Power Rangers RPM – 31 and 32: Danger and Destiny – Finale

The Rangers get out of their cars after the magnetic wave has shut off all power inside Corinth. Hybrids are walking towards them and they get ready to fight, but Summer reminds them they’re still people and they can’t hurt them.

The Rangers try to go another way instead as Venjix begins broadcasting across the city. Corinth is now under his control, anyone who resists will be killed and no one can save them; not the guards, and soon not the Rangers. Hicks and Vasquez are standing on either side of Venjix as Grinders hold Col. Truman.

Ziggy is worried about Dr. K and runs back to the base. The Rangers follow but are met by an attack bot. They morph, except for Dillon, who is feeling the effects of the activation. He leaves.

Auxiliary power is up and Dr. K gets to Continue reading