choice!2.Kynt & VyxsinThey proved that they are strong competitors and very memorable.3. Gary & MalloryAdorable team! Since Nat & Kat already won and Claire is pregnant, they are the best choice for season 18.4. Jet & CordI was actually disappointed that they did not won! I think they deserve a chance after losing to that annoying team.5. Zev & JustinIt was actually sad when they were eliminated, but Toni and Dallas are way better than this team.6. Margie & LukeI have mixed feelings about them. They should be replaced with Charla & Mirna if the producers want a disabled team to be casted.7. Mel & MikeIf Meredith & Gretchen, Nancy [of Nancy & Emily] or Fran & Barry are not too old, this team is very replaceable by those teams that I have mentioned. This team is in Unfinished Business because of a bad taxi, which a lot of teams encountered!8. Kris & AmandaI agree, Kris & Jon should replace this team.9. Jamie & CaraPerhaps the most intense team in the cast but that can be recreated by Charla & Mirna. Another team that has “Unfinished Business” because of a taxi. Dustin & Kandice, Lena & Kristy and Linda & Karen are also better teams than Jamie & Cara. At least the other female teams that I have mentioned were eliminated because of ridiculous tasks or competed with teams that relied too much on their men [the final 3 of season 5]. Also, if the producers want an intense team, then they should have casted Colin & Christie who survived Charla & Mirna, Linda & Karen, jail, the first yield and even each other. Not even Jamie & Cara’s intensity matches with Colin & Christie’s.10. Jen & KishaThey threw a final three finish because they have to pee!!!!!!!! What the hell are they doing here???? Teams that mentioned in number 9 have better reasons to have an Unfinished Business!11. Flight Time & Big EasyThey quit a task because they do not have some logic in their brains. When the producers decided that they come back, it is actually saying that QUITTING A TASK IS OKAY. They were not in Season 1 where quitting [or cheating] has very severe consequences. Post-season 1 punishments are designed to be hard enough for the team but has some chance that the team can catch the leading teams. Any other team who struggled with a task but did not quit should replace this team.

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