I didn’t know…

I didn’t know that a Filipino won Denmark’s 2003 Idol competition… Christian Mendoza… I can’t find anything on him though except he’s going/went to the PI recently… pretty cool though

Power Rangers SPD Episodes 1 & 2 – “Their suits are numbered… what the hell?”

Well, as I write this, the premiere isn’t over yet, but I just noticed their suits are numbered… what the hell? and their stupid morphing sequence “SPD PINK!” ewe

Anyway… I went into this premiere ready to hate it… so overall it was actually a decent premiere, better than Ninja Storm’s that for sure… but not as good as DinoThunder… the SPD premiere was one hour, but it seemed like it only lasted half an hour, not much happened except they got their morphers… in DinoThunder, we got to really meet Conner, Kira, and Ethan and a lot happened during their one hour premiere.

I liked the “three core rangers” style that was definitely seen in DinoThunder more than Ninja Storm… And I have to say I enjoyed SPD with only Sky, Bridge, and Sydney… a little less when Z joined and I hated it when Jack joined… he’s a jerk… but this season shows that the Red Ranger isn’t always the leader (example Jen, Time Force Pink) I think Sky is definitely the leader of the team, though it’ll probably be unclear like Hunter was with Ninja Storm… The action was actually pretty good. Though there seemed to be too much going on at one time that made the camerawork suck…

Other things to nitpick about: the opening sucks, the theme song is better without lyrics, and I just can’t get over a Dog as the commander, the Cat as the resident doctor/inventor, and a skeleton as a villain…

I think I’m going to watch the premiere of POWER RANGERS: DINOTHUNDER now…
Oh and if you don’t have ABC Family, part 1 of the DINOTHUNDER finale airs on ABC today @ 11:30AM

After watching DinoThunder again, I realized that it seemed more real… I mean aliens and space patrols and model-looking police officers? not so real… and not relatable

Battlestar Galactica, Episode 1.05

Oh man… that crap inside the Cylon fighter was disgusting… ugh, and Starbuck put that thing in her mouth? ewe… lol… President Roslin is definitely badass… lol… she bitch you out if she wanted to… Number 6 is hilarious… the season finale aired in the UK already, and I hear its pretty damn good… so Sci Fi… where’s that season 2 order???

Well how about ecole… I dread going to RTLF… hate that class… and how about that frackin’ Physics test… geez… took me more than an hour to figure out that I didn’t know the crap… lol… anyway… I loved it in Econ today when everyone was sleeping, then the phone rang and everyone practically jumped up… and I need to calm down in English… our side of the room is too hyper… lol… she’s sexually loose (referring to The Stranger‘s Marie) lol…