The Apprentice + Big Brother 5

THE APPRENTICE last night, I think the best episode of the series…
glad Bradford got fired… he was annoying, cocky, over the top… Goodbye! I think the women are overreacting to Stacie J… yeah she’s psycho, but come on… geez… Pamela is still freakin’ hilarious, I like her… lol and Maria, the short hair, she seems to stand out without stand out, you know? And John is definitely the new Bill, but why the hell was he making a big deal about the breakfast… he’s putting a target on himself… seems like this will be a great season…

And a little note… sorry Trump but THE AMAZING RACE is going to win the Emmy on Sunday, not you…

On to BB5, Drew… you picked Cowboy?!?!?! Stupid move… I would definitely much rather have Diane win than CB… CB’s a dumba$$… and he should’ve gone a long time ago… anyway, Drew’ll win, hopefully

new PRDT tomorrow


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