Recap: The Amazing Race (11) All-Stars, Episode 2 – “It’s easy to make yourself beautiful with plastic surgery.”


This had to be one of the best episodes ever… at the very least, one of the most exciting.

The Leg
Even before the teams reached the airport, they had to traverse their way through the mud path. David & Mary had to tow Charla & Mirna out of the mud, and Kevin had to tow their car himself. Drew driving on while Kevin was still hooked up to the car was pretty funny.

It was very nice to see Rob & Amber on a delayed flight, sucks that Oswald & Danny were with them.

David & Mary seem to be at the center of lots of drama this season. This time it was Drew taking David & Mary’s bags out of the overhead in first class. David didn’t take that very well.

As the teams arrived in Santiago, Chile, they made their way to the Codelco office building where they took part in the first Road Block of the season.

In this Road Block, the team member had to find letters on and around a table of businessmen and then unscramble the letters to reveal their next destination. What they didn’t know was that the location was on one of the pictures on the wall. 

I really liked this Road Block.  It reminded me of the mishandled “Treasure Hunters” on NBC and how great some of their thinking tasks were.  TAR needs a lot more of those.

Teams arrive within minutes of each other. Uchenna and Eric who started first fall behind as other teams are able to find different ways of figuring out the clue… Chuquicamata.
Kandice looks at the picture with a Q, Bill actually put letters together, Mary wrote down all the names first and then saw that the men had “Q” written all over their papers. Drew meawhile overhears Mary tell the security guard.

The lead changes that happen throughout this episode start now. One thing I noticed was how the teams were freely giving information away to each other, no bitching around. I kind of liked that!

The teams Race through the Road Block and at the airport, Amber calls Rob on his stupid “stirring the pot.”

At Calama, Chile, the teams head to the Detour. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more exciting taxicab racing not in a TAR finale.

Phil, looking tiny standing next to the huge, huge trucks/machines. In By Hand, teams must tighten all the nuts and bolts on a huge tire. In By Machine, teams must use a “frontload” to pile dirt, with each team member taking a turn at the wheel.

Joe & Bill misunderstand the clue, and have to do a little extra work when Bill disagrees with Joe’s correct original understanding.

Charla and Mirna’s “step stool” exchange is about to enter my favorite TAR exchanges of all time.

Teams struggle through both detours. It is always amazing, and a rare sight, to see ALL of the teams at one place, performing a Road Block/Detour all at the same time. I think that definitely contributed a lot to the excitement.

On the way to the Pit Stop at the Valley of the Dead, the BQs and Charla & Mirna get into a confrontation when the BQs seem to not want to pay to follow the taxi and Charla & Mirna aren’t going to allow the driver to give the BQs directions. Later Charla & Mirna get dramatic and when the last few teams pass them, they’re on their way.

In the Valley of the Moon, teams must drive 40 Kmh until they get back on the highway where they can then drive 50 Kmh to the Pit Stop. Unfortunately for Kevin & Drew, they misunderstand the clue and believe that they must drive 40 Kmh the whole way, allowing for the other teams to pass them.

Meanwhile, other teams make a wrong turn, allowing for more lead changes. The passing seesaw between David & Mary, Charla & Mirna, and Teri & Ian was awesome. And Mary being absolutely infuriated by Charla & Mirna passing them was just great. Yes to David & Mary getting into it!

Rob & Amber, by whatever… whatever, finish first again with Oswald & Danny right behind. It was a close, close Race to the Mat with Kevin & Drew ultimately being Philiminated in one of the most difficult eliminations ever. Definitely one of the closest finishes by all teams ever I think since TAR3’s infamous “Heavegate,” “You must walk” Pit Stop.

Oh! And the Valley of the Moon and the Valley of the Dead looked beautiful. 

The Teams
Kevin & Drew had a tough, tough time these first two legs. They seemed to be the weakest, physically, but with the closeness of the teams this week, they might have survived. Still, the (original) Frats were great to see again, but the Race was just too much.

I can’t believed I cheered for Amber when she put Rob in his place when he tried to start trouble with Eric at the airport. And his speech afterwards was just unbelievably insane, almost Jonathan-level insane.

After this episode, I can see and remember why Eric may deserve to be TAR9’s All-Star representative. He and Jeremy were very competent and physically fit so they were able to dominate the entire Race. But Danielle still has no business on the Race, especially seeing the previews for next week.

Now for the rest, I love them all (or most of them).

Oswald & Danny are quietly doing an outstanding job so far. No mistakes, other than the delayed flight which was out of their hands anyway. Joe & Bill, meanwhile, have definitely toned themselves down, though I hope that doesn’t affect them in the Race. Uchenna & Joyce were okay.

Dustin & Kandice are still blah. I didn’t care for their altercation with Charla & Mirna, if only because they were just as wrong as Charla & Mirna was in wanting to get info without paying.

Meanwhile, Charla & Mirna have taken their dramatics to another level. And I can’t say I hate it. Its harmless drama and that’s all fine. Their intensity is appreciated, and again, that stool exchange is almost as classic as Teri & Ian’s “pants” exchange”

Teri & Ian are still my absolute favorites. I was so afraid for them the entire episode. But they pulled it out. I hope they don’t make anymore big mistakes.

And David & Mary. I can’t wait to see their ruthlessness and cunningness in the coming episodes. No more friends for Mary, she’s in it to win!

Anyway, be sure to watch THE FINISH LINE every Monday at 1PM ET/10AM PT at and watch the new ELIMINATION STATION at where we all get to see what goes on in Sequesterville!


Eric: “Don’t break your ankles. Don’t roll down the hill… like Humpty.”
Danielle: “Humpty?”
Eric “Off the wall? … Humpty Dumbass.”

Joe: “Who says gay men can’t drive?”
Bill: “Good job.”
Joe: “It’s gay four-wheelin’.”

Mirna: “Ooo… it might be chilly in Chile.”

Bill: “ …grab a shower when we get there?”
Joe: “I hope so! … You need one!”

Charla: “I need a step stool.”
Mirna: “Charla, I don’t have time for a step stool, please”
Charla: “I CAN’T REACH IT!”
Mirna: “There is no step stool.”
Charla: “THIS is a step stool!”

Danny: “Look at these nails! My manicurist would be so angry with me if she knew what I was doing today.”

Danny: “I think I was a man in a previous life.”

Charla: “Beauty is sometimes skin deep. Its easy to make yourself beautiful with plastic surgery. But to have a pure heart and to have morals is not easy to make up.”
*cue BQ evil laugh*

*Admiring the Valley of the Moon*
Danny: “I’m dirty, I stink , I’m tired… but this? This is killer.”
Oswald, crying: “Oh my God, I feel like such a bitch.”

Mirna: “GO! GO! What’s your problem? You drive like a girl?”
Mirna: “Clueless! At least if you knew where you were going, you could do your little maneuvers.”
Charla: “That’s fine, I’ll hold it.”


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