Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 13 – Season Finale


I love Kris & Jon… they are just amazing… not once in this whole RACE did they fight, yell, degrade each other, insult each other, insult the country they were in, or lose their cool… every chance they had, they would enjoy their surroundings (no matter where they were), have fun, motivate each other, encourage each other, love each other, love other people… they are just simply the BEST team to ever run THE AMAZING RACE… they appreciated everything, made few mistakes, were very strong, always pulled ahead using their strength and intelligence… and like Jon said about Kris in Africa… They both looked “damn good” running the Race… I just can’t say enough about them… CONGRATULATIONS ON A TRULY AMAZING RACE

Freddy & Kendra were the last team I wanted to win out of the Final Four… Kendra acted like a spoiled bitch the entire Race… she made incredibly racist comments about ALL the “third world/ghetto” countries, if not most of all the countries… She and Freddy would constantly fight over the most unimportant things… and we saw a lot of that again tonight… Freddy was so cocky the entire Race… from thinking he could “break [Lori & Bolo] in half” to thinking he and Kendra could fly into first every leg… he was incredibly smug, and luck played a big part in them winning… They called their Chinese taxi driver a “dumbass” … very polite … and then Freddy asking the police officer to lead their taxi because it was an “emergency”… geez… They would have been eliminated in Ethiopia had it not been for Adam and Jonathan‘s stupid mistakes… And how that “dying child” crap at the airport… what a frackin bitch… NO MORE MODELS ON THE AMAZING RACE… becuase they will probably be cocky and spoiled…

Hayden & Aaron would’ve been my 2nd pick to win… up until tonight’s episode… They exploded and almost began acting like Jonathan & Victoria (no to each other, but to the Chinese people and their backpacks)… and they quit… No matter what… you should never quit THE AMAZING RACE as seen in season 1… while it wouldn’t have mattered tonight, their quitting showed their weakest parts that can’t really justify a $1 Million. Congrats on their engagement though… we’ll see tomorrow if they are still engaged… lol

Adam & Rebecca let their relationship or whatever they call it hurt them big time in the Race… From uncondusive sunglasses to lost sunglasses… Adam & Rebecca were a mess… they got through every leg on pure luck…

As for the finale… let’s go in order… the mix-up with captioning Kris & Jon as Hayden & Aaron was funny… I was very surprised by the anger they showed… after that they deserve to be eliminated… and quitting is never a good thing…

TAR6 will be the one with the hardest ROAD BLOCKS for sure… those keys were brutal, but Kris managed to figure out that you only try the big locks pretty quick… she should’ve gone up to 7pm, but their frustration set in…

I did not like both DETOUR and ROAD BLOCK in Hawaii when the final city was not Honolulu… the ROAD BLOCK should be in the final city, just like TAR3 with “travel by foot” a mandatory task… taxis should not be the deciding factor… and neither should be ticket agents who don’t want passengers to go to another airline…

Pizza? Instead of promoting a little pizza joint… they should’ve had a ROAD BLOCK in Chicago… I liked how they started and ended in Chicago… Of course I hated the ending… but what can I do? I was on the edge of my seat starting at 10:35PM… I had my hands folded, praying that Kris & Jon would win (yeah… there are more important things to pray for, but I will before I go to sleep)… what about that train? where did that come from? anyway… the racist and the cocky asshole won season 6 of THE AMAZING RACE… I think now the most undeserving winning team ever…

THE BEST TAR FINALE (regardless of winner):
1. TAR6
2. TAR3
3. TAR1
4. TAR2
5. TAR4
6. TAR5

1. Rob/Brennan (TAR1)
2. Chip/Kim (TAR5)
3. Chris/Alex (TAR2)
4. Flo/Zach (TAR3)
5. Reichen/Chip (TAR4)
6. Freddy/Kendra (TAR6)

1. TAR6
2. TAR3
3. TAR1
4. TAR4
5. TAR5
6. TAR2

1. TAR3
1. TAR6
3. TAR1
4. TAR5
5. TAR2
6. TAR4

1. Kris/Jon (TAR6)
2. Kelly/Jon (TAR4)
3. Teri/Ian (TAR3)
4. Ken/Gerard (TAR3)
5. Frank/Margarita (TAR1)




One thought on “Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 13 – Season Finale

  1. NO! I was soooo bummed they lost! What’s sad is that they weren’t as close as edited. In the middle of Phil’s speech you can hear the train JUST starting to pass by so i guess it wasn’t a close win. I too had Freddy and Kendra at the BOTTOM of my list! I would have been happy if Adam&Rebecca or Hayden&Aaron win as long as Freddy and Kendra LOST! But no!
    That’s just how everything seems to turn out! Oh well, i’m just happy that EVERYBODY on Television Without Pity is outraged! lol
    What was up with kendra’s line about “Freddy is worthy to have my baby”?! That was like….ok….weirdo!
    Long live Kris&Jon!!

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