Power Rangers RPM – 20: Heroes Among Us

Flynn is giving Dillion a tour under his car and pointing out every part Dillon hasn’t taken care of. Flynn gets a tube full of dirt dumped on his face and he drops his socket wrench. The sound of the wrench falling on the floor triggers a memory in Dillon.

He remembers being in some Venjix lab. It looks like he and other humans are being implanted with Venjix hardware. He looks over to a girl who could possibly be his sister. The alarm sounds in the garage and Dillon gets pulled back to the present.

Grinders are in the city and Col. Truman and his troops are fighting them off as the Rangers arrive to help out. A little girl is alone in an alley as a grinder walks towards her. Col. Truman and two of his men come to save the girl but out comes an attack bot. He calls for them to fall back but an army of grinders blocks their path from behind. They are surrounded. Col. Truman calls for backup.

The attack bot is ready to fire but Continue reading