Flashback to Last Year’s AP Calculus Exam

In anticipation for this year’s AP exams, I dug up my little review of last year’s AP CALCULUS AB exam… fun stuff…

OKAY… today was the big day… pretty laid back day… with a laissez-faire attitude (hmmm… don’t think it can be used as a “feeling” but taking francais, it sounds like it does)

So before I take you on my journey… let me answer the question…. HOW DID I DO ON THE AP CALCULUS EXAM?

So my day started by waking up a 4:45a, for a minute I was thinking about going to study, but I didn’t and went back to sleep.  Woke up again at 6:00a, skimmed through 8 months of Calculus notes and got ready for “school” aka “3 and a half hours of sitting uncomfortably on the wrong side of a folding table” … mike was lucky, he didn’t have to sit through the 3 hour test

I was hoping to nibble on one of Mr Murphy’s chocolate chip cookies, but I guess everyone else ate them already… So I ended up with a peanut butter cookie, not my fave but oh well… We kinda reviewed a little bit and headed over to the “Batcave” (never heard the Lower Hall referred as that before)… and people were there already, I guess they didn’t want any cookies.  So, Tuesday afternoon and this morning, I was pretty much laughing the entire time because the AP Calc test is just sooo funny… isn’t it?

So, we had to wait outside for a while, and the first really funny thing happens… Me, Bryce, Vincent, Aisha, Jim, and Brian tried to figure out this one problem on the 78 or 83 exam about the graph of a twice differentiable function and the relationship between f prime of 0 or 1 or 3 or whatever it was, and then we just confused each other on what f prime meant when it was increasing, or decreasing, or at zero or revolving around itself… so we just dropped it.  BUT lo-and-behold it was the first problem on the calculator part of the mc section… (hmmm… should i be saying that… no discussing the problems 48 hours after the test mr murphy says)

So we get in, I annoyingly remind people around me to have their calculators in RADIANS not stupid DEGREES… (stupid degrees)… I was kinda surprised how the tables were set up… “honors system? screw that!” lol, jk i dont cheat… i can do bad on my own… 

All this filling out and AP numbers and label seals… The time went by sooo slowly… I was just wishing time would be over to put me out of my slight-misery of staring at a problem and not knowing how to do it… lol…

Second really funny thing… I needed to go use the CR since we started the test, but everytime I was about to raise my hand… someone else had gone already… and then when I finally had the chance… Mr Corkery said we’d have a break in a FEW MINUTES… At break, a couple of us just ran out of the freezing hall and into the CR… relief… lol sorry….

By the time the FRQs were about to begin, I was pretty much Solve for C?  By then I was out of it… it was the last part of the last problem and I was done… It was an experience, not a terribly horrible experience (I’ve had worse in some of my classes this year ) but it was ok…  Not as hard as I thought… everyone was pretty much the same… relief that it was finally over, but not happy as in “I GOT A 5!” A 5, lol, I’m lucky if I get a 3…  lol… I have a feeling I could go either way… right in the middle of a 2 and 3… but I’m not expecting much… there’s always the BC exam! 

So my AP experience for this year is finally over. 

Recap: The Amazing Race 7, Episode 10 – “A 66 year old lady shouldn’t be doing things like this”


Oh man… Meredith & Gretchen, what the hell are you doing?!?!? I was yelling at the TV everytime they got lost… but they are very determined… Gretchen rocked at the Road Block though… I am so happy they are still in the RACE and chugging along… They’re just saving all their energy for the final legs… GO MEREDITH & GRETCHEN!

Uchenna & Joyce are so nice to help M & G… I wouldn’t mind it if they won…

Knowing this was a non-elim, I was soooo wishing that Rob & Amber were last so they could get everything taken away from them… Rob is such a dumbass… “Duhhh… what’s a gnome?” I was so happy seeing them not make the early flight… I think Uchenna & Joyce and Meredith & Gretchen are at least an hour ahead…

Ron & Kelly… wow Kelly is so random.. what was that POW comment about? was she joking? I think she was…. oh well…

That scale DETOUR was so random… Turkish like strange people weighing them? lol… and how about that Travelocity plug… lol TAR is getting so commercial… lol… ONE MORE EPISODE UNTIL THE FINALE!!!

Meredith: “This man has so many stickers on his windshield… I don’t know if he can see through it”

Gretchen: “Step it up old man”

Meredith: “Gerome, the Gnome”

Sign: “Taksi”

Gretchen: “We want grande people! We want big man!”

Gretchen: “Aww… 58… That’s a lightweight!”

Gretchen: “A 66 year old lady shouldn’t be doing things like this”