Power Rangers RPM – 8: Ranger Yellow, Part I

The episode opens with Corinth troops trying to fight off an attack bot and grinders, but are terribly unsuccessful. They get their butts handed to them, and it gets worse when Tenaya 7 shows up as well.

Meanwhile, at the command tower, the Rangers and Dr. K are entertaining a group of little kids on a field trip. Dr. K is finishing up explaining how they power up the Ranger bio hardware without an external energy source by filling an entire whiteboard with an equation.


Col. Truman thanks Dr. K and decides to Continue reading

Kisha & Jen Have No Regrets About The Race

Kisha & Jen Have No Regrets About The Race

Kisha explains to People.com how she is just a naturally giggly person and was not laughing at Luke at the Mat.

Jen relates to Reality Wanted about her biggest challenge on the Race.

The LA Times finds out what the Race meant to them as sisters.

Listen to Jen & Kisha’s interview with Buddy TV about their rollercoaster ride through the Race.

And read Phil’s latest blog about the Race and his assessment of the final 3 at EW.com.