The Most Emotional Amazing Race Moments


Continuing our countdown to Sunday, I’m listing the most emotional moments ever on The Amazing Race. And I guess emotional in terms of very touching and not emotional as in agression and anger (so no Jonathan shoving Victoria).

I couldn’t find 10… but if anyone has something to add, by all means, let me know! :) I do find it odd that I only have moments from TAR5-TAR8.

7. Brian & Greg’s Jeep Turns Over, Cameraman Injured (TAR7)
Episode 7-5/7-6: “I’ve Been Wanting a Face-Lift for a Long Time”
Brian & Greg feel horrible as their cameraman lies on the ground after their car accident. As almost all the teams stop and find out if they’re okay, the brothers weren’t as concerned for the Race as they were for the safety of their crew.

6. The Gaghans Get Philiminated (TAR8)
Episode 6-8: “I’m Sick of Doing Stuff I Can’t Do!”
Carissa Gaghan, a pint-sized Racer who could probably Race better than people four times her age, was teary eyed as her family was eliminated. An unexpectedly tough fight from an unlikely competitor.

5. Don is Proud as Mary Jean fights to finish the Road Block (TAR6)
Episode 6-4: “What if This Isn’t Sanitary?”
Don & Mary Jean were in last place going to the Road Block. Since Don was still recovering from being seasick, it was up to Mary Jean to complete the tough salt harvesting Road Block. Mary Jean fought through the task and finished it without a single complaint. As Don stood watching, he expressed his love for his wife, the first time they met at Stanford, and how proud he was of her. They hugged as they were surrounded by Senegalese applause.

4. Joyce Shaves Her Head for the Fast Forward (TAR7)
Episode 7-9: “We Have a Bad Elephant!”
Brandon and Nicole didn’t want to shave their full model heads of hair for a fast forward in TAR5… but Uchenna & Joyce felt they needed to get a FF to stay in the Race. Uchenna had no hair on his head, so it was up to Joyce and with tears in her eyes, she completed the task.

3. Charla & Mirna Get Philiminated (TAR5)
Episode 5-7: “Are You Sure This is Safe?”
Charla’s farewell speech at the mat brought even Phil to tears. She wanted to show what she could do… and she did.

2. TAR6 Pays Tribute at the Door of No Return (TAR6)
Episode 6-5: “Quit Following Us”In Senegal, teams were asked to pay tribute to the slaves who were forced out of their country through the Door of No Return. All the teams, even Jonathan, were humble and touched by the gesture that was required of them. But it was especially hard for Gus who felt a strong connection.

1. Gretchen Is Injured and Is Then Subjected to the New Non-Elimination Rule (TAR7)
Episode 7-5/7-6: “I’ve Been Wanting a Face-Lift for a Long Time”
No question. Gretchen falling in an underground cave and basically busting her head open. Before cutting to commercial, we hear Meredith calling for her after she falls… now that was scary. But the fact that she was in good spirits and even joking about, and Meredith being so worried about her it was so touching. Then Phil throws them a curveball when he tells them that while its an non-elimination leg, he must take away all their money AND all their possessions.

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