Recap: The Amazing Race (11) All-Stars, Episode 4 – “Level 5! LEVEL 5!! On the treadmill!”


The Amazing Race: All-Stars is now 4-4. Amazing episodes so far and this week was no different. Plus, the ending was awesome…

The Leg
The teams make their way to the airport to fly to Punta Arenas, Chile. All the teams except for Joe & Bill and Charla & Mirna make it onto the first flight that arrives about an hour and a half earlier.

The teams arrive in Punta Arenas and make their way to Lord Lonsdale’s Shipwreck where they encounter the Detour: Navigate It or Sign It.

Teri & Ian, Eric & Danielle, and Oswald & Danny easily complete Navigate It where they use a compass to navigate themselves to the Nautilus Building. That enables them to be the only three teams on the first charter flight to Ushuaia.

I loved their playfulness at the airport with that whole dropping of the cap onto Ian and Ian wanting to go party… definitely an example of how ALL the teams on All-Stars are friendly and enjoying the Race together.

Uchenna & Joyce, Romber, and the BQs do Sign It, in which they have to create a sign post ordering the stops of Ferdinand Magellan from top to bottom, making sure to spell everything correctly and putting them in order of when Magellan visited the places.

It personally kills me to have “Philippines” have a part in ending Romber’s TARAS dominance. But come on, “Phillipeans?” What kind of spelling is that? An extra L or a missing P is the usual, most common error, but to spell it so horribly wrong is just hilarious and perfectly fitting for Romber.

Uchenna & Joyce figure out their mistake in lining up the destinations on the post, and are stuck on the 2nd charter flight to the end of the world.

Romber and the BQs switch Detours and do Navigate It together, with Rob getting them lost before finishing the task. But not before the Guidos passing them at the starting point for their little task.

Charla & Mirna, in their now signature dramatic fashion, attempt the Sign It Detour and we are treated to a frantic exchange between them as they carry the sign making supplies up a hill. Charla first tries to lug a crate of supplies, then tries to carry a wooden post, I guess 4x her size. They decide to switch Detours as well.

The teams arrive in Ushuaia and take a taxi to Playa Larga for their next clue that tells them they must take a boat to the post office at Isla Redonda near the southernmost tip of South America.

After the 2nd charter flight arrives, we see the first set-up for the epic showdown we’d see at the end of the episode. Romber and Charla & Mirna are the last two teams at the airport waiting for a taxi and the cousins have one called for them while Romber goes to the airport entrance to catch the first taxi that arrives. One comes along, and Charla & Mirna come running to claim it, but Rob & Amber take it.

Then at Playa Larga, Charla & Mirna make the mistake of following a just as clueless Romber who then try to trick the cousins into thinking they had the clue.

At the Isla Redonda post office, the Road Block required one team member to sort through a bag of mail to find one addressed to them. Inside was a letter from another team they had raced with in their respective first seasons.

Blake & Paige write the letter to 1st Place team Oswald & Danny. Jeremy & Dani tell Eric & Danielle not to have babies on the Race, and they arrive 2nd. “Nice people” (as Ian calls them) Flo & Zach show their admiration for the once “old retired people” as Teri & Ian HOORAH their way into 3rd.

Frank (of Frank & Margarita) wrote a little rhyme/rap for the Guidos with the hopes that he’s annoyed them as much as they annoyed him in TAR1. On the contrary, they loved it and took 4th.

In 5th place, BQs get a letter from the one half of “Bama” that actually enjoyed most of the Race, Lyn. Susan & Patrick, apparently good friends of Uchenna & Joyce, wrote their letter.

And now two teams are left. Charla & Mirna catch up to Rob & Amber at the post office and the showdown has begun. Rob tries to “get under people’s skin” again, but Mirna fires back with a “Shut the hell up” and an expletive that, in my opinion, definitely fit in the situation.

Mirna finds their letter first and she and Charla read some not-so-kind words from the first TAR quitters Marshall & Lance who basically insult them, I’m not sure in a jokingly-way. However, we are treated to a an all-time classic TAR moment with Marshall & Lance’s “drive-by” “Bitch!” comment.

Anyway, we get a tense footrace to the mat, but we see Uchenna helping Charla up to the mat, showing that it wasn’t even close. Charla & Mirna take 7th place and the smug, high and mighty Rob & Amber have finally fallen, succumbing to an entire season and four legs of karma.

The Teams
With Rob & Amber finally gone, this is now the first time ever in TAR history that I am actually rooting for every single team left in the Race, to varying degrees of course.

Rob & Amber, strong racers… whatever. They are much more deserving teams of their spot, they’ve been on 25 other reality shows, they have their own show now, Rob’s been hunting aliens and ghosts, they didn’t need to be on TARAS. So good riddance to them, and hopefully I won’t have to watch any other show with them on it ever.

Eric & Danielle… Danielle is still “blah” to me. She hasn’t really done anything on either TAR9 or now to justify her being on the Race. Basically, Eric is carrying their team along. I disagree with people calling Flo or TAR9’s Monica useless, but Danielle… yeah she’s probably useless, other than fulfilling the requirement that there be two people on a team.

Uchenna & Joyce are fine. They’re good people, and great to watch. Dustin & Kandice were great this episode too.

The Guidos have to step up their game. They are falling behind. Oswald & Danny are hilarious as always. I was surprised they actually aired the kiss between both of these teams. I had no problem with it, but wasn’t there all that drama with the Survivor gay couples? Kudos to TAR… simply the best J

Charla & Mirna are just crazy and hilarious. I don’t hate them at all. They are all kinds of awesome. They’re not hurting anyone… Mirna’s different reasonings and rationale are hilarious, but harmless.

And finally, Teri & Ian… the most awesomest, amazing team on All-Stars and maybe even ever. HOORAH! They just have to iron out the wrinkles though.

Overall, TARAS is running on all cylinders. I don’t know how any loyal TAR fan can say that this has not been amazing so far. If it continues like this, it will be one of the best, if not the best TAR seasons ever.

As of last night, TAR has guaranteed itself its 4th consecutive Emmy.

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Eric: “I’m treating her pretty much like a guy, except she has nicer boobs.”

Danny: “I only snore when I drink excessively.”

Oswald: “If I were to stab you, I’d stab you right in the front.”

Danielle: “We’re going on a charter plane to go to Australia.”
Eric: “No, not Australia, Argentina! How can you charter to Australia? We’d have to stop for gas 8,000 times.”

Ian: “Guys? Do we have a full day layover here? Where we going partying?”

Oswald: “Maui, Maui!”
Danny: “Will you come with us?”
Phil: “That’s a whole ‘nother reality show.”

Flo & Zach: “I didn’t expect a retired couple could make it so far.”

Mirna: “Charla! Level 5! LEVEL 5!! On the treadmill! You can do it!”

Mirna: “See ya! Wouldn’t wanna be ya!”


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