Reminder! No Amazing Race This Week!

Reminder! No Amazing Race This Week!

Just a friendly reminder, there is no new episode of The Amazing Race this week because of CBS’ coverage of the Country Music Awards.  The Amazing Race returns Easter Sunday, April 12th at its regular time.

Looking for something else to fill your Sunday at 8pm while TAR’s gone?  Check out the new series Kings on NBC! It is an amazing series, check it out.  =]

Supernatural – Prophecies and Destinies

Leave it up to Kripke and Co. to pull a fast one on us with our expectations for an episode of Supernatural. We should know better.

So color my surprised when I was fully expecting a fun romp through the bros’ journey so far in an amusing wink wink to the fans but instead got probably one of the heaviest episodes, especially in terms of mythology since the first seal was broken.

Since Supernatural’s return after that what-seemed-longer-than-4-weeks hiatus, they’ve gotten us deeper and deeper into the fact that thw Winchesters are in for a long and tough battle ahead of them (as if it hasn’t been long and tough already). Continue reading

Is There Life on Mars? – The Series Finale

The BBC’s Life on Mars proved to be a huge success in the UK and around the world.  This intriguing premise of a cop form 2003 being transported back to 1973 (or was he?) engaged viewers around the world.
Was he in a coma?  Did he travel time?  Was he abducted by aliens?  Is he just plain crazy?

But probably even more so was the show’s spot on cast.  John Simm playing our confused cop Sam Tyler made us care about why or what was happening to him after he gets run over on the side of the road.  And Philip Glenister commanded the screen as DCI Gene Hunt, owning the character so much that it was impossible to imagine anyone else in the role.

The series became so successful, it was only a matter of time before an American version was in works and by no less than David E. Kelley at ABC.

After much behind the scenes drama including the departure of Kelley from the project, ABC’s Life on Mars premiered October 9, 2008. Continue reading