Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 1, Episode 3 – “Anderson Cooper is so hardcore!”

Episode 3 – Hoodoos and Hoodonts

Amazing Race Canada 3

The 3rd Leg begins and teams must fly to Calgary. They must head to Nicola Internet Cafe in downtown Vancouver to book tickets on Air Canada’s website.

Holly & Brett, Hal & Joanne, Jody & Cory and Kristen & Darren get on the 7am flight. Vanessa & Celina, Tim Sr. & Jr. and Jet & Dave book tickets on the 8am flight. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 1, Episode 2 – “These eyes aren’t just for looks, they’re for looking.”

Just a mini review of the show overall before a full recap of Episode 2.

The Amazing Race Canada Episode 2

Before the Recap, let me first talk about TARC (or #RaceCDA?) in general.

For two episodes, The Amazing Race Canada has been more than solid. A surprisingly likeable, if not paint-by-numbers cast help deliver the excitement and thrill of the familiar Race. Continue reading