Power Rangers RPM – 28: Run Ziggy Run

Kilobyte has completed Venjix’s new body and Venjix downloads itself into it. He likes it. It’s fierce.

Ziggy is walking around and finds a penny. Suddenly a bunch of men jump out and chase after him. The men do some parkour, but Ziggy teleports to safety.

Dr. K goes to sit in her chair but instead sits on Ziggy’s lap as he has just teleported into it. They scream. Continue reading

Power Rangers RPM – 27: Control – Alt – Delete

Kilobyte has upgraded Tenaya 7 into Tenaya 15. He injects himself with some drug (or oil) and perks up.

Dillon, Flynn, Scott, and Summer are in the wasteland trying to look for the Venjix palace. Scott experiences pains in his stomach as they call to check in with Dr. K.

They get out of the hummer. Dillon has no clue where to go, he was expecting to follow their tracks back to the palace. Flynn gets frustrated, Dillon snaps back. Scott breaks ’em up but then collapses with pain. They head back to Dr. K who scans Scott to see what it could be. He goes to lie down.

Shifter sends out a signal that activates the key inside of Scott. Continue reading