Recap: The Amazing Race 5, Episode 10 – “If They’re Screwing the Helmet to My Head, It Can’t Be Good!”

Colin’s a psycho… aww Brandon & Nicole were cute… lol… ooo Kami and Karli, you can’t lie if you’re dumb… ugh lucky again… I thought they weren’t suppose to be given maps by the show?

lol dude, Brandon… “Nikki bangin’ her head”… the moms… Karen: We choose not to use the yield” (off on the side) Linda: “yeah, because we’re last!” lol… wow SLEDGING looks hella fun… here comes the yield… oh they didn’t, never mind..

lol ZORB… but that’s an easy road block… come one… where’s the finding one mask in a dark room of a hundred people… geez… the Zorb…
but I still want to Zorb… and Sledge

aww darn it… Colin & Christie 1st again… Brandon and Nicole, what the hell are you doing??? lol “Thank God, literally”

wow the twins were pretty late… that’s editing for ya… at least finally theyre done… yield next week?

here we go! Colin has a MELTDOWN IN MANILA next week!! Just like Typhoon Igme told us in July:

After episode 10

also.. some great tennis today between Capriati & Williams and Roddick & Robredo… i was happy with both results

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