Recap: The Amazing Race 7, Episode 2 – “The whole country hates me.”


Wow… another close finish… honestly the only thing saving this season is the closeness in times of the teams…

Tonight’s episode was a lot better than the premiere, but it still wasn’t TAR’s best… What’s been lacking from TAR in the last couple of editions is the “thinking” portion of the Race… where in the first two seasons, teams would have to actually think about the clue they just received… It wasn’t the most exciting episode either, but it was still good, however underpar with what TAR is used to…

Also lacking this season is funny quotes… I only heard 2 this episode and they weren’t all that great in the first place…

I am glad Ron & Kelly managed to get into 2nd… ewe to Rob & Amber being first… they’re okay, too sneaky, but I don’t like them because they took someone’s spot to have a chance at a Million Dollars when they already have one… Meredith & Gretchen, I thought they were doing okay until the Pit Stop… geez, they let two teams pass them… they were funny at the market when they were yelling…

Other than them, all the other teams are really forgettable… I thought it was rude of the Boyfriends to call the people “Bitches” … I mean, they were being pretty bitchy, maybe if they spoke a little nicer, they would’ve gotten a break on the price like Meredith & Gretchen … The Brothers and the Blondes… did I miss something, did they have a thing? Susan & Patrick and Uchenna & Joyce were almost forgetful…

Overall an average episode… I really hope it picks up soon… I think after the excitement and rage of TAR6, TAR7 just seems like its lacking something… it doesn’t have a distinctiveness to it that makes you remember it… like TAR3 had the underdogs and the funny teams… TAR6 had the perfect couple with a backdrop of dysfunctional ones…



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