New Online Series If I Can Dream Could Be the Start of Something New

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American Idol executive producer Simon Fuller has created an interesting new online series, though more like a project that could make a new kind of multimedia experience.

Officially launched last week, If I Can Dream is the new project that has five young (and good looking!) aspiring actors, singers, and models living in a house together in Hollywood with cameras streaming live video of them 24/7 online.

Almost like Big Brother without the competition and a realtime Real World, what makes If I Can Dream unique is that its purpose is to follow these five people until they get Continue reading

Finding Lost in its Final Season

A plane crashed on a mysterious island in 2003 and I was hooked.

The Lost series premiere was incredible television, something rarely seen, and it hooked myself and millions of people around the world.

An intriguing and intricate series that sucked Continue reading