Recap: The Amazing Race (11) All-Stars, Episode 3 – “I’m sorry I’m wearing a bathing suit. It is very weird, I know.”


I thought this week was pretty exciting… not as awesome as last week’s best episode ever candidate, but still amazing. I do love that the legs have been so close.

The Leg
The teams make their way to the San Pedro de Atacama church in the middle of the night for their first clue.

We get a glimpse of classic Guido when Bill stands in front of Eric & Danielle’s SUV after Eric & Danielle take advantage of Bill asking for directions. Definitely reminiscent of the infamous Nancy-shoving airport incident, but the only difference is Eric & Danielle deserve the wrath of the Guidos.

Speaking of airport incidents, we had a few big moments. First, Uchenna & Joyce try to buy tickets for three other teams, but they only get to buy some for the Guidos. And with four teams on a earlier plane, the rest of the teams need some catch up.

Teri & Ian and Charla & Mirna hope to make standby tickets and both teams rush to the gate where we see Mirna try to nudge her way in while Teri & Ian are speaking to the agent. Teri & Ian won’t have it and we have a fun back and forth between the two.

In Puerto Montt, we have teams getting lost left and right. The teams head to the Road Block where they must catch and transport 80 live fish from one tank into another, which will reveal their next clue at the bottom of the tank.

Danielle freaks out at first, but learns how to use her boobs to complete the task. David and Mirna aren’t having much fun either.

After the Road Block, teams head to La Maquina where they will find their Detour, Vertical Limit or River Wild. None of the teams choose the 40 foot rock climb where they each have to obtain half of the clue. All the teams do the River Wild with white water rafting in strong, strong rapids.

Joe doesn’t write down the whole clue and he and Bill were lucky to find Charla & Mirna, otherwise, they would’ve wandered around a longer time. Meanwhile, Dustin & Kandice don’t find the Detour clue, and go straight to the River Wild Detour, oblivious to their mistake. David & Mary, however, take a wrong turn and later have to backtrack.

The white water rafting scenes were freakin’ exciting.

Rob & Amber, for some reason, get lucky once again and get first. Dustin & Kandice going back to find their missed clue didn’t hurt them in their placing one bit. And David & Mary’s mistake turned out to be costly, making them the third All-Star team eliminated.

The Teams
Rob & Amber… they definitely benefited from the mistakes of some other teams. They’re not bending the rules this time around (yet), but they’re high and mighty attitudes are still a big problem and a huge turn-off. I can only hope they suffer the biggest TAR fall from grace ever. 1st to 8th and Eliminated. I’d love that.

Teri & Ian… Come on guys!! Hump it! They need to step it up, they made some little mistakes, but those little mistakes might cost them in the future. Still… HOORAH!

Dustin & Kandice… they’re lucky their little oversight didn’t hurt them. Uchenna & Joyce seemed to have moved up a little. Oswald & Danny are very consistent.

The Guidos are even luckier than the BQs. They could have easily been eliminated this week had they not run into Charla & Mirna. We saw a little bit of classic Guido-lite this week.

Not so much overdramatics from Charla & Mirna this week, which is a shame. I thought their kidnapping of the guy was pretty funny.

Eric & Danielle… eh… Danielle is still not All-Star material.

And finally David & Mary… I still love ‘em. Them still good ‘ol people. I loved Mary being very energetic and determined at the Detour. God bless ‘em, they are still the realest people ever on TAR, and very luck to have Raced two times in a row. More power to them!

Overall, this episode was pretty awesome, very, very exciting. I loved the aerial shots of the teams driving around in the forest. Again, awesome cinematography and camerawork… as always. Editing was perfect, especially the pre-commercial break cliffhangers.

Just another amazing episode… All-Stars is shaping up to be one of the best TARs yet!

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Oswald: “Danny and I, we are two Cubans who came to this country with nothing. Sweetheart, if you get in my way, I will run you over. However, we are not going to do out of maliciousness…”

Joe: “We do feel like the godfathers of tough competitors. We can be smart, we can be fast, we can be ruthless, there is no reason to minimize us just because we are two gay men living together.”

Eric: “Peace out cub scout.”

Teri: “Dustin and Kandice are strong racers.”
Ian: “They’re funny, they wiggle and jiggle around the world… that’s totally cool with me.”

Ian: “Do not intercede here!”

Ian: “You’re being rude!”
Mirna: “I took lessons from the king of rude… you!”

Bill: “Rob is not Jesus!”

Bill: “Better take them down into submission.”
Joe: “I’m the fish whisperer!”

Eric: “Just pick them up and put your boobs on it. Use your boobs! You got to use your boobs! Use your boobs!”

Oswald: “Be the fish! Become the fish!”

Mary: “David don’t never touch fish, he’s afraid of fish.”
David: “I’m from Kentucky, I’m not a water person period. Lakes, rivers, fishing, kayaking… I don’t never do none of it. This is something I’ve never liked… is fish.”

Oswald: “Promise me you’ll do more cardio.”

Mirna: “Welcome to Charla and Mirna’s world… it’s a scary one!”

Teri: “It was exciting to fall out of the boat.”

Oswald: “Charla’s going to be in love.”

Mary: “I can’t do a 40-foot rock climb!! Ug… God!”
Mary: “I’m not a thrills and chills kind of lady.”

Mary: “Hoo, I can’t swim and I was listening to that captain. If you don’t paddle, you fall in… and to me that’s die.”

Mary: “Charla’s shoes were in my tent. I’d love to meet ‘em and beat ‘em”

Mirna: “I’m sorry I’m wearing a bathing suit. It is very weird, I know.”


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