Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 23 (Leg 8, Day 1) – “Ang bobo natin, nakakainis!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 23 (Leg 8, Day 1)


The 8th leg (where did the 7th go!?) of the Race begins as teams must find Lana’s Halo Halo at the Legazpi Public Market.  There, each team member must eat one bowl of halo halo to reveal a sticker at the bottom of the bowl that would tell them their next clue is at Yanzon’s Store.

Fausto & Dayal get there first and finish their halo halo.  They look around for their clue and raise their hands to signal they’re done.  They are given two more bowls of halo halo.  Marc & Kat also finish their bowls, but have no idea what to do, fearing they’ll get more bowls too.  Fausto & Dayal decide to just go back to their jeepney driver who knows where to go next and takes them.  


Marc & Kat also hop into their jeepney, but the driver has no clue.  They decide to wait for Boom & Cheng to finish so they can figure it out together.  They go back to the jeepney driver who ask where Fausto & Dayal went and why they left and the driver says they must’ve found their clue.  Boom & Cheng do the same thing and get the same result.

Sheena & Gee arrive and start eating.  When they finish, they raise their hands and get another helping.  LJ & CJ arrive while the other six try to figure it out together.  The locals point to a specific store where the shopowner then asks where their bowls are.  They run back to Lana’s to grab their halo-halo bowls and return to Yanzon’s Store where they are given the next clue.

It’s the Detour.
In Crabs, teams must pick up a basket full of crabs and deliver it to a nearby fisherman.
In Coconut, teams must kudkod or manually grate coconut until they are able to produce a cup of milk from the meat. 

Back at the market, Jervi sees the clue at the bottom of his bowl telling teams to head to Yanzon Store, so they do so.  LJ & CJ are lucky enough to just follow them there.

Meanwhile, Fausto & Dayal are still clueless.  Their driver lets them off and they see the Race flags.  They decide to raise their hands, but nothing.  They hop back into their jeepney and decide to head back to the market, an hour and a half away.

The first three teams arrive at the Detour.  Sheena & Gee head to the crabs while Marc & Kat and Boom & Cheng do coconut.  Sheena & Gee have trouble finding the fisherman while the other two teams struggle with grating the coconuts.


Turns out the fisherman was just a few yards away from the crab pick-up.  They get the next clue telling them to head to Misibis Bay. 

Meanwhile, all the way back at the Pit Stop, Ed & Angel are still waiting out their 2-hour penalty after not completing the Bicol Express task from last Leg.

Episode Thoughts
Well, it’s nice to have TARPh back.  This was my first episode in three days.  Hope the regular TV5/TARPh uploader is alright is just living his/her life, yeah?

Anyway, I did read up on the last Leg and apparently Boom & Cheng have gotten even more unlikeable.  Hiding clues and no penalty?  Come on now.  And their jokes were becoming increasingly unfunny and rude before, now they’re making sex jokes.  (While scraping the coconuts if you didn’t get their innuendo.)

When pictures of the halo-halo task popped up online, I remember everyone already thinking, OMG, eat halo-halo?  WTF kind of task is that?!

But it turned out to be really good… on paper.  It reminded me of the TAR19 start task.  Teams were supposed to figure out a puzzle but people ended up stumbling onto the right answer.  Here, teams were supposed to see the clue at the bottom of the bowl, but instead lucked out but having people tell them where to go.

So the task was great in theory, have teams be observant and see the clue at the bottom of the bowl like Jervi did.  (His magna cum laude UP education coming in handy.)  This is the kind of task I wish TARUS did more of and they have definitely sprinkled them in the last few seasons.  But when teams managed to just stumble onto the next clue, it defeats the purpose of the task.

I know they aren’t going to get a penalty even though I’d love to see it.  It sucks for teams who actually did the task they were meant to do like Jervi did.

As for the Detour, the Crabs side looked crazy simple.  It looked like the fisherman was just steps away from where they had to get the basket.  But as we saw. Sheena & Gee had to run around frustrated.

Solid episode overall.


Legazpi Boulevard – BreakwaterLegazpi, Albay

Fasuto & Dayal 8:36am
Marc & Kat 8:37am
Boom & Cheng 8:55am
Sheena & Gee 9:06am
LJ & CJ 9:10am
Saida & Jervi 9:13am
Ed & Angel Not yet departed

Lana’s Halo Halo, Legazpi Public Market

1. Sheena & Gee
2. Marc & Kat
3. Boom & Cheng
4. Saida & Jervi
5. LJ & CJ
-. Fausto & Dayal
-. Ed & Angel

Sheena & Gee

Marc & Kat
Boom & Cheng

In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Quotes from Episode 23

Dayal: “Ang bobo!  Ang bobo natin, nakakainis!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 23 (Leg 8, Day 1) – “Ang bobo natin, nakakainis!”

The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 23 (Leg 8, Day 1)
Friday, November 23, 2012

The Amazing Race Philippines is back! Well, for me at least. =D The 8th leg begins as teams freeze up right at the start.

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Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 20 (Leg 7, Day 1) – “First time ko nilunok yung suka ko!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 20 (Leg 7, Day 1)

Teams open their first clue telling them to hop on a bus to Legazpi, Albay.  Before leaving, they must collect 8 American Tourister suitcases of different sizes at the Holiday Inn Clark which they must bring with them to the next Pit Stop.  From the Holiday Inn, they must take a Jeepney to the bus station.

Boom & Cheng and Marc & Kat hop into very common Toyota Innova hotel shuttles.  Sheena & Gee try to pen the suitcases to place their backpacks in them, but can’t.  Ed & Angel, on the way to the Jeepney, manage to open their suitcases and place the smaller ones inside so they only need to carry two each.

Teams head to Manila and the Cubao bus terminal to catch the bus heading to Legazpi.  Boom & Cheng and Marc & Kat learn they have an hour penalty for not taking the Jeepney at the Holiday Inn.

Fausto & Dayal are on the first bus to leave Cubao while LJ & CJ manage to hop on the 2nd bus leaving at 8:30.  Sheena & Gee and Saida & Jervi catch up to Boom & Cheng and take the same bus leaving at 9pm.  Marc & Kat take a 4th bus while Ed & Angel take a 5th bus, both only going to Naga where they will then have to transfer to another bus on to Legazpi.

LJ & CJ are the first to arrive in Legazpi and find clues waiting on the front of marked jeepneys.  Teams must take the jeepneys to Red Labuyo Restaurant where each person must eat one bowl of Bicol Express, a spicy local specialty, and a bowl of strawberry ice cream in order to receive their next clue.

LJ & CJ get to the restaurant and find HOURS OF OPERATION with the place opening at 8am.  

In Naga, Marc & Kat are waiting for the bus they need to transfer on to make it to Legazpi and it turns out to be the 3rd bus the three teams are on.

LJ & CJ are let into the restaurant and start eating the spicy dish.  Fausto & Dayal arrive and both teams struggle, holding back their vomit.  If they throw up, they will have to get a refill.  CJ & LJ see Dayal giving some of his food to Fausto and point it out, so Fausto returns the spoonful to Dayal’s bowl.

The bro-in-laws still finish before the girls and both teams must hop back onto their jeepneys and head to Casagwa Church.

The next bus arrives in Legazpi and they head to the restaurant.  

Episode Thoughts
A solid first episode for the Leg.  Good competition especially having to find their own transportation.

I’m guessing American Tourister is TARPh’s Traveloctiy.  Since they sponsor the Leg prizes, those suitcases are TARPh’s Roaming Gnome I suppose.  That’s fun.

I appreciate TARPh’s strict enforcement of rules.  So many penalties.  But that’s common on the Asian TARs.  TARAu and especially TARA loved issuing penalties.

The Bicol Express is definitely the TARPh version of the TAR6 Hungarian Spicy Soup Road Block.  Complete with LJ pulling a Freddy and eating her vomit. Lol

So tomorrow or maybe Thursday, Pig or Jig 3.0!! lol.  Whenever TARUS returns to the Philippines, you can bet we’ll get the 4th use of that Detour. lol


Holiday Inn Clark
Angeles City, Pampanga

Boom & Cheng 4:50pm
Fausto & Dayal  5:19pm
Marc & Kat 5:20pm
Sheena & Gee 6:05pm
LJ & CJ 6:10pm
Saida & Jervi 6:25pm
Ed & Angel 7:00pm

Red Labuyo Restaurant, Daraga, Albay

1. Fausto & Dayal
2. LJ & CJ
-. Sheena & Gee
-. Marc & Kat
-. Saida & Jervi
-. Boom & Cheng
-. Ed & Angel

Quotes from Episode 20

LJ: “First time ko nilunok yung suka ko!”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 20 (Leg 7, Day 1) – “First time ko nilunok yung suka ko!”

The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 20 (Leg 7, Day 1)
Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Things get spicy on the next leg of The Amazing Race Philippines.

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The Amazing Race Philippines, Leg 6 Wrap-up – “Ayoko mamatay dito, sa gitna ng desert. ‘Di ko pinangarap yun.”

The Amazing Race Philippines, Leg 6 Wrap-up

Well, after The Amazing Race 21 had a strange, short Leg on Sunday, The Amazing Race Philippines decided to do the same.

This so-called “Super Leg” wasn’t the “Superleg” we’ve come to know on other TARs.  It was basically a zero-hour Pit Stop with the 2nd of the two Legs being incredibly short.

Really, Leg 6 started out with excellently hilarious car drama, but it seems that was the most interesting part of this Leg.  Maybe as a two-hour episode on TARUS, it would’ve worked better.  But for TARPh’s format, Leg 6 was almost a snooze.  

First, for the Leg itself.  I’ve always been a fan of the super/double/TBC-legs on TAR.  It pushes the teams and gets them really competing while being absolutely exhausted.

But TARPh put an equalizer at the start of Leg 6 that basically gave the teams their mandatory Pit Stop.  Imagine, teams having to wait more than 12 hours for an Hours of Operation.  They might as well have  just not done the “Super Leg” since the point of the zero hour Pit Stop between Legs 5 and 6 was basically negated by the Hours of Operation at the Road Block.

As for Leg design, it was pretty simple.  Definitely the shortest Leg of the Race yet. 

As for the tasks.  The Road Block was good enough.  But the Detour was a lot more boring than it looked on paper.  The teams were in and out of there and there wasn’t even any kind of action when it came to the guns.  Even Dani & Mish’s run through the paintball course looked easier than TK & Rachel’s infamous “run through fireworks” Speed Bump in TAR12. 

Then that car task at SM that seemed more to be boring product placement for whatever that medicine Derek apparently is an endorser for and for SM malls.

The Mt. Pinatubo Pit Stop was nice, but we saw so little of it.  They should’ve done something at the foot of the volcano or something instead of that task at SM.

Overall, a boring, short Leg.  And disappointing after the drama-filled 5th Leg.

My Subjective Team Rankings for Leg 6

Dani & Mish Dani & Mish – Sad to see them go.  It looks like they fit the typical bickering couple mold.  They fight a lot and it looks like they hate each other, but they quickly make up and are friends again in no time.  The frustration of the Race plus Dani’s seemingly natural frantic –self made them an exciting, fun and dramatic team to watch.  Can they get cast on TARUS please?  Or maybe a TAR: World All-Stars edition?
Ed & Angel Ed & Angel – Bad luck with cars for them it seems.  But it doesn’t take away the fact that they’ve stepped it up.  Angel’s more fiesty, Ed’s shown he’s not deadweight.  They are definitely building momentum and starting to really Race well.  If they can shake off the bad luck, they can go far.
Saida & Jervi Saida & Jervi – They’re really losing their luster from the early Legs.  Jervi is definitely not as funny as he was at the beginning and Saida’s muras or swearing aren’t nearly as funny now either.  They’re also slowing down and I think it all started when they decided not to Yield Marc & Kat, thus denying themselves P200,00. 
Sheena & Gee Sheena & Gee – They were loosening up, but now they’re back to their screechy selves which can definitely be grating when they’re doing it every other moment.  Okay Racing from them and they don’t really care who they step on, which can work both ways.  But they’re starting to overdo the playing to the cameras now.
LJ & CJ LJ & CJ – A solid Leg for them.  Only one scene of fun from them at the car task, but otherwise back to being quiet and boring. 
Marc & Kat Marc & Kat – They’ve really become a lot more likeable now that they’re not on top and now that they’re getting snippy with each other.  I really want to see them compete and not just run ahead of everyone.
Fausto & Dayal Fausto & Dayal – A surprisingly competent Leg from them even though Dayal’s strange vanity and outbursts should be a concern for them moving forward if not hilarious to marvel at.  
Boom & Cheng Boom & Cheng – Really though, I can’t bring myself to like them anymore.  Boom’s kisses are sleazy, their jokes are falling flat and forced, and now we learn that they’re actually mactors!?  Your sob story don’t work if you’ve got connections in industry.

El Kabayo Riding Stables

T33 Thunderbird at Air Force City Park
Clark, Angeles, Pampanga

Angeles City Flying Club
Magalang, Pampanga

Clark Eagle Range and Gun Club
Clark, Angeles, Pampanga

SM City Clark
Angeles, Pampanga

Sitio Tarukan, Mt. Pinatubo
Capas, Tarlac

Who did the Road Block?
Sino ang nasa target? / Who’s on target?

In order of completion; Italics indicate who did the Road Block
3 Fausto Dayal 3
1 Cheng Boom 5
4 LJ CJ 2
5  Marc Kat 2
3 Sheena Gee 2
2 Angel Ed 4
2 Saida  Jervi 3
2 Dani Mish 4

2 Vanessa Pamela 2
1 Anton Armand 10
0 Mykey Crystel 1

Boom & Cheng

Marc & Kat
Ed & Angel
Sheena & Gee
 LJ & CJ
Saida & Jervi
Dani & Mish µ

µ Dani & Mish

In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Sitio Tarukan, Mt. Pinatubo
Capas, Tarlac

1st Boom & Cheng =
2nd Fausto & Dayal =
3rd Marc & Kat +1
4th Sheena & Gee +3
5th LJ & CJ +1
6th Saida & Jervi -1
7th Ed & Angel -4
Eliminated Dani & Mish =

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 19 (Leg 6, Day 2) – “I love shootings.”

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines, Episode 19 (Leg 6, Day 2)

Fausto & Dayal get to the Detour first and choose Tamaan, but Boom & Cheng come and hit their targets before them. 

Marc & Kat finish Detour 3rd with Ed & Angel in 4th followed by the girls.

After the Detour, teams must head to SM Clark where they need to park their car in a marked rectangle.  They then need to lift the car with the help of no less than 10 people to the marked rectangle over.  After they’ve lifted the car, all people who helped must squeeze into the car, close the doors and stay inside for 30 seconds.

Boom & Cheng maintain their lead and open the clue telling them to go to the Pit Stop at the base of Mt. Pinatubo.  

Back at the Detour, Dani & Mish do the Tamaan side of the Detour then find out they’ve been U-Turned.  They start the Iwasan Detour and instead of trying to avoid the paintballs, Dani just runs straight through and gets hit in the leg.  She’s had it, she thought they weren’t going to get it.  She strips off all the camouflage, padding and protection gear, but Mish convinces her to push through.

They get the backpack clue and head to SM.

The teams get in and out of the SM car task pretty easy.  Marc & Kat have to repeat it since their car wasn’t completely in the box.  Sheena & Gee beg the locals not to help the other teams.  Saida puts a guy’s hand on her thigh.  And later, Dani gets on her hands and knees to beg the locals to help them move the car.

At Mt. Pinatubo, Boom & Cheng check-in first, manage to insult the local Aeta, Italians and Ilocanos and win the P200,000.  Fausto & Dayal take 2nd and Marc & Kat finish 3rd.  Ed & Angel are 4th at the off-road jeep pick-up, but it stalls on them and they have to wait for a replacement vehicle.

That allows Sheena & Gee to take 4th, LJ & CJ to finish 5th and Saida & Jervi to step on the Mat 6th.  Ed & Angel manage to make it to the Pit Stop 7th, leaving Dani & Mish sadly in last place and eliminated.

Episode Thoughts
Kind of a boring episode.  Funny how TAR21 had a strangely short leg on Sunday and TARPh has this incredibly short Leg 6, even if it was part of a so-called “Super Leg.”  More on that in the Leg 6 Wrap-up.

Boom & Cheng

Marc & Kat
Ed & Angel
Sheena & Gee
 LJ & CJ
Saida & Jervi
Dani & Mish µ

µ Dani & Mish

In order of completion
> or < indicates team switched Detours.

Quotes from Episode 19

Sheena: “I love shootings.”

CJ: “Yung pwet ko, matulis yan!  Kuya, baka mamamatay ka sa tulis ng pwet ko ah!”

Dani: “Kuya, mga Filipino tayo, dapat magtulungan!”

Dani: “Kuya, ang suplado mo!”

Dani: “Kuya, kung hindi mo kami tinulungan, hindi ko alam gagawin ko sa buhay ko!”

Angel: “Ayoko mamatay dito, sa gitna ng desert.  ‘Di ko pinangarap yun.”

The Amazing Race Philippines, Leg 6 Wrap-up – “Ayoko mamatay dito sa gitna ng desert. ‘Di ko pinangarap yun.”

Well, after The Amazing Race 21 had a strange, short Leg on Sunday, The Amazing Race Philippines decide to do the same.

This so-called “Super Leg” wasn’t the “Superleg” we’ve come to know on other TARs. It was basically a zero-hour Pit Stop with the 2nd of the two Legs being incredibly short.

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