Recap: The Amazing Race (11) All-Stars, Episode 6 – “You have each won a twelve and a half foot catamaran!”


As if it wasn’t a crazy episode to begin with, it ended with one of the best teams ever being Philiminated.

The Leg
Okay, this leg was probably the craziest leg ever. It must have been logistics hell for the production team. Its kind of hard to go chronologically with teams being all over the place, so…

Night One: The teams get ready to make their way to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
But before that, they have to all overcome some of the toughest airport drama I’ve ever seen on the Race.

Day One:
Charla & Mirna take a risk by flying first to Johannesburg and then to Tanzania. It pays off and they arrive in Dar Es Salaam hours and hours before the other teams. They get to the dhows at the pier, but the man says that bad weather and an impending storm prevents them from leaving and they’ll have to wait for the next morning. Pan up to the blue, partly cloudy sky.
Hmm… (more on this later).

Meanwhile, the teams learn they all have to go to Jo’burg (as they say) to take a connect flight to Dar es Salaam.

Night Two:
Only Oswald & Danny, Dustin & Kandice, and Uchenna & Joyce make the next flight while Eric & Danielle are pulled off the plane for overbooking.

Day Two:
Eric & Danielle are then put on the next flight, with Teri & Ian and the Guidos being left behind. The last two teams take a flight that leaves in the middle of the day.

Meanwhile, the other teams make their way to Zanzibar where they encounter the Detour and Road Block.

First, Charla & Mirna and Oswald & Danny complete the Solve It Detour where they have to put together a puzzle that recreates an image by the local art known as Tinga Tinga. Oswald & Danny finish first, but stop for some fruits, which paves Charla & Mirna’s way to arrive first at the Road Block.

At the Road Block, they must use a traditional weapon of the Maasai tribe, known as a Rungu, to break a clay target in which their clue is being kept. (And Phil is starting to make his task descriptions more fun, the trademarked Phil eyebrow showed up when one of the Maasai handed him a Rungu… hilarious)

Mirna finishes it and she and Charla take off to the Pit Stop where they finish first, again. And they learn that they have won a catamaran… I absolutely loved how the music just stops when they seemed confused as to what a catamaran was… Best Pit Stop Prize Reaction Ever!

Oswald & Danny finish 2nd.

Uchenna & Joyce and Dustin & Kandice then arrive in Zanzibar. U&J do the Solve It Detour while Dustin & Kandice decide to do the physically tougher Schlep It Detour where they must haul two huge logs one mile to a dhow-making shipyard. They fall behind.

It is now Night Three! Uchenna finishes the Road Block, he and Joyce make it to the Pit Stop as Team 3 and the 30 minute penalty doesn’t affect anything.

The BQs must have spent a looong time with the Detour because they arrive more than 30 minutes after U&J at the Pit Stop. They are 4th.

Looong after them, Eric & Danielle finish the Detour and arrive at the Road Block where Danielle doesn’t even complete the Road Block … her clay pot just falls off without her Rungu even touching the stick the pot was hanging on. They are 5th.

The Guidos and Teri & Ian finally arrive in Zanzibar where they complete the Solve It Detour. The Guidos finish first and stay ahead of Teri & Ian all the way to the Pit Stop.

It is now Day Three of the Leg!! Teri & Ian are eliminated.

The “Conspiracy” or aka TAR Producers Didn’t Think There Would be Such a Huge Gap Between Teams
Its pretty much understood that the producers randomly throw in “Hours of Operation” or book flights for the teams during legs when it appears that teams will be spread out as much as 24 hours apart. I’m sure TAR would not want a repeat of the Guidos falling more than 24 hours behind in TAR1 and David & Jeff repeating that fate in TAR4.

It’s a logistic problem and honestly, it’ll make the leg boring and predictable. That’s what happened this leg. It looks like the producers didn’t expect the teams to be sooo spread out, otherwise they would’ve booked flights for the teams to have them all together. When Hours of Operation would seem pointless as Charla & Mirna would’ve been at least 12 hours ahead, they instead had the dhow “driver” I guess say that a storm was coming so they had to wait until the next morning.

Charla & Mirna seemed just as confused as us viewers… the sky was blue, the clouds were white… That’s all… lol, it was just so obvious, it was funny.

The Teams
Well, Charla & Mirna have taken over the Race! So only three teams have placed first in six legs. Romber took the first three, Oswald & Danny took over in leg 4, and now Charla & Mirna have taken legs 5 and 6. They’re stepping up their game, and over the last two legs, it hasn’t been mostly luck. In fact, they’ve placed first mostly on their own decisions. And they’re still hilarious.

Oswald & Danny are still silently doing well. Silent as in no drama, but not silent in terms of joking around and being funny.

Uchenna & Joyce are doing all right. They’re lucky that this leg wasn’t as close as all the others.

Dustin & Kandice are showing some signs of tiring out after two consecutive Races.

Eric & Danielle are still a waste of an All-Star slot and my least favorite to win. If they win, they’ll be just as horrible as the winners of the other two All-Star CBS editions.

The Guidos are far, far behind and will have a lot of catch-up to do in the next leg.

Teri & Ian… it as a MaGMCM at the end when I was practically bawling when they gave their subdued “We’re comin’ Phil!” I loved Teri & Ian all through TAR3 and I loved them even more now on All-Stars. They truly are All-Stars and will still be one of the most competitive Racers ever. A perfect mix of character and strength, not letting their age hold them back… Teri & Ian… you guys are the best.

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Danielle: “Hope we get a good flight to Tanzania.”
Eric: “Where the Tanzanian Devil lives.”
Danielle: “Its not Tanzania, its Tasmania Devil.”
Eric: “Oh is it Tasmanian ?”
Danielle: “Oh, Tas…manian Devil.”

Eric: “Okay, I was just kidding.”

Mirna (in a Spanish accent): “What number you have to dial out? Nine?”

Charla (in a Spanish accent): “Just try… please. I’m asking. Why not possible? Just dial. Hit… hit… hit.”

Ian: “Let’s try to start racing smart. Stop, look and listen.”
Teri: “Yeah, but do we have to stop in an airport.”

Mirna: “Throw me the water bottle!”
Charla throws the bottle.
Charla: “Good throw, maybe you should’ve done it.”

Oswald: “Mirna got one. She must have been praying to her grandmother, her grandfather, her eternal lineage.”

Phil: “As the winners of this leg of the Race, you have each won a twelve and a half foot catamaran.”
Charla & Mirna: “Huh? What is that?”
Phil: “It’s a jewel hulled sailing boat.”
Charla & Mirna: “Yay!”



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