Recap: Power Rangers DinoThunder, Episode 20 – It’s a Mad Mad Mackerel

(out of 4)

·Kira: “I GOT IT! I got it, I got it, I got it!”
Conner: “Its not contagious is it?”
Now that’s flirting… lol
·Another Kira semi-focus ep… of course Emma looked freakin’ hot in the episode as usual
·Devin and Cassidy not too annoying…
·The theme song for Funky Fisherman’s Cartoon Cavalcade:
Its the Funky Fisherman’s Cartoon Show…
So grab your gear and we’ll all go…
Look! Its Marty the Mackerel
He’ll hook us a cartoon spectackerel!

·Everything about that show was hilarious, kinda looked like one of those Krofft shows, Pufnstuf or whatever… freaky and wierd… but crazy funny
·Trent was far, far away from Kira 😀

·What was the point of the whole Trent/Zeltrax battle? They were hyping the episode up to be this big battle for #2, WTF was that? They weren’t even on most of the episode. Someone brought up the fact that Elsa and Zeltrax could be his parents… twisted but possible…lol
·Haven’t they done the “celebrities are not what they seem” angle already? (Kylie Styles, Nikki Valentina (yuck))
·Not much story movement, especially not in Mesogog’s lair

Overall, ok ep… funny

Yesterday, I think I found my new Disney crush… lol Alyson Michalka on Phil of the Future… but why is she 15? 🙁 and not only that, but I think I saw Brenda Song in two of those eps… Yeah, I guess I agree with Marissa and I know a couple of others, that Ricky Ullman is hot… lol… but Alyson Michalka is a million times

I wonder why Disney didn’t show the pilot which EXPLAINS how they got to 2004… the promos were suppose to tell us everything? cheap asses at Disney…

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