Battlestar Galactica Season Finale



Was that all? I was let down… I dunno…

Stupid Adama… that’s what you get for wanting to start a coup… I’m on Roslin’s side… she’s cool… That standoff was pretty good, I want to see Roslin get into a fight… maybe with Adama (since he’s going to survive… of course)

Speaking of fights, Starbuck and Number 6… I like it when Number 6 fights… she isn’t as annoying as when she’s a slut with Baltar… I didn’t get the ending with them two… what did the baby look like? a robot? and what was that whole thing with the auditorium and white light and the kiss? I dunno…

Well, we’ll have to wait for July for the new episodes, and I think this time they will roll out the episodes at the same time as the UK… I think BSG is so good because it is co-produced by SkyOne with SciFi… so it has that English magic touch… lol

One thought on “Battlestar Galactica Season Finale

  1. OMYGOD! how could u hate it????? i loved it.. helo reuniting with starbuck.. honestly man.. but im on adama’s side.. even though dont think he should have arrested roslin.. i see his points.. i mean she went against his back.. but now.. they have a cylon raider as one of their ships.. booyah.. number six is a dirty fighter.. she always does the same thing.. kick.. bleh..and i think the next generation is boomer and helos BABY! ahh!.. nest season i think is gunna start the same time as englands.. so no more spoliers.. damn

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