The Top 10 Most Amazing (Race) Finishes

To get ready for Sunday’s premiere of The Amazing Race: All-Stars, I’ll be counting down with the most exciting, the funniest, and the best moments ever on the Race.

Today, let’s start with the most exciting leg finishes ever. While I might not have liked the results of each of these finishes, there were definitely edge of your seat moments.

10. Kris & Jon Stopped by a Train as Freddy & Kendra Win (TAR6)
Episode 6-13: “4 Continents, 24 Cities, 40,000 Miles”
Although the exact difference in time has never been confirmed, it can be said that lovebirds Kris & Jon were very close to winning the million dollars, had they not been stopped by a train crossing. It seemed as if Kris & Jon had a chance to catch up to eventual winners Freddy & Kendra, as the train whistle could be heard in the distance while Phil proclaimed F&K the winners of TAR6.

9. Flags Spell the Downfall of Eric & Jeremy (TAR9)
Episode 9-12: “5 Continents… 10 Countries… And More Than 59 Thousand Miles”
For the 2nd season in a row, a final Road Block was placed just yards away from the Finish Line. This time, teams had to arrange flags in the order they visited the countries on the Race. A neck and neck, nail biting race between Eric & Jeremy and BJ & Tyler resulted in a Hippie win.

8. Kelly & Jon Come Back From Behind (TAR4)
Episode 4-9: “We’re Not at Charm School Learning to How to Be a Gentleman, We’re Racing”
An ending that shocked everyone. Kelly & Jon, severely behind after getting lost and then going for an already taken Fast Forward, manage to catch up to an even more lost Millie & Chuck. Many fans expected a non-elimination leg, but “virgins” Millie & Chuck came in last and were eliminated.

7. The Paolos Wear Their Underpants to the Mat (TAR8)
Episode 8-7 “You Look Rediculous”
The Paolos, believing they were last and assuming it was a non-elimination leg, began to put all their clothes on to have fresh clothing in the event that they were safe. What they didn’t expect was the Bransens driving up as they had their underpants over their pants. The Paolos, in various levels of clothing, run to the Mat to avoid last place as the Bransens are seconds behind.

6. Nancy & Emily Take Penalty (TAR1)
Episode 1-9: “The Unexpected Twist”
The Guidos, Joe & Bill, win the Fast Forward, but take their time to get to the Pit Stop. Meanwhile, Nancy & Emily’s frustrations cause them to reach their breaking point and decide not to complete the Detour, incurring a 24 hour penalty. Had they completed all tasks, “Momily” would’ve been saved, and Joe & Bill, hours behind the other teams, would’ve been Philiminated.

5. A Footrace in the Swiss Countryside (TAR3)
Episode 3-8: “This is More Important Than Your Pants Falling Down!”
John Vito & Jill fell behind at the Road Block while the rest of the teams stuck together to find the Pit Stop. Ken & Gerard decide to take a detour with some goats. The other three teams make it to the Pit Stop, while JVJ and the “Oh Brothers” arrive seconds apart from each other at the Mat.

4. Linz and Bransen Families Put the Pieces Together for Million Dollars (TAR8)
Episode 8-11: “25 Days, 50 Cities, and More than 600 Consecutive Hours as a Family”
For the first time in Amazing Race history, a final Road Block was required just yards away from the Finish Line. Nick Linz and Wally Bransen hurry to complete a puzzle of North and Central America, with the Linz family ultimately edging out the Bransens for the million dollars.

3. Three Way Footrace for Non-Elimination (TAR9)
Episode 9-9: “Do You Know How Much Running I Did Today Phil?”
Despite being Yielded, Joseph & Monica catch up to BJ & Tyler and Eric & Jeremy for a stunning three-way footrace to the mat. BJ’s shoeless, walking on rocks strategy allowed Joseph & Monica to take 3rd, leaving the Hippies in last for this non-elimination leg.

2. Brian & Greg Overcome Overturned Car to Beat Ray & Deana (TAR7)
Episode 7-5: “I’ve Been Wanting a Face-Lift for a Long Time”Part of one of the most memorable TAR episodes ever, Brian & Greg’s jeep overturns in the desert. With an injured cameraman and a wrecked vehicle, it seemed like it was the end for the brothers. But Ray & Deana fall behind at the Detour, allowing Brian & Greg to catch up and win a thrilling edge of your seat footrace in the Makgadikgadi Pans.

1. Chris & Alex Pass Tara & Wil to Win Million (TAR2)
Episode 2-11: “Follow That Plane (Season Finale)”
The most exciting finish ever on The Amazing Race. With the Golden Gate Bridge as the backdrop, the Boston boys Chris & Alex catch up and pass bickering Tara & Wil to the Finish Line ensuring their $1 Million cash prize.

Honorable Mention: Rob & Brennan Beat Frank & Margarita in their Hometown (TAR1)
Episode 1- 13: “Race to the Finish (Part 2)”The very first finale saw Frank & Margarita just miss a train that would’ve kept them in the Race for the million. Instead, Rob & Brennan pulled out in front and won the very first Amazing Race.

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