Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 10 – “Are there instructions on donkey handling?”


…Aaannnndd they’re off!… THE RACE! Jonathan and Victoria are finally PHILiminated…

Okay… so the loudest, most quarrelsome, most angry, most physically violent, most annoying team in the history of THE AMAZING RACE has finally been PHILiminated… I was a little surprised, Jonathan was pretty calm… strange…

The Ethiopian children are so nice and sweet… Kendra started running her racist mouth off once they found out they were going to Ethiopia… but then she had an asthma/panic attack and so the children helped her and she changed her mind… she wanted to take them home with her… Freddy said that Lori & Bolo would never cut in front of him? He really thinks he can take on Lori & Bolo who are three times his size…

Anyway… they were YIELDED… but it really didn’t matter. Adam was a dumbass and didn’t know where to go… Rebecca was very witty this episode… liked that little mini-confrontation with her and KendraAdam and Rebecca have another “blow up” at the airport over their relationship…

Lately, Kris & Jon haven’t been performing as well as they have been… I got hints of frustration today… not good… they seemed tired as well… maybe they shouldn’t go clubbing when they’re supposed to be resting… lol… they were still they usual lovable selves most of the time though…
Jon: “Who wants to be my donkey?”

Hayden and Aaron recovered nicely in many ways, especially after last week… they went from last to first… and they stopped being so annoying… Hayden was very nice to the Ethiopians… and loved Aaron‘s crack about him being good at “guiding asses” and then pointing to Hayden… and the best part is they didn’t fight 98% of the episode which helped them regain their rootability

It looked like Phil was ready to crack up when Jonathan & Victoria arrived at the mat… which by the way was probably specially made by the locals… nice change… anyway… I don’t know what to think about these two… whether it was medication, a medical problem, or just plain acting, Jonathan and Victoria have been one of the most memorable (although unlikable) teams ever in the Race…

Overall the episode was an AMAZING recovery after last week’s pretty much slow episode… 3 more weeks, 2 more episodes until the 2-hour finale on February 8th… but just 6 weeks until the new Race starts!




Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 9 – “Tell my mom I love her.”


My lovefest for Kris & Jon continues… strengthening it this week was Kris‘ comment about I LOVE LUCY, I’m assuming she is a fan…
“I’ve seen a lot of I Love Lucy episodes… when she smashed the grapes…and I think my face really helped…
Great ROAD BLOCK … a little tribute to I LOVE LUCY in a way…
And I got a little scared when they were at the aiport and that guy wouldn’t give them tickets… I thought we’d see the first Kris/Jon blow up, but while they were frustrated they didn’t explode and start verbally attacking the ticket agent like other teams would’ve… AMAZING job Kris & Jon… what a great team

Adam‘s a dumba$$… and good thing about them taking the FAST FORWARD was that we didn’t have to see them most of the episode… Lori was hilarious at the RB when she asked Bolo if she could drink some then he finishes it, she sarcastically thanks him and then yells at him “LET’S GO!”… gotta love TAR editing…

I think this was the first episode where Victoria exploded more than Jonathan did… screaming at the DETOUR… throwing her stuff to the ground at the vineyards… what did she say about suicide? let me see…
Victoria: “You’re going to drill that hole until I commit suicide.”
Jonathan: “Yes, until you commit suicide.”

That black dog was sooo funny, it started to run away when Jonathan & Victoria were yelling

“The Model Alliance” … Did not like Aaron & Hayden‘s fighting… and how about Hayden‘s little Flo-like moment at the repel?
Flashback to TAR3’s Flo: “What happens if I slip… am I just hanging off a cliff?”
Not really liking Freddy & Kendra still… at least she wasn’t being a racist this week…

Overall it was an okay episode… not the most exciting until the end when they were all arriving at the PIT STOP… I was kinda hoping it would be an ELIMINATION leg… but it was a NON-ELIM… oh well…

Next week it looks like the teams strip down in mud and then Victoria gets injured somehow while Kendra screams…




Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 7 – “One of you, I’m going to break in half.”


Well we got our mega leg… and first off I have to say… TAR6 has officially tied TAR3 as the best season of TAR ever… And we’re only halfway through the season…

Okay… Lori & Bolo caught up and are now in 1st place… It was hilarious the way they just easily drank the blood… That labyrinth was freaky… (By the way, the AOL sn they used to get their e-mail was loribolar6 and the sender was Routemarkerar6 lol)… that day was also August 25th…

Anyway… intense stuff at the Rail Museum… I never saw a scramble like that for numbers ever on TAR… Freddy… woah, someone was drinking that morning… what an asshole… even Jonathan was telling him to calm down, now when that happens you know you’re going overboard… loved Bolo making fun of him… anyway… how disgusting, but freakin’ hilarious was him throwing up into his soup, then eating it again… lol… it made Kendra cry… lol… She was the one who made him throw up… she made him look at the throw up on the floor

I love Jon & Kris… what a perfect DETOUR for Jon… he plays Water Polo… but the teams easily scored goals, I thought the players were suppose to be really good… Anyway… they are my favorite team of all time now… lol, first Jon commented on how hot Kris looked and now she did the same for him… why not, they really are… What can you not like about them… I felt bad for Jon though, he was about to cry… lol… Another funny moment when he was telling the chef to put a little less spice next time… “Just tone it down a little crack next time.” … in the car “… “Between the bowl of tabasco sauce and the screeching violins… it was like a torturous project.”

That ROAD BLOCK ranks up there as one of the most memorable (swimming in a frozen lake in your underwear… the masks…) Heron & Aiden… oops I mean Aaron & Hayden… As soon as Victoria starts upchucking, there goes Aaron… and then that music, what the hell… that was just chaos at the restaurant… That was a great scene in the restaurant with the three teams… I was surprised at Rebecca… but then she threw up outside… Jonathan is screaming at Victoria in the restaurant (“You can’t do this drama queen”) and then in the car he’s all like “I’m sorry I made you do that” oh man… AMAZING stuff… Victoria looked horrible afterward…

I want to ride a Finnicular (Finniculi, finnicular?)… they look cool… I thought F & K were going to be eliminated… sad that Gus & Hera were eliminated… I really liked them…


NEXT WEEK: During a Roadblock, Teams go barefoot to complete a task popularized by Lucille Ball.
So they get to make wine with their feet and then get attacked by a crazy Italian woman who they get into a grapefight with…. lol WOW, my two favorite shows of all time together I LOVE LUCY and THE AMAZING RACE






Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 7 – “Phil is a choo-choo Charlie.”


Well it was pretty cool that most of the footage really was never-before-seen… on TV at least, I saw a few of them on THE AMAZING RACE INSIDER on… the main conclusion from this SPECIAL episode… KRIS & JON are the BEST team ever in the history of THE AMAZING RACE

Here are my comments in order of my RANKINGS AFTER SIX LEGS OF THE RACE

I love Don & Mary Jean… they are soo sweet… love them
  Mary Jean: “I’m really pissed. I’m really pissed”

  Mary Jean: “That’s why I married you, cuz you’re strong”

  Mary Jean: “Oh my God… seven inches is really big”

Look at that… more footage to prove just how AMAZING Kris & Jon are… they help Meredith & Maria becuase they don’t have the common sense to learn to drive a stick before going on the RACE… they joke around… they play with the Senegalese children… they appreciate everything they have… they can have a good time when things don’t look so good (the trabbi breaking down… Jon spilling gas all over himself)… I love this team…

Lena & Kristy are hilarious… first the thing at the glacier where Lena says that it is warmer to sleep naked in your sleeping bag… and then the bugs and spiders in their beds at the Viking village… lol…
  Kristy: “Okay… I guess we’re sleeping naked together”

Gus and Hera are great too… love Gus‘ drinking scenes… lol… he seemed even more drunk in the car…

Ehh… they’re okay… but Hayden needs to chill though… the pushing of the trabbis was hilarious… and so was Hayden‘s comments about the Berlin wall… lol

Bolo did not do a very nice thing with pretending to be “special”… he probably didn’t hear Jonathan on the ferry, but he seemed so pissed

Rebecca is actually pretty funny… but her and her girlfriend are still annoying with their whining and fighting… How about Rebecca  seducing the guy to buy her a sandwich? lol
  Adam: “I’m happy that you’re hot… and everybody wants to buy you something”

  Rebecca: “Dude, are you freakin’ high?”

  Adam: “You’re making me look like the biggest ______ in the country.”
  Rebecca: “You do a pretty good job of that yourself… yeah.”

nothing significant from these two… but come on.. LEARN HOW TO DRIVE A STICK SHIFT BEFORE YOU GO ON THE RACE….

Okay… first, Freddy & Kendra are pretty smart… they lost not one, but two clues during the race so far… and we get more proof of how annoying they are… how many times did they argue over money? and how many times can Kendra be a racist bitch…

wow, they didn’t show “the shove” … anyway… we got more of Jonathan’s pride speech… how funny was that…
  Victoria: “Can you wash your shirt? You really stink!”

  Jonathan: “…I made an idiot out of myself”

  Jonathan: “… you’re a fu**in invalid today”

  Victoria: “Little pegs… little pegs… little pegs… little pegs… little pegs…”
  Jonathan: “Stop saying that word!”
  Victoria: “…little pegs…”

And Jonathan‘s moment in SENEGAL:
  Jonathan: “The President of synagogue is here in town… The President of synagogue has blocked the road… the President of synagogue is here today.”

Good News Trabants!

I’ve been getting good news all day today… Thank you God! and Merry Christmas to you too 🙂

FROM CBS.COM… This is hilarious, somebody didnt go over their work… lol

TRABANTS are cool… especially when you do stuff like this… well really, you HAVE to do stuff like this to get it to work… lol, those tricky trabants:
Courtesy: CBS.COM

This trabant looks mean:

Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 6 – “They should probably have some counseling.”


About halfway through tonight’s episode, I thought to myself, “Well… this definitely isn’t the best episode of the season” … but it quickly picked up all the way to the TO BE CONTINUED

Well, at the first route marker Hayden almost got run over… reminds me of TAR3‘s Ken & Gerard when they almost got run over by a train AND a Vietnamese woman on a scooter… what made it funnier was Hayden saying “I’m sorry” after she almost got run over…

Jonathan definitely has to be high on something… he just doesn’t quit with the SUPERHERO stuff… he has a complex of some kind… (what’s a complex?) then they get kicked out of the taxi… and Jonathan probably slipped those police officers something to get them off the hook… he goes off on the ticket agent at the airport… geez… then he hit her with the trunk of a car… again… but wow Victoria just gave it back to him several times throughout the leg…

Freddy & Kendra are so freakin’ annoying… the more times Kendra kept emphasizing them being first and having an easy time to the pitstop, I knew something was up… I thought maybe that pointed to their elimination tonight… really, their first place-ness is pure luck… Adam & Rebecca are almost as annoying, but they were pretty much not there this episode…

Gus takes his shirt off again… lol… its just funny… loved his comments about Jonathan… “Little bastard” … “Pain in the ass” … perfect descriptions of him…

What’s not to love about Kris & Jon? They’re good looking, caring, loving, nice, strong, determined… what a perfect team… that Hungarian guy yelling at them was hilarious… I’d love to know what he said

Those cars were great… what were they? TRABBANTS? oh well… like Kris said “Herbies”… I would’ve loved to do the CATAPULT CRASH Detour just to smash some pumpkins… I knew Lori & Bolo would rock on the Detour… physically they should be strongest… which brings us to tonight’s surprise ending…

For the first time in the history of THE AMAZING RACE, an episode ended without an elimination or a non-elimination… basically it ended without a mat… it was 9:55 and not one person made it to the pit stop yet… I knew something was going on… aside from the stupid AMERICA ONLINE plug, that live wireless crap didn’t seem right…. what could Phil possibly want to tell them without them being at an actual pitstop? maybe there won’t be a pitstop and they continue racing?

The thunderstorm begins to roll in as Lori & Bolo sleep on the train tracks and the rest of the teams enter the internet cafe to receive their message…

There is so much speculation about what is going to happen the next two weeks…  Phil says “ON THE NEXT LEG OF THE AMAZING RACE” and not “NEXT EPISODE“in the preview… and according to the preview at, next week’s episode should be the recap episode with “deleted” scenes… RECAP EPISODE?!?!?! TAR has never had a recap episode… I just hope its not a Burnett-type recap which are basically useless…

We’ll find out next week what’s going on… everyone is definitely clueless about it all…





Mesodon Simbang Gabi Apology


Too bad we can only go to ONE SIMBANG GABI this year… though I did have fun driving around the HOLY ANGELS parking lot with no one around… lol


At Jonathan and Victoria’s website:, Jonathan AND Victoria both post messages concerning their time on the race:

Jonathan’s post:
All of us have our faults. Unfortunately for me millions of viewers are getting to see mine each week. I do not abuse Victoria,
what you see is a heighten version of stress and obsession mix with medication for a sickness called Sarcoidosis. What was started as a Publicity Stunt turn in to an obsession to race and be first at any cost. This is a GAME and I set out to be the Villain to others not to Victoria. Victoria and I are working on our relationship to better our self and learn from our mistakes. I am taking full responsibly for my actions on screen. Please allow me to make the effort.

I am deeply saddened by the storyline that CBS went with. I am sorry for my actions, I am sorry to Victoria. Most all I am sorry to the Fans of the Amazing Race.


And Victoria’s post:
Don’t worry, I am fine. Its a TV show and not a true reflection of our relationship. We both over reacted.



DAMN… THE PATRIOTS LOST?!?!? The last part of the game I saw was when the NE scored their 2nd TD… wow… very surprising… 28-29

Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 5 – “Quit following us!”


Wow, they arrived so close to each other… a minute after each other… damn Kris & Jon are looking hot today… I think they are best TAR model team ever… strong competitors, nice people… hot… lol perfect team… lol

that’s nice how they get to pay tribute to the slaves… damn, that has to be one of the best, most memorable, most emotional moments in the 6 seasons of the Race…. on a scripted show, a sequence like that would earn it an Emmy nomination if not an award… Wow, the teams are so nice… Jonathan gave them $20, he seriously has something wrong with him, how can he be so nice at times and other times be ready to kill Victoria… anyway, I’m glad the teams helped Don & Mary Jean out…

Freddy & Kendra are so freakin’ annoying, well Kendra especially… how bitchy whiny is she… I just wish they go to poorer countries just to make her “suffer”

Well that fight was useless, they made nice right after… Germany’s fun… I love the detours… What the hell was Aaron saying? “burs? burs?” Aaron & Hayden’s taxi driver was funny… Gus was hilarious drinking the beer… damn Kris & Jon blazed through that… ewe, all that editing for those gay references to Adam… he loves weiners… okay… whatever… but bravo to the clever TAR editors once again… lol

Jonathan is so freakin’ cocky, and on this leg, he was so freakin’ annoying about how rich he is… oh crap, he’s gonna kill her if they’re not first… uh oh… wtf Victoria is the one telling Jonathan to keep going… omg he is going to lose it… FUDGE… WOAH! Phil was ready to bitchslap Jonathan if he did something to Victoria… man, intense stuff there… this has been one of the most intense, if not the most intense episode of TAR I’ve ever seen…

anyway… the two worst teams are the top 2 for this leg… i knew they were gone this week… damn it… Don & Mary Jean are freakin’ awesome… I love them, they are officially one of my favorite teams ever, right up there with TAR1’s Dave & Margaretta,TAR3’s Teri & Ian and Jon Vito & Jill.

Anyway, Don & Mary Jean have run a good race… too bad they couldn’t get themselves out of last place… Kris & Jon, I will be very, very disappointed if they are eliminated for some stupid mistake… I was upset when Jon Vito & Jill were eliminated… but for TAR3, I liked the final 3 teams… I just hope the deserving teams make it to the end this time…

Aaron & Hayden have lost a lot of rootability for me, I don’t know why, but they are still miles ahead of Lori & Bolo, the weird couple, the ungrateful bitch and her bitch, and the a$$hole and his property… I think this cast is definitely coming into their own as a memorable one… Charla who?


Mary Jean: “I just looked in the mirror, I look 40 years older than when we left.”

Bolo: “Just be quiet, mouth”

Hayden: “Just becuase you’re 5’5″ and on steroids…”

Jonathan: “You gotta have an appreciation for the people who make Mercedes”

Hera: “That is the perfect example of why running too fast is bad”

Taxi driver: “You need a fast taxi, ya?”

Mary Jean: “We’ve got to be missing something, big time, major”

Don: “I’ve always wanted to make sausage”

Victoria: “Leave me alone.”

Jonathan: “I never promised to leave you alone. That’s why I married you.”

Bolo: “Why you gotta be a bitch?”

Hera: “We have to find our pictures… Hera? Black people?”

Rebecca: “Pay attention!”
Adam: “Oohh, I’m paying attention”

Hera: “I don’t think you’re allowed to drink it Daddy”

Adam: “Ewe. he’s eating it.”

Hera: “You’re looking like a freakin’ wash!”

Gus: “Its good beer”

Hera: “You’ve got a problem”
Gus: “I woud’ve liked to stay a little while longer, that was excellent beer”

Hera: “I would’ve liked it better if my Dad was listening to me.”

Rebecca: “Push, push, a little more”
Adam: “I WANT MORE than 7 inches… Can I get one of these for my home?”

Adam: “I’m surprised Jonathan isn’t here, he’s the biggest weiner of them all”

Don: “Go ahead, and push it in nice and slow”

Mary Jean: “I’m pushing as hard as I can”

Mary Jean: “We were going ‘7 inches, 7 inches’… My God, 7 inches is really big!”

Mary Jean:”I love when you drive like a madman”







Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 4 – “What if it isn’t sanitary?”


I love Don & Mary Jean… how sweet are they… just like TAR1’s Dave & Margaretta… it was so funny how they caught more fish as Don kept throwing up… I knew it was going to be non-elimination, at least I hoped for it… hmm… Phil said “several” non elimination legs… does that mean we could have 4 teams racing in the final leg? Kris & Jon are on fire… Another example of clever TAR editing when Jon was admiring how hot Kris looked doing the ROAD BLOCK… I think I could agree with him… lol…

Hayden & Aaron are falling behind personality wise, and I am liking Gus & Hera more now… but why all the scenes of Gus shirtless or almost naked (remember the premiere? bathing in the ice?)… now that’s scary… Freddy & Kendra are just annoying… Lori & Bolo are too, but less annoying this leg… and Lori dominated the Road Block, why wouldn’t she? As Hayden says in the preview, they’re on steroids… lol

Did Jonathan actually do something nice? He gave the Senegalese children some candy… and he toned down a bit with his anger… but still had some random moments… he wanted to become a superhero again with that Senegalese man… remember him wanting to be a superhero with Bolo? And Victoria thinks he can make a good father? okay… TAR editors are so good… that little commentary about wanting to have babies… so hilarious

Adam & Rebecca provided the quote of the week: Adam: “Do you want me to jump out the boat?” Rebecca: “That’d be awesome.” oh yeah and “I don’t have time to babysit my girlfriend anymore”…. Rebecca said that… lol

I think this episode was like TAR4‘s episode in India where the teams all reacted to the poverty and drunk taxi drivers and chaos at the airport… I was waiting for those scenes in TAR5 when they went to the Philippines… lol… and those taxi money troubles… reminds me of Colin when he almost got arrested and of TAR4, I don’t remember who it was but one of the girls just threw the money for the driver on the ground.

Great episode… lots of funny moments… “Its about the right time for a non-elim leg” I thought to myself at the beginning of the episode. And it was more obvious by the way Phil emphasized a team “MAY be eliminated.” “MAY” … “SEVERAL” … tricky TAR team trying to trick us fans… lol



Recap: The Amazing Race 6, Episode 3 – “Counting bears is not rocket science.”


Lena & Kristy are amazing… they could’ve won the whole thing, but they ran into serious bad luck today… seriously, how could she not have found one clue after maybe 100 bales when others found theirs after maybe 10… when they went back to the field after Don & Mary Jean checked in, I thought “yes… non-elimination” but then again, its too early for one and of course once Kristy said it then I knew for sure it was an elim leg.

Lori & Bolo should’ve been eliminated tonight… ugh… but I am happy that Don & Mary Jean made it through… I hated it when it was between them and Lena & Kristy at the end… They are very strong after what they went through this leg… great job… Kris & Jon are just blazing through… good for them, still one of my faves… I think they are the new John Vito & Jill (TAR3)… Gus & Hera are growing on me… they’re still no Jim & Marsha but they’re okay… Hayden & Aaron were okay too… but I thought they were going to go in for a tie but Aaron used his superspeed again…

Freddy & Kendra were there today? Didn’t notice… and Adam & Rebecca still annoying… but loved all the reactions to Jonathan & Victoria… Jonathan is officially 50x worse than Colin ever could be…

Was this basically a 25 minute commercial for Ikea? The DETOUR was hilarious… I loved it… and the ROAD BLOCK was brutal… I guess they’re limiting the YIELDS this time around… I wanted Don and MJ to Yield Lori & Bolo if they got ahead of them…

The IceBar looks pretty cool though… Loved Hera drinking some of that stuff while waiting in line… lol…

This is definitely the most hilarious episode of the season… and after the so-so premiere, this season is getting better and better… lol… Rebecca makes fun of Adam next week by criticizing him when Lori is beating him “you’re letting a girl beat you”… hmm…