Review: KBS’ Baker King, Kim Tak Goo – Best Korean Drama of the Year

Some spoilers for first couple of episodes.

It is only September, but one Korean drama seems poised to be the most watched and quite possibly the best drama of 2010.

This drama has taken the country by storm hurricane, now officially a “national drama” by quickly rising to ratings upwards of 40% and poised to top the rare 50% mark as it nears its finale. A series that probably not even KBS, its network, expected to become such an immense hit.

The drama is Baker King, Kim Tak Goo (제빵왕 김탁구/King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo/Int’l title: Bread, Love and Dreams), an emotional roller coaster of a series that tells a story of revenge, hope, love, and dreams in a way no other Korean drama has done this year.

A Full, Carefully Crafted Story
Baker King begins by introducing us to the Continue reading