Kings 1×13: The New King (Series Finale), Part 2

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Jack goes to William conducting business in the boardroom. He tells him four generals and now their press minister are dead, a sign that Silas is still alive. William says he isn’t coming back, especially when they have an army that answers to them. “You’ve been afraid of your father your whole life. Now might be a safe time to grow a pair, and flaunt ‘em,” William says.

Chancellor Hansen comes in with a radio. A news report is being interrupted by another transmission… Silas. His voice is being carried all over Gilboa, on radio and on television. He tells the nation he is alive, he is still sovereign. He is the rightful king and will return to Shiloh, “like an earthquake.”

Jack goes to see Rev. Samuels. This is his time, Jack says, to make the country better. Tomorrow he will crowned, but he doesn’t “feel anything,” “it” is not there. Rev. Samuels adds, “ ‘He’ isn’t there” referring to God. Jack recounts his own father’s signs from God, the butterflies, whole conversations. Why has Jack not received such blessings. Rev. Samuels says God does not Continue reading