Power Rangers RPM – 30: End Game

It is the middle of the night and Gem and Gemma are in the wasteland working on a Grinder. They stand and wait until the Grinder wakes up. It stands up and Gem encourages it to go home, complete with Grinder arm motions. It turns around and walks away, Gem and Gemma are excited and do a little dance.

Back in Corinth, Dillon comes down for breakfast. He slaps Summer’s ass is greeted a good morning by Summer and she notices he is very chipper today. For the first in a long time, he says, he feels good.

Summer goes from happy to white as a sheet. Dillon looks down and sees his hand is now a robotic appendage holding a glass of apple juice. Circuitry comes flying out his shirt, Summer is horrified, Dillon wakes up.

It was all a Continue reading

Power Rangers RPM – 29: If Venjix Won

Everyone’s busy in the Garage, but Ziggy wants to go out and asks each one of the others to go with him, but they all decline. Surprisingly, Dr. K comes up to Ziggy and offers to go out with him. Everyone seems surprised, especially Ziggy. She puts on a quaint straw hat and they head out.

Ziggy wonders why she wanted to go out if she doesn’t want to do anything. That’s none of his business she says as Kilobyte appears with an army of Grinders. “Don’t worry Dr. K, I got you covered,” Ziggy assures her, but she doesn’t seem all that reassured.

Ziggy morphs and fights the Grinders, but they also go after Dr. K who manages to trick them and push them out of the way. She holds on to a pole and Ziggy knocks her out Continue reading