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There’s no one in the office yet so Noel decides to snoop around for some new intel. He sees the file on Zamigo being Status Double Gold, but can’t look for more info as Jim Carter arrives.

Meanwhile, Kairi unsuccessfully tries to avoid Keiichiro who approaches him with some small talk. Kairi is not in the mood, however, and is able to brush him off. Just then, a big explosion nearby.

Noel heads to Jurer to ask Tooma and Umika about if they know anything about Zamigo. Tooma says they’ve never heard of him. Umika is surprised, but goes along with it.

Tsukasa and Sakuya meet up with Keiichiro where they run into a mother and son who said the ebi fry exploded. The Pats are surprised to see it is the work of Gangler Iselob who, last they saw, was frozen by Zamigo.

Iselob says he’s been thawed out. Tsukasa reasons that he must have been transported somewhere else, not killed. The Pats morph.

The Pats fire at Iselob, but Iselob uses his Collection Piece power to prevent them from moving as he makes them float into the air, allowing direct shrimp hits at them to enable him to safely escape.

Kairi sees Iselob’s human disguise and hopes the Pats don’t find him first.

Back at HQ, the Pats ask Noel if he’s ever heard of a Gangler with Zamigo’s freezing power, but he says no. The Pats decide they must be careful about that especially without knowing where the frozen person is transported to.

Jim Carter shows the Pats that there have been exploding shrimps raining down all over the city since yesterday. The Pats head out to look for Iselob.

Umika is by herself, thinking about them realizing Zamigo is the key to getting their loved ones back without Kogure’s help. She decides Tooma was right not to tell Noel since he’s part of the Lupin family.

While looking for suspicious ebi fries, Sakuya spots Umika and heads over to her. He notices she is down and asks if there’s anything wrong. She decides to tell him about a dilemma she says.

Umika says she and her friend have a problem and their new friend might know how to fix it, so he wants to ask him. But her old friend doesn’t want to. Sakuya asks if her friendship or fixing the problem is more important to her. If fixing the problem is more important, Sakuya says, then Umika should talk to the new friend even if it means fighting with the old one.

Umika thanks Sakuya and runs off.

Tooma texts Kairi to ask where he is. Kairi says he’s tailing a possible Gangler. Tooma is suspicious of Kairi doing it by himself.

Umika arrives back at Jurer and tells Tooma that they should tell Noel about Zamigo. She knows he’s a Lupin person, but they haven’t gotten any new information for a long time. She reasons that they must get their loved ones back as soon as possible.

Umika decides to call Noel over and they tell him everything. Tooma apologizes for lying earlier, but Noel says he understands.

Umika says since Zamigo doesn’t have a Collection Piece, they can just destroy him and their loved ones will be saved. Noel says that makes sense. He tells them about the information the Pats have gathered on Zamigo. Umika says they should tell Kairi.

Tooma sees Kairi has sent them the location he is fighting Iselob at right now.

Iselob uses his Collection Piece power to freeze and float Kairi, but Kairi uses his kaitou tricks to break free of it. He then is able to unlock Iselob’s safe and take the Piece.

Suddenly, Zamigo appears.

Zamigo is pleased Iselob has been able to catch him a Lup after thawing him out on a whim. Zamigao morphs to his Gangler form and says he wants to play with Kairi.

They battle. Jim Carter alerts the Pats to the situation.

The other Pats arrive and Zamigo is excited for more fun.

Kairi decides to use Victory Striker to go Super. Zamigo thinks that looks cool. He shoots at him, but Kairi realizes he can predict Zamigo’s moves.

The Pats arrive as Kairi continues being one step ahead of Zamigo.

Zamigo laughs and says Kairi is awesome. Kairi calls his friends Blue and Yellow over and they turn his dials to power up a big attack. But Zamigo is able to freeze Iselob and yank him over to block the attack from hitting himself.

Zamigo acknowledges Kairi may have won this battle, but he’ll be ready next time they meet.

Keiichiro notices Lupin Red appears very upset.

Goche arrives to embiggen Iselob. The Lups hop into Victory LupinKaiser. Iselob shoots hot oil on the ground to fry up the Lups and the whole city into ebi fries. The Lups put the fire out. Iselob tries flying away. But Good Striker puts Victory LupinKaiser into Flying Mode. They deliver a Good Striker Knock-Down Kick to finish off Iselob for good.

Back at the GSPO, Keiichiro thinks about why Lupin Red was fighting with a different rage against Zamigo than any other Gangler.

At Jurer, Noel promises not to tell Kogure about Zamigo. He assures them that he is their ally and will also let them know of any info he steals from the Pats.

Umika is sure everything will go back to normal when they defeat Zamigo. She’s excited for that moment. Kairi is sure as long as they have Victory Striker, they’ll be fine.

Kairi then realizes Noel didn’t know who Zamigo was. So who took the person he wants to save?

Down in the underworld, Destra is drunk. Goche knows he’s upset because the Lups took his Piece. Destra is ashamed to face Dogranio. Goche offers to help him get revenge if he would like.

Destra does not immediately accept, but he pauses to think after.

Episode Thoughts

Interesting episode. Still a little too slow moving with respect to the big picture, but at least it’s a step forward. It’s funny how Umika talks about them not getting any new information for a long time. Indeed, the story has stalled for quite a while.

The biggest development is just making Noel more suspicious. And now having the Lups seemingly more weary of him as well.

I definitely like them all keeping secrets from each other. Like that first scene with Tooma, Umika and Noel before they ended up telling him anyway (thanks to Sakuya’s advice!).

Interesting to see that little hesitation from Tooma regarding Kairi. I hope that leads to something as well. Kairi going rogue or something and Tooma and Umika not agreeing with him.

I feel a little more hopeful about what Noel’s big secret could be. It seems like even the endgame might have something to do with Noel. I think I mentioned before that in the spirit of being undercover and playing all sides, that Noel might even be in cahoots with the Ganglers. Or that he might be a Gangler himself.

He did seem sincerely out of the loop about Zamigo, which is kind of surprising considering everything that’s happened. That would lead me to believe they are definitely involved somehow probably. Maybe Destra as well.

It’s also finally great to see Zamigo in an extended fashion this episode. I really can’t help but really like him despite knowing almost nothing about him, obviously because of the lack of screentime he actually gets.

Special mention of that sincere moment between Sakuya and Umika too:

Overall, a welcome step forward for the story.

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The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition 17 – Leg 7 – Sweden http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/16/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-7-sweden/ http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/16/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-7-sweden/#respond Sat, 17 Nov 2018 01:00:37 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15872
IntroductionLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Leg 5Leg 6Leg 7

Leg 17.07 – “Why didn’t you start the fire?!”


The Race heads northeast as teams learn they must fly to Stockholm, Sweden!

All teams will be on the same SAS flight arriving in Stockholm at 12:25pm. Teams can ONLY travel on public transportation this entire Leg unless otherwise noted.


Upon arrival in Stockholm, teams must make their way to Kornhamnstorg.


Here, teams must check in at the BLIND! Double U-Turn Vote Board before opening the next clue.


That clue directs teams to Glasbruk in Skansen Park where they will find the Road Block: Who can blow something beautiful?


For this Road Block</B., teams must choose recycled glass shards and use a glass-blowing technique to make a traditional glass ornament. When approved, teams will receive the next clue.


This is also the Trigger Point for this Leg of the Race. If any team breaks three or more balls before successfully completing the Road Block, the U-Turn or Yield will be activated on the next Leg.


Teams must now make their way to Drottningholm Palace.


Here, they will find the Blind Double U-Turn Reveal Board before find the next clue which reveals the Detour: Friendly Fika or Bonfire Build.


For Swedes, fika is a part of everyday life. Not just a coffee break in the middle of the day, but an opportunity to relax, appreciate the day and enjoy it alone or with friends. In Friendly Fika, teams will be taking orders from two tables of waiting customers who will give their coffee and sweets orders in Swedish. Teams must correctly serve the tables to receive their next clue.


Walpurgis Night is celebrated on the eve of the feast day of Saint Walpurga and in Sweden, it also marks the arrival of spring in large community gatherings. In Bonfire Build, teams must search the grounds of Drottingholm Palace for enough wood to build a Walpurgis bonfire. Once their bonfire is safely lit, they will receive their next clue.


Teams must now make their way to Kungstradgarden and search the park for their next clue.


A Dalecarlian or Dala horse is a traditional carved and painted wooden horse originating in the Swedish province of Dalarna and a national symbol. For this task, teams must paint a life-sized Dalecarlian horse according to an example. Once teams have correctly painted the horse, they will receive the next clue.


Teams must now roll their Dala horse through the streets of Stockholm and find the Pit Stop in the vicinity of the National Library of Sweden in the Humlegarden.

The Pit Stop will be located at Linnemonumentet, a statue of Carle Linneaeus, the man who established binomial nomenclature or the formal system of naming species.

The first team to check in here will win P200,000 courtesy of Shell V-Power Nitro+.

The last team to check in here WILL be eliminated.

“Director’s” Commentary

So it’s really interesting that TARUS has never had a full Leg in Stockholm! There’s certainly plenty to feature and highlight in Sweden’s capital city as TAR China 4 did.

One extra challenge for the teams this Leg is to use public transportation. It’s already a full Leg without it, but it’s nice to mix things up sometimes.

First up, we have the U-Turn Vote Board at a nice location. Having this only be a Route Marker should help already getting teams separated at the start of the Leg because of the public transport.

Next up is a task recycled from TAR China 4. And glass blowing has certainly been done before on TARPHDME and other TARs as well. But it’s a good task to have here at the start of the Leg, especially as a Road Block. Also an easy spot for the Trigger Point.

Then we have a wonderful location at Drottningholm Palace. We have the U-Turn Reveal Board right before the Detour. I think both tasks are pretty great. Each with their own challenges and relevant to Sweden. I have them both here at the Palace, but another option is to have them in different locations in the city. Like the fika Detour in an actual cafe. And then the Walpurgis bonfire in a more open and central area maybe? I wouldn’t know without an actual scouting trip in Stockholm of course! Lol

Next, I definitely wanted to have a Dala horse task. And I decided to have the life sized horses so we could have the extra task of teams rolling it around the city. That’s always a great task to have.

And finally, one last challenge for teams as they search the area for the Pit Stop. Hopefully this will allow for some exciting finishes! Another task could also involve binomial nomenclature as well.

Overall, a very full and exciting Leg! Lots of opportunities for great competition here.

http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/16/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-7-sweden/feed/ 0 15872
Recap: Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 10 – Taka & Tora & Batta 2010 http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/16/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-10-taka-tora-batta-2010/ http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/16/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-10-taka-tora-batta-2010/#comments Fri, 16 Nov 2018 10:33:56 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15875 Zi-O 8

Hina and Diet member Eiji introduce themselves to each other before Hina uses her superhuman strength to bust the chained door open. Eiji wants to stop King Kuroto.

Sougo sees Hina leading Eiji out of the holding room, but doesn’t stop them. Woz pops up and says Eiji also has qualifications to be king. Sougo says he feels that as well.

Zi-O 8

Eiji meets Kuroto who is accompanied by two Yummies and says he must stop him before he continues to make the people suffer. Sougo runs in and asks Kuroto what kind of country he wants to build when he becomes king.

Sougo says everyone wants to stop Kuroto from being king without knowing if he’ll be a good king or not.

Zi-O 8

Kuroto says he will turn into Grand Supreme King Kuroto and will make all commoners bow at his feet. Eiji says that cannot happen. The Yummies attack Eiji and toss him to the floor. Sougo ties him up and tells Kuroto he’ll take care of him and Hina.

Sougo asks Eiji if he wants to become king. Eiji says all he needs is some money and a fresh pair of underwear for tomorrow.

Zi-O 8

Over at the shop, Tsukuyomi heals Geiz’s wounds with her tablet. Uncle Junichiro hurries in with the first aid kit, but is surprised to see Geiz is healed.

Geiz regrets giving Sougo the benefit of the doubt. But now he’s sure Sougo will really become the evil demon king. He storms out. Tsukuyomi starts to wonder if that may indeed be true.

Uncle Junichiro returns from the kitchen with some water. He sees Tsukuyomi looking at the poster of Oda Nobunaga and he says he likes him. She asks why he would like a demon king. But Uncle Junichiro says if he truly was a demon king, no one would have joined him in his quest to unify Japan. He adds that you can’t judge a person’s true character from just one point of view.

Tsukuyomi remembers Sougo saying he trusts both her and Geiz’ judgments. She decides to go out and see for herself.

Zi-O 8

Geiz calls Sougo out. Sougo apologizes for being too rough with him earlier, but Geiz doesn’t care because he’s set on finishing Sougo right here, right now. Geiz henshins.

But Yummies appear and engage him. Sougo also henshins and asks Geiz why he thinks he will become an evil demon king. Geiz asks why Sougo would join #TeamKuroto. Sougo answers that he wants to learn so he can become a nice demon king.

Sougo protects the factory workers when the Yummies turn their attention to them. He and Geiz finish the Yummies off.

Back in the castle, Sougo unties Eiji and Hina, apologizing for earlier. Sougo explains he was just interning for King Kuroto so he can learn how to be a nice demon king. They don’t understand.

Sougo says it’s not so much he wants to become a king, but that he’s was born and destined to be one. Eiji is amused. He says if Sougo wants to be king, he must remember there are things he can’t do alone. There are lives he can’t save alone. That’s why Eiji will reach his hand out to many people across the country.

Zi-O 8

Kuroto interrupts. Sougo says he sees now the wrong way to be a demon king. Kuroto says he’s not a demon king. He transforms to Another OOO and knocks Sougo and Eiji around the room.

Zi-O 8

Hina picks up Eiji and whirls him around to whack Another OOO out the building.

Eiji helps Sougo up and hands him two Ride Watches. He believes Sougo will become a great king.

Sougo runs out and henshins. He says the job of a good demon king is to defeat the bad demon kings. They battle. But Ora flies in with her Time Mazine to help Another OOO.

Zi-O 8

Geiz arrives and henshins to Genm Armor. He helps Sougo by telling him he needs to go to 2010, though he still believes Sougo will become the demon king. Tsukuyomi flies in and scoops Sougo up.

Sougo pilots the Time Mazine against Ora. Sougo uses the OOO Ride Watch and the Time Mazine gets a new face. That allows him to get the upper hand against Ora’s Time Mazine. He then uses the Tajador Ride Watch to fly up and take on Ora in the air.

Sougo delivers a Giga Scan Time Break at Ora’s Time Mazine before he and Tsukuyomi zoom off to 2010.

“Farewell, Zi-O,” Geiz says.

Zi-O 8

Along the way, Tsukuyomi explains that Dan Kuroto killed his father after becoming Another OOO. Papa Dan put a lot of pressure on Kuroto to reach the top, but Kuroto ended up being the same greedy person his father was.

Zi-O 8

In 2010, Kuroto is frustrated by his lack of success at his project. That’s when Uhr appears to shove the Another OOO Watch into Kuroto.

Zi-O 8

At this moment, Eiji is finishing off Neko Yummy and then he immediately dehenshins, unsure of what’s happening.

Sougo arrives in Kuroto’s office and henshins. They battle.

Zi-O 8

Sougo uses the OOO Ride Watch to uphenshin to OOO Armor. Woz pops in to wish everyone a Happy Birthday and to proclaim Sougo’s inheriting another new Rider power.

Sougo and Kuroto battle some more. Kuroto says he is the only legit king. But Sougo says the choice is up to Geiz, Tsukuyomi and all the people living in this era.

Sougo delivers a Scanning Time Break to finish off Another OOO and release Kuroto. Kuroto proclaims he is god, but Woz congratulates him on being fertilizer for Sougo’s becoming king.

Zi-O 8

Eiji and Hina say their goodbyes to each other. Eiji says he has a lot of hands to reach out to.

Sougo and Tsukuyomi get back to the shop. Uncle Junichiro asks where the chicken for dinner is, but both of them forgot. He decides to go out himself. But Uncle Junichiro first asks why Geiz took all his things and left.

Zi-O 8

Geiz is walking downtown saying to himself that Oma Zi-O is not his friend and he came to this era to defeat him. Ora smiles while watching him.

Meanwhile, a familiar face picks up an orange as he stands outside a much larger new Drupers location.

Zi-O 8

Recap: Episode 10.5 – Mouri vs. Shimoyama

Sougo doesn’t think it’s in his character to become the evil demon king. Tsukuyomi also notices that even when her character says she will judge whether Sougo is truly Oma Zi-O, she still automatically trusts him. She wonders if she’s a dere.

Zi-O 8

Tsukuyomi thinks it is very out of character. Geiz asks for a script and sees that the writer for this episode is Mouri Nobuhiro. The first eight episodes are written by Shimoyama, so maybe Mouri is responsible for changing the characterizations.

Geiz points out Mouri wrote OOO episodes, so he would be a good person to do this OOO arc. But Tsukuyomi points out this was more of a Dan Kuroto arc anyway, so that’s a waste.

Geiz says if Shimoyama can be swapped out, then Nobuhiro can too. They run off to do just that.

But Sougo says that is very out of character for them. He points out the directors as well.

Tsukuyomi sees they have had seven different directors over 12 episodes plus the upcoming movie.

Geiz says he’s never heard of a show that’s had that many different directors in a quarter before. But it’s because they’re bringing in legendary directors for the tributes.

Sougo says that if they keep bringing in new directors, the different characterizations will turn into a mess. That’s why it is their responsibility as actors to take care of their own characters even with through different writers and directors.

Sougo screams that it is their duty!

Zi-O 8

Geiz and Tsukuyomi point out that Sougo screaming this is out of character.

Zi-O 8

Episode Thoughts

Hmm… it was an okay episode. I do kinda wish it was more of an OOO tribute rather than another Kuroto focus when he got an entire three-part epilogue movie series basically for himself already.

We didn’t really add anything to Kuroto’s story that hasn’t already been done. Again, it makes sense he’d be a good host for Another OOO. But he really did take over the arc.

That definitely made Eiji and Hina’s scenes that much more of a premium. They were certainly a welcome sight after such a long time. (Super Hero Taisens excluded.) Hina’s super strength and Eiji’s underwear were obvious and expected callbacks to OOO and their characters.

But how about Kiyo-chan randomly hanging out in Kuroto’s office. As creepy and awesome as ever! Lol

With our main trio though, we get it spelled out as Geiz regrets giving Sougo the benefit of the doubt. He felt like he could trust Sougo and maybe get close to him, but had his hopes dashed by that one choice by Sougo. Though of course, Geiz had already had a bias against Sougo from the beginning. With what little trust he had developed for Sougo, obviously one wrong move from Sougo would force Geiz back to his original conviction.

Interesting to see what will happen with his leaving the shop and Ora’s sneaky smile while watching him.

I wish Woz gave a more emphatic “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” though. lol

Episode 10.5 is back to the funny (and many times true! lol) meta discussion on the season. These *wink*wink* little skits certainly don’t excuse the show of lazy writing or any other missteps they might make through the course of the season. But they’re still fun.

I always enjoy when the actors on toku shows are the complete opposites of their characters. Gaku Oshida is definitely the opposite of Geiz, being actually more fun and more of a joker in real life, based on his social media posts with the cast and even in these X.5 episodes. Shieri Ohata as Tsukuyomi is the same as well.

Overall, this OOO/Dan Kuroto arc was just okay. I think not enough Eiji and Hina, a little too much Kuroto. And for Sougo, Tsukuyomi and Geiz, we’re basically back to where we were at the end of Episode 8.

http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/16/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-10-taka-tora-batta-2010/feed/ 2 15875
Recap and Season Review: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (20) 40 – “We are still a team!” http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/10/recap-and-season-review-power-rangers-super-ninja-steel-episode-20-40-we-are-still-a-team/ http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/10/recap-and-season-review-power-rangers-super-ninja-steel-episode-20-40-we-are-still-a-team/#comments Sun, 11 Nov 2018 01:33:45 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15868 Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (20) 40 – Reaching the Nexus

Mick leads Madame Odius to the command shop. Hayley is worried about being unable to contact Calvin, but she and Sarah go after Badonna. Brody, Preston and Levi go after Mick and Odius.

Redbot tries to escape with the Ninja Steel, but Odius blows out the door. The debris hits Redbot and he falls to the floor, causing him to malfunction. Mick grabs the Ninja Steel.

Downtown, Hayley and Sarah watch as groups of mind controlled people are teleported to the Warrior Dome. They are shocked when they see Calvin is one of those people. Hayley decides to blend in with the mind controlled people to get them to the Warrior Dome as well. Sarah thinks she’s crazy, but has no choice than to join her. They sneak away from the group to find Calvin.

Back at the command shop, Odius has Mick forge a new Shuriken. The boys try to stay quiet, but Odius hears them and shoots at them, allowing her and her minions to leave with the new Star and the Prism.

Brody, Preston and Levi find Redbot who has been able to reboot himself.

Hayley and Sarah call in to tell them what’s happened. Redbot tells them about the satellite dishes so they can find a way to stop them. They sneak off while everyone else is amused by Victor and Monty juggling their exploding balls.

Hayley and Sarah find the satellite room, but Basherbots find them. Sarah takes on the Basherbots by herself to allow Hayley inside the satellite room. But the Basherbots sound the alarm.

Victor and Monty drop the balls into their pants and try to escape now that their Basherbot guards have left.

Brody, Preston and Levi find Madame Odius who has just turned the Nexus Prism evil, just as she’s planned for 1000 years to enable her to build an army to control the galaxy.

Mick hurls the new Star into the Prism with Madame Odius hoping the Ninja Nexus SuperStar will get spit back out.

Brody remembers Papa Romero had a Nexus Star which is what Galvanax wanted and which turned into their Ninja Stars.

Just then, Papa Romero pops in, also mind controlled, ready to kill them. They battle. Preston asks Hayley for an update.

Hayley finds the control panel for the satellites, but mind controlled Calvin appears and hurls her out of the ship. Hayley is able to grab hold of the ship. Calvin tries to slash at her hands, but Hayley pulls out her Blaster. She points it at him, but shoots at the satellite behind him instead.

The controlling signal is turned off and all the mind-controlled people are back to normal. Calvin hurries to grab Hayley and pull her back up into the ship.

Papa Romero is back to normal right before he kills his youngest son.

Mick is also back to normal and runs over to the others.

The Prism spits out the SuperStar. Brody, Preston and Levi shoot at Madame Odius, but the SuperStar protects her.

Hayley and Calvin share a heartfelt reunion as they apologize to each other. They hurry out just as a bunch of uncontrolled people arrive to save Sarah from a dozen Basherbots.

Calvin, Hayley and Sarah get Victor and Monty to find a way to teleport all the humans back to Earth. They relish in becoming heroes for the day.

Calvin, Hayley and Sarah reunite with their teammates as Madame Odius fuses with the SuperStar. The merging causes a huge power to reverberate across the city, hurling the Rangers into Ninninger footage the ruins of a building.

The Rangers morph, but Madame Odius’ power is too strong. The Rangers hurry away to form a plan.

Victor and Monty have teleported all the humans back. Cosmo Royale and Badonna find them, but Victor and Monty toss their exploding balls at them. They teleport away before the balls explode, blowing a hole through the ship and sending it hurtling into space.

The Rangers decide to combine their Super Steel Power Stars. Preston does a spell and the Stars combine to give them all Nexus energy as a team, able to share power of six Stars.

The Rangers battle Madame Odius and they are now more powerful. They deliver an Ultimate Nexus Blast as her and she counters with a Dark Nexus Strike.

“I’ll never surrender!”

The Rangers deliver a Nexus Ninja Strike Steel Slash Final Attack at Madame Odius. She explodes.

“It’s finally over! Odius is gone for good. And the Earth is safe!”

Back at school, the mayor honors Victor and Monty with the Summer Cove Trophy for Extraordinary Heroism.

Later, the Rangers return their Nexus powers back to the Prism. Brody says the Prism is done helping them and it’s time for it to go help someone else.

They thank the Prism and it spins away.

The Rangers thank Mick and Redbot and say their goodbyes. Levi says he’ll write a song about them. They have a group hug.

But Mick says he’s not leaving since he loves teaching shop and he’s been able to establish a satellite link with his parents so he can call every night.

They head back to school to clean up, study for exams and continue training.

“We are still a team!”

Episode Thoughts

I barely remember Samurai, Megaforce or Dino Charge’s finales, to be honest. Yes, even the big Legend War finale. Though I do remember how rude the Samurai Rangers were to Mia. (#NeverForget) But I have to say these last two episodes might be the best Saban Brands Era finale out of all of them.

Now, I’ll get to my criticism of the season as a whole below. But for these two last episodes on their own, as season finales, I thought they were pretty great.

Like I mentioned last week, Madame Odius’ plan to build an army to take over the galaxy is good. And I’ve criticized the lack of big picture hints from her throughout these two years, but her wanting to create a SuperStar gives a reason for wanting to collect the Rangers’ Power Stars.

So her two-pronged plan, again, is one of the most cohesive and logical villain master plans I’ve seen. And I think that’s what helped make the situation that much more dire and exciting to watch.

The Rangers in this episode were all great as well, each contributing to the narrative. I will admit, I wasn’t a fan of seemingly shoehorning Calvin and Hayley’s relationship troubles into the penultimate episode. But it actually set up that truly awesome scene between them in the satellite room. That’s the kind of emotional and exciting moment you want to see more of. And it was a great climax to their relationship.

Sarah fighting off the Basherbots on her own was truly “epic,” as Brody would say. And the guys got that little battle with Papa Romero (who randomly pops up again, more on that later).

And Victor and Monty were much more relevant this episode than they have been. Plus, their involvement this time did not involve fart jokes like they did last year on the midseason finale. Thankfully!

So, they used this from the Ninninger finale:

I think they did find a creative way to use it and it made sense as a counter to Madame Odius getting her own Nexus Star of course.

I do think the Ninninger finale as a whole was better only because it was much more emotional. Despite everyone else absolutely hating it (and basically hating Ninninger as a whole), I loved the climax of Kyuuemon’s story. And the fact that it tied in with the Igasaki Family’s story and dynamic really made that finale work. It was “pitch perfect,” I think I remember calling it.

Here on Ninja Steel, I think they were able to do a pitch perfect finale as well. I didn’t moan or groan at any point during these last two episodes. And I don’t think I can say that for the recent seasons.

If you follow my toku recaps, I always harp on and on about how I hate when finales and endgames get pulled out of thin air. Like, there’s no build up to them or there’s no reasonable connection to the grander scheme of the season. No foundation. I’ve expressed how Ninja Steel has been just that way. Yet, I found myself truly enjoying these last two episodes and feeling like these finale episodes on the own really felt like a conclusion to a story.

Season Wrap-up/Hindsight Review

(And to note, I recognize Ninja Steel as one 40-episode season as I do with all these Super-ized Saban Brands Era seasons.)

But! Like I also mentioned, this second half of Ninja Steel has been mostly filler episodes. And many of them didn’t even have at least great character moments that would justify them. This is one of my biggest problems with the season.

I can reach to find how Madame Odius’ master plan has been there all year, but it’s still not the most fluid and exciting way to develop and build the story. There was no sense of rising tension through the year. And I can even stretch that back to last year as well.

I do applaud the way they were able to use Galvanax and Madame Odius with respect to Ninninger. It provided a clear midpoint for the season.

But Galvanax and Madame Odius were rarely ever on screen. I think we saw more of Cosmo Royale than either of them, to be honest. (And I still can’t get over how they messed up Baron Nero’s face. I do look forward to seeing how they handle the eventual Hasbro ToQger adaptation though lol)

So the lack of Big Bad action also contributes to the lack of tension and danger for the Rangers. We get lots of MOTWs, but no grave threat to the world.

My other biggest problem with Ninja Steel is the lack of actual ninja-ing. I think Samurai might have actually done a better job at the samurai action than Ninja Steel did with anything ninja-related. And that’s a shame. Especially when they had those beautiful ninja training outfits at their disposal.

I think having more ninja-related training and action would’ve contributed a lot to the season as well. You can’t really go wrong with ninja action. And when the filler episodes and most of the season felt flat, some of that action could’ve helped.

We got a solid cast and group of characters this season. For what little in terms of character moments we got, the actors did a good job with what they were given. And at the end of the day, each of the characters were at least distinct from each other enough to not be completely forgettable.

Though I do think Redbot was completely wasted all season long. They really could’ve done a little more with him. Though they could’ve also done a lot more with the Rangers as well.

Actually, I just remembered Papa Romero was also complete irrelevant most of the season too.

Victor and Monty were unnecessary most of the time, but they save themselves from being Bulk and Spike by actually interacting and being involved with the Rangers throughout the season and obviously, the big finales as well.

Overall, I like Ninja Steel. During this Saban Brands Era, being inoffensive is actually a big accomplishment. But on its own merits, it was an okay season. When it was great, it was really great. When it wasn’t great, it was alright, but not horrible. I mentioned last year that Ninja Steel seemed to be on track to be one of the middling seasons and would’ve fit in perfectly with Disney Era seasons, though probably towards the bottom of that Era as well. There were plenty of missed opportunities, but all in all, a mostly fun and enjoyable season.

And with that, we come to the end of the Saban Brands Era. During this era, I think we got about three good years of Power Rangers. One meh year and the very rough four years at the start.

Now we’re on to the Hasbro Era. (Though not before the Ninja Steel Christmas episode of course. Hehe)

http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/10/recap-and-season-review-power-rangers-super-ninja-steel-episode-20-40-we-are-still-a-team/feed/ 4 15868
The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition 17 – Leg 6 – Ireland http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/09/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-6-ireland/ http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/09/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-6-ireland/#respond Sat, 10 Nov 2018 01:00:42 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15850
IntroductionLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Leg 5Leg 6Leg 7

Leg 17.06 – “You can’t finish a Leg before finishing it!”


After teams are magically transported back to Libreville, teams will open the next clue telling them to fly to Dublin, Ireland!

All teams will be on the same Air France flight via Paris CDG, arriving in Dublin at 10:40am.


Teams must search the carpark for a brand new 2019 Kia Stonic. The clue inside the brand new 2019 Kia Stonic tells teams to drive to Dublin Castle and search for their next clue.


But! Here they will find a Forced Double U-Turn Vote Board!


After teams vote for the two teams they want to see U-Turned, teams must now make their way to Guinness Storehouse for their next clue.


Guinness is one of the most well-known and successful beer brands worldwide. For this task, teams must figure out how to transport four barrels of Guinness to a waiting boat on the Grand Canal which was used to first export Guinness to the West of Ireland in the 1800s.


After transporting the barrels, teams must drive themselves to Howth Castle.


Teams will find the Double U-Turn Reveal Board and their next clue which reveals the Detour: February 1st or October 31st.


In February 1st, teams will celebrate the feast day of one of Ireland’s patron saints, St. Brigid, by making Brigid’s Cross, a small cross woven from rushes. Both team members will first learn how to make a small version of the cross and then successfully each make one before both can work together to make a large version of the cross.


In October 31st, teams will celebrate Halloween with two Irish Halloween traditions. First, teams will snap and bob for apples. One team member will be blindfolded and try to find an apple suspended from a string while their hands are tied behind their back. Once they get a bite of the apple, their teammate will bob for an apple in a basin of water. When both team members are able to bite into their apples, they can work together to carve out a turnip to make a Jack-O-Lantern which is said to have originated here in in Ireland.


After the Detour, teams must now drive themselves to Croke Park.


Here, teams will play one of Ireland’s native Gaelic Games, hurling. Teams will learn how to pick up a ball, known as the sliotar, using a wooden hurley. Each team member must be able to pick up the sliotar and then score three points. Teams can score a point if the ball goes over the crossbar or three points if they score by hitting the ball below the crossbar. When teams get their total of six points, they will get the next clue.


This is also the Trigger Point for this Leg of the Race. If at least two teams score all their points by hitting the ball below the crossbar, a “goal”, then the U-Turn or Yield will be activated on the next Leg.


Teams must now make their way to this pub.


Here, teams will learn and perform an Irish dance routine in full costume. Teams will then be given two small replicas of the embroidered pattern on their costumes to keep until further notice.


Teams must now drive to the Library at Trinity College Dublin. And here, teams will find the Road Block: Who thinks they’re book smart?


The library at Trinity College is the permanent home of the Book of Kells. The Book of Kells is an illuminated manuscript Gospel book in Latin. For this Road Block, teams must use the embroidered pattern they received at the Irish dancing task to search the library for a matching pattern printed on a piece of parchment located somewhere in the books of the library. When they’ve found the parchment, teams can exchange it for their next clue.


That clue tells teams the Pit Stop of the Leg is in Parliament Square, right outside the library of Trinity College!

The first team to check in here will win P200,000 courtesy of Shell V-Power Nitro+.

The last team to check in here WILL be eliminated.

“Director’s” Commentary

Finally TARPHDME goes to Ireland!

I think this could be a very good Leg. First, it’s always great to have a self driving Leg. It is essentially an extra task on its own.

Having a task involving Guinness would be awesome for a visit to Dublin. (Great sponsorship opportunity too!) And it’s a good physical buffer task between the U-Turn vote board and the reveal board.

For the Detour, it was very interesting to read about these two holiday traditions. Especially the factoid that Jack-O-Lanterns were basically invented in Ireland! How interesting. So both Detours should be challenging enough and tedious enough to get teams very competitive early on.

Up next, it’s a sports task of course. And it should be interesting to see how teams can perform at hurling. It’s certainly a different type of sport they might not be used to. Another alternate task is to have teams do a skills type of challenge as well instead of scoring points.

Of course we gotta have teams learn some Irish dancing. And after a reasonably full first half of the Leg already, having to learn the possibly physical dance while already tired should be great fun to watch.

Finally, we have the Road Block. I definitely want to use the library at Trinity College as a location. And it should look great in the evening or after dark. Especially the Pit Stop after dark as well.

Now for the final sequence of events on this Leg, our hope is teams will see the Mat before going to the library and think they can check in at the Pit Stop already. Only to be told that they haven’t finished the Leg yet. Also, we can hope that teams leave their stuff in their cars so once teams have finished the Road Block, one might have to go back to the car while the other can go directly to the Mat resulting in an exciting foot race for elimination!

I think for other possible tasks, one involving St. Patrick would be nice too.

Overall, a very nice and very full Leg!

http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/09/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-6-ireland/feed/ 0 15850
Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (19) 39 – “On the way to doom and destruction.” http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/04/recap-power-rangers-super-ninja-steel-episode-19-39-on-the-way-to-doom-and-destruction/ http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/04/recap-power-rangers-super-ninja-steel-episode-19-39-on-the-way-to-doom-and-destruction/#comments Sun, 04 Nov 2018 08:59:03 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15847 Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (19) 39 – Doom Signal

It’s only a few hours until the satellite dish is fully charged and Madame Odius can enslave the world.

Papa Romero drops his boys off at school where auditions are being held for a TV show that promises fame and fortune for whoever gets cast. Hayley is auditioning.

Everyone is with Hayley except Calvin who is late because of car trouble. And he’s forgotten the props for Hayley’s audition. Hayley was already upset that Calvin hadn’t been there to help her practice earlier.

Hayley is nervous, but she steps on stage to perform a scene from Romeo & Juliet. The producer thanks her and calls on the next auditioners, Victor and Monty. They act out a doctor-patient skit that goes hilariously wrong. But that’s just what the producer is looking for. He immediately chooses them and tells everyone else to go home.

Hayley can’t believe she lost to Victor and Monty and asks Calvin to assure her that she was great. She asks for his honest opinion, which he gives, but it wasn’t what she wanted to hear. The others try to diffuse the tension by going out to eat.

Preston says his cousin Zack from Angel Grove is having a birthday party.

As they are walking, they see Victor and Monty with the producer who turns out to be Gorrox. Two Basherbots take Victor and Monty up to the ship.

The Rangers hurry over and morph. They battle. Brody goes LionFire and delivers a Flame Strike that does not destroy Gorrox at all. Brax joins Gorrox and Cosmo Royale Gigantifies both of them immediately.

Brody, Sarah and Levi hop into Ninja Steel Megazord to take on Gorrox and Preston, Calvin and Hayley into the Ninja Blaze Megazord to take on Brax. But that’s not enough. They hop into the Ultrazord.

They finish off Gorrox first. But Brax is still powerful on his own. So the Rangers combine into Ninja Blaze Ultrazord. They are now able to defeat Brax and they return back down to the ground to try and figure out how to save Victor and Monty.

They start to head back to the command shop. Calvin tells Hayley that she doesn’t have to be mad at him anymore because he actually saved her from getting captured. But Hayley points out that he was late, didn’t help her rehearse and made her feel bad about her performance. Calvin counters that he didn’t intentionally have car trouble and she asked for his honest opinion.

Calvin says if Hayley asks for his honest opinion, then that’s what she’s going to get. And if she doesn’t know that, then she doesn’t know him very well. Hayley says if Calvin can’t see that he’s hurting her feelings then he doesn’t know her at all.

Hayley says they might need some space. Calvin asks if they’re done. She doesn’t answer. But that’s all the answer Calvin needs. He leaves.

Up on Galaxy Warriors, Victor and Monty are dressed in clown costumes. Cosmo Royale and Badonna force them to go on stage to hit each other with inflatable hammers to make everyone laugh. Cosmo Royale adds some falling chained spikey balls to spice things up.

Madame Odius tells Mick to broadcast the show across Earth.

Mrs. Finch and a group of students are watching an exciting episode of Hypotenuse when the TV switches to the Galaxy Warriors broadcast. Mrs. Finch tries to change the channel, but all channels are broadcasting Victor and Monty’s shenanigans. Suddenly, a wave emits from the TV that puts her and the students under zombie-like control.

The same is happening across the city.

The broadcast affects the command shop’s computers as well. Redbot recognizes it is the Warriordome stage. He tries to figure out what’s going on.


The Rangers are in the park. The guys leave Sarah and Hayley to talk about what’s happened. Sarah is honest with Hayley. She had a bad audition. Hayley asks if Calvin told her to say that, but Sarah says they all thought it.

Hayley realizes Calvin was right, but she didn’t want to hear it. Still, Calvin didn’t help her rehearse. But Sarah says Calvin has been a lot better than he originally was.

Hayley thinks she’s been too hard on Calvin and decides to call him.

Calvin sees the call, but decides not to answer. He notices everyone watching the broadcast and he too falls under Madame Odius’ control.

The Rangers arrive at school, but find it is closed. Principal Hastings opens the door and tells them all to go home and watch TV.

Levi peeks into the school and sees there are Basherbots. Redbot calls them to tell them about what’s happening. He’s found that the broadcast is causing any human who watches it to fall under Madame Odius’ mind control. Redbot says he will try to stop the signal.

Just then, Mick beams down with Madame Odius. The Rangers see Mick bow down to her.

Badonna walks out of the school with all the mind controlled humans. Madame Odius tells her to take them up to the ship.

It’s only a matter of time until the Rangers are killed and the rest of the human race will be turned into Madame Odius’ foot soldiers who will help her take over the galaxy. She begins Phase 2.

Episode Thoughts

Well, that was a very interesting episode. I must admit, Madame Odius’ master plan actually is pretty big and makes a lot of sense. It feels like it’s come out of nowhere, but now that it’s here, I do think it’s a pretty good plan.

Making billions of humans her soldiers so she can take over the rest of the galaxy? That’s pretty genius. There wasn’t any indication that this was her plan all along, but still.

It’s also a creative way to bring it back to Galaxy Warriors. Since it’s a TV show, it’s only fair to use it to beam the mind control through. Again, that’s a completely out of thin air connection. But it’s fitting I guess.

I say all this because when you get to the finale on Power Rangers or Super Sentai or Kamen Rider, you want the finale or even the final arc to feel like a true culmination of all the events that have happened over the course of the season. I think Goseiger has been the best with that over any toku season I’ve ever watched. But other seasons have also done good jobs of laying down the groundwork to make any endgame reveal feel satisfying. Like when the Big Bad finally reveals their master plan, you can go “AHHH! So that’s what all that was leading up to!”

But here on Ninja Steel, I don’t see that with Madame Odius. I actually think Galvanax’s climax felt a little more satisfying.

Anyway, I’ll save all this for next week’s season wrap-up.

Back to this episode though, I totally forgot that Papa Romero even existed, to be honest. He’s been completely irrelevant.

I also think it’s very random for them to do this teen angst breakup stuff in the penultimate episode. I think I remember some tweets from Zoe Robins and Chrysti Ane talking about not liking and speaking up against the writers’ idea to have Calvin dump Hayley for Sarah. I agreed with them because that would’ve been completely unnecessary and such a sketchy move on both Calvin and Sarah’s parts if that had happened. A very bad look for the characters.

Now, we’ve had Hayley being upset and jealous with Calvin before. So her being upset here is very much in character for her. And I don’t dislike the plot of them having a fight and breaking up, even if for just a couple of minutes. But I don’t really think it should be a plot in the finale. If anything, doing this during that stretch of very slow filler episodes this year would’ve actually been great.

As for the cartoon antics of Victor and Monty, it’s not really anything new. Though like last year, they seem to get themselves involved in a villain’s endgame.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode. Again, I actually like Madame Odius’ plan. But I do feel like there has been a lot of balls dropped on the way to this finale. We’ll see what happens next week.

http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/04/recap-power-rangers-super-ninja-steel-episode-19-39-on-the-way-to-doom-and-destruction/feed/ 6 15847
Recap: Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 38 – Collection Piece from Outer Space http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/03/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-38-collection-piece-from-outer-space/ http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/03/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-38-collection-piece-from-outer-space/#comments Sun, 04 Nov 2018 04:04:57 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15845

Dogranio calls Destra to his throne room as Zamigo arrives with some interesting intel. Dogranio confirms Destra’s safes are empty.

Meanwhile, the Pats are having lunch at Jurer so Keiichiro can have a chance to grow closer to Kairi. But Kairi is not opening up at all. Noel arrives and decides to join the Pats, but they actually have to leave for a meeting back at HQ. Noel asks what it’s about, but they can’t say as it’s not under his jurisdiction.

The Lups notice the gap between Noel and the Pats has grown wider. They believe the Pats are on to Noel prioritizing the Lups more. Noel says he has had to take some drastic steps because they must do anything to collect the Pieces.

On the way back, the Pats get a call from Jim Carter about two Ganglers. They hurry off and find Gangler BFFs Janake Sousa and Iselob Starfried.

Janake uses his Collection Piece to control cars to try and run the Pats over. The Pats quickly morph as Iselob shoots tempura shrimp missiles at them.

Just then, Zamigo appears and asks Janake to come with. Iselob wants to know where Zamigo is taking his best bud, but Zamigo shoots him into an ice block.

Iselob’s ice block shatters as Zamigo and Janake leave. Later, Zamigo says he’s only following the boss’ orders regarding Janake’s Piece.

Back at HQ, Commander Hilltop and Jim Carter show the Pats what the meeting was about. The space station has captured video of Collection Piece Victory Striker. Kogure also has the same information for the Lups.

Victory Striker will be flying over the top of Mt. Yumihiku in two hours so they will be able to capture the Piece. Sakuya asks if they should tell Noel, but Keiichiro and Tsukasa are sure Noel is already aware.

The Lups morph as Noel tells them he’ll take care of the Pats who he knows are on their way.

The Lups hop into their Dial Fighters to meet Victory Striker. But Janake is able to control Victory Striker using his Collection Piece, allowing him to also shoot at the Lups.

Noel sees Janake and morphs. Destra arrives and says he will take care of Noel while Janake finishes his mission to gain control of Victory Striker.

Kairi is able to get into Victory Striker’s cockpit, but Janake is still able to control it. Noel is struggling against Destra, even if he switchmorphs to PatRan X. Noel is forced to demorph.

The Pats arrive and shoot at Destra, taking him on. They use Biker VS Vehicle and are able to shoot Destra back, but the impact forces them to demorph as well.

Sakuya and Tsukasa ask if Noel is alright. He is surprised that they are showing concern for him. Keiichiro says of course they would. Even if he is sketchy and suspicious and lurking about, not helping him is not an option. He is also someone that deserves to be protected.

“You are all such… amazing police officers,” Noel says. “Merci. I love you all.”

Destra gets up and says he will spare them if they leave now. But they don’t. Instead, they morph.

The four Pats take on Destra. As Tooma and Umika get thrown into the Victory Striker cockpit, Kairi gets an idea after seeing something flash on the screen.

Turns out there’s another VS Vehicle, Siren Striker, inside Victory Striker and Kairi pilots it to shoot at Janake who does not know which vehicle he should control. The distraction allows Noel to swipe Janake’s Collection Piece which now also allows Tooma and Umika to control Victory Striker.

The Pats and Noel finish off Janake’s first life. Goche arrives to embiggen Janake.

Destra summons a Goram as Janake shoots at Siren Striker. Tooma and Umika summon Splash and Magic. Good Striker arrives and Kairi shoots. They are able to combine into Siren LupinKaiser.

With their new toy, the Lups are able to finish Janake off for good. But the Goram is still attacking the Pats and Noel.

Good Striker says it’s Noel’s turn. He ejects the Siren VS Vehicle and tells Kairi to shoot it at Noel.

That gives Noel a super power up to become Super Lupin X. By himself, he is able to target and defeat the Goram with a Super Superieur Strike.

Back at Jurer, the Lups give Kogure the Piece. He tells them to use Victory Striker wisely as well. Noel meanwhile has Siren Striker, but only gives the Pats some treats which Keiichiro says doesn’t make up for him giving the Lups the Collection Piece again.

Tsukasa says if Noel is truly grateful, he should give them information. But Noel says that’s all classified.

Commander Hilltop asks for his treat box.

Episode Thoughts

Basically a toy introduction episode. (Which they did unwittingly work together to gain control of.) And the idea that the Pats turn a blind eye to Noel’s shadiness because they like him and they’re good cops who protect all peoples.

We’re already at Episode 38 and all of this stuff should’ve happened at least five episodes ago. And there’s no indication that the Lups and Pats are truly going to team up for good, if at all, until the final few episodes.

I think by this point, they’ve really lost any sense of emotional pay-off or big reveal moment. Especially as they continue to characterize the Pats are pushovers, sometimes foolish, but generally nice and noble heroes.

After all this time, even if the Pats do figure out the Lups’ true identities, it’ll have been too late. Sort of in a, “it’s been right in front of your faces this whole time”-type of deal. Instead of it being an example of them actually being good and intuitive cops, it’ll be a “What took you so long?” kind of moment instead. Which, of course, would be in line with the way the show’s written the Pats all season long anyway.

Again with Noel, we know he’s keeping a big secret. Even from the Lups. We saw a little more about his maybe struggling with that this episode. But all this is doing is really raising expectations for whatever that secret is. And honestly, it really better be something huge. (Same with Kogure’s secret.) Plus, hopefully there’s something up Commander Hilltop’s sleeve and Jim Carter’s too.

Otherwise, there’s not really a major conflict or surprise in store for this final stretch of the episodes.

Even Zamigo, who I have somehow loved even when he’s only on screen for five seconds every 10 episodes, is showing signs of an uninteresting conclusion as well. They’re hyping a “climactic battle” next episode for Zamigo? That’s actually pretty worrisome. Already? lol

Anyway, I very much enjoyed seeing the Lups (including Noel) struggling even just a little. It’s about time, you know. I did like the creative way that Janake can take the controls of a vehicle to tie in to the new toy.

But overall, it was another okay episode.

http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/03/recap-kaitou-sentai-lupinranger-vs-keisatsu-sentai-patranger-episode-38-collection-piece-from-outer-space/feed/ 2 15845
Recap: Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 9 – Genm Master 2016 http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/03/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-9-genm-master-2016/ http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/03/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-9-genm-master-2016/#respond Sat, 03 Nov 2018 09:10:54 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15836 Zi-O 8

Schwartz tells Uhr and Ora that Oma Zi-O became king because he had the ambition. Uhr knows just who to shove a Ride Watch into next.

Zi-O 8

Over at the shop, Sougo shows Tsukuyomi a painting of Oda Nobunaga. She doesn’t know who he is so Sougo explains that he had a king-like position during the Sengoku period and worked to unify Japan. Geiz comes in and says Nobunaga was once called a demon king as well and killed many innocent people. In the end, his own people rebelled and killed him.

Geiz says Sougo as Oma Zi-O will suffer the same fate. Sougo says he won’t, but instead will become a kind demon king.

Uncle Junichiro hurries in to show them the Breaking News. Dan Foundation CEO Dan Kuroto has declared independence from Japan!

Zi-O 8

At Odawara Castle, after licking his lips, Kuroto makes a televised announcement that he is now King. Sougo thinks that’s so cool.

Kuroto declares the grounds of Dan Foundation and its people are now independent from Japan and does not adhere to Japanese law. The people begin to yell out that this is absurd. But Kuroto tosses a Core Medal into one of the men who first speaks up and turns him into a Yummy.

Kuroto says the man is now his loyal servant and he will do the same to anyone else who defies him.

The correspondent at the scene also reports that Kuroto has kidnapped a Diet member and is holding him hostage.

Sougo decides to go check out this new king for himself. Uncle Junichiro asks Sougo to buy some chicken for dinner while he’s out. Geiz and Tsukuyomi also leave to see what’s going on.

Zi-O 8 Zi-O 8

Sougo tries sneaking into the castle from the back and arrives just as two Yummies are about to attack two more people. Sougo and Geiz henshin to Fourze and Wizard armor, respectively.

After some initial difficulty, Sougo and Geiz are able to release the two people from the Yummy forms.

Sougo says Geiz is so strong and decides to appoint him head of his royal guards.

Just then. Kuroto appears and takes exception to Geiz calling him a demon king. Kuroto says his new name after obtaining the power of OOO is Dan Kuroto-Oh.

Kuroto shows them his Another OOO form. But a fire hawk flies in and shoots at Kuroto. Kuroto drops a Ride Watch as he chases after the bird. Tsukuyomi notices the year 2016 on Kuroto’s back.

Sougo chases after Kuroto.

Geiz picks up the Ride Watch and sees the year is 2016 on it as well. Geiz says they should go to 2016 and defeat the Another Rider even without Sougo.

Woz pops up and asks Sougo if he’s interested in King Kuroto. Sougo wants to find out more so he sneaks into the castle. Woz is pleased.

Zi-O 8

In their Time Mazine, Tsukuyomi and Geiz find Kuroto created the Dan Foundation after his father died and strategically gobbled up other companies to help his company grow quickly.

Tsukuyomi notices the Ride Watch has a figure that looks like Ex-Aid on it. She wonders if they are related.

They arrive in 2016 and Geiz quickly henshins to face Another OOO. Kuroto remembers Uhr had warned him about troublemakers.

Kuroto summons some Yummies to fight Geiz.

Zi-O 8

Back in 2018, Kuroto is getting measured for some new robes by… Izumi Hina. She currently works in the clothing department, but she is brave to speak up and say what Kuroto is doing is wrong.

Kuroto likes her attitude and decides to make her his queen. She of course doesn’t want to, so Kuroto slaps her so hard she falls to the floor. He decides to kill her, but Sougo comes in and excitedly shakes his hand, essentially stopping Kuroto from finishing her off.

In 2016, Geiz uses the Ride Watch Kuroto dropped earlier and he uphenshins to Genm Armor. As Geiz battles Kuroto, Tsukuyomi realizes the year on Another OOO’s back says 2010, not 2016.

Geiz delivers a Critical Time Burst at Another OOO.

Tsukuyomi calls Sougo to ask how Kuroto is doing in 2018, but he’s perfectly fine. Another OOO in 2016 is still very much alive.

Kuroto makes Sougo his servant and he happily accepts. Hina asks Sougo if he knows what kind of a person Kuroto is, but Sougo says that’s what he wants to find out.

Kuroto orders Yummies to lock Hina up.

Sougo tells Tsukuyomi for her and Geiz to hurry back to 2018.

Zi-O 8

Woz pops up and says Another OOO can’t be defeated without OOO’s power, so Sougo should be looking for that. But Sougo says it’s alright since this might help in his becoming king.

Geiz and Tsukuyomi arrive back in 2018. Sougo meets them outside and asks them to not interfere in what he’s doing as he’s observing King Kuroto.

Zi-O 8

Geiz says he has to defeat Sougo now then if he’s #TeamKuroto. Geiz henshins.

Sougo seems to have expected Geiz’s reaction. He henshins as well and they battle.

Sougo goes Build. Geiz warns Sougo that he’s truly on the path of the demon king now. “If you say so,” Sougo says.

They continue fighting until Sougo delivers a Vortec Time Break at Geiz, forcing him to dehenshin. Tsukuyomi runs over to Geiz and she scoops him up into the Time Mazine.

Zi-O 8

Kuroto loves what he saw from Sougo so much that he’s making him the head of his royal guard.

Uncle Junichiro is watching news coverage of the attempt to rescue the Diet member when Tsukuyomi brings the injured Geiz into the shop. She asks Uncle Junichiro for the First Aid Kit.

Zi-O 8

Woz reads from his book and says only one king can exist during this time. But which of the two kings will that be. The key lies in the hands of another Legend.

The Yummies throw Hina into confinement where the Diet member is also being kept.

The Diet member introduces himself as… Hino Eiji.

Zi-O 8

Recap: Episode 9.5 – The King, God, and the Adult

Sougo wonders why he would join Kuroto’s army. He takes the jacket off and says he is the first Rider king. Woz pops up and says he’s actually the third king after king of trains Den-O and king of kings OOO.

Zi-O 8

Sougo says that’s just their names. He says Ryuki has Ouja and Blade has a King form. Even Kiva has an Emperor form which is even higher than a king.

Woz is amused with Sougo’s humility.

Sougo then points out that the DX Time Mazine, OOO Watch, OOO Armor and DX Taka Watchroid are being released over the next two weeks to coincide with the OOO arc. But why is Dan Kuroto making an appearance here?

Woz says the Genm promo is also starting in the next week where you can get a limited edition Genm Watch with certain purchases.

Zi-O 8

Sougo thinks they’re just being manipulated by Bandai the toy company.

Kuroto laughs and says he would never rearrange his schedule for a toy company. The toy company works around his busy schedule.

Zi-O 8

Sougo says he doesn’t understand why Kuroto is considered a legend. Woz checks his book and says the toy release schedule can changed depending on which legends they can get to appear.

Kuroto reminds them he isn’t a legend, he is a god.

Kuroto then yanks Sougo around for flubbing his lines earlier.

Zi-O 8

Episode Thoughts

So I was a little I’m confused as to how they’d be able to work out Kuroto in the OOO arc. But it all made sense. Even if it was merely for the toys as they said in 9.5 lol

Uhr choosing Kuroto to shove the OOO Watch in definitely makes sense. The only thing that was a little confusing though is the fact that Uhr shoved the Watch into Kuroto in 2016, but obviously OOO takes place in 2010. So unlike the other another Riders, we have Another OOO being created not in the year that OOO took place in. I was expecting that to be the topic of episode 9.5. But that wasn’t the case lol

It does make the butterfly effect of changed history and stuff more complicated with Sougo and the Gang having to go back to give Eiji the blank Watch in 2010 I guess.

But wait, this is all part of the “just go with it” aspect of Zi-O. lol And I promised myself not to overthink it. So never mind lol

Anyway, I guess Genm is very popular with toys so it makes sense for them to bring back Iwanaga Tetsuya here. And again, they were able to weave Kuroto into the plot of the episode very creatively. I’m definitely looking more forward to seeing more Eiji in the next episode though.

Especially since Kuroto was particularly horrible this episode with his abuse of Hina. I mean, I still haven’t finished the Ex-Aid epilogues (I have half of the last one left), partly because of how insane Kuroto has really become. But it was just uncomfortably bad seeing King Kuroto acting that way with Hina. And Hina of all people too which made it even more tough to watch.

Neither Hina or Eiji’s reveals in this episode were surprising since they were both spoiled in the preview from last week. But it was still awesome to see that pan up to see Hina’s face before Kuroto assaults her.

And it was very obvious early on that Eiji was the Diet member taken hostage.

What’s been interesting so far is that even after the splits into new timelines, all the legendary Riders still end up doing things or in places they would’ve been as Riders. Like, them not being Riders anymore doesn’t necessarily change their fates or destinies.

That’s definitely a very interesting idea. That even if parts of history have changed, the future and the fate and destinies of the former Riders would still be the same.

Eiji being in the Diet certainly makes sense and fits his character. Like, if you know Eiji, you know he’d make a very good and honest politician. He’s dedicated to public service and helping people. So to think after six, or I guess now eight years, Eiji becoming a member of the Diet is very believable and logical.

When it comes to the bromance, I think Geiz’s reaction to Sougo at the end is very warranted. That is considering how Geiz seemed to have been, at the very least, changing his tune on Sougo after the last episode. At the same time, we weren’t really sure which way Geiz was shifting towards. But considering his reactions in this episode, it would appear that he was trusting Sougo a little more. But Sougo again turns to some shifty actions in this episode, even though we know that he was doing it only to gain King Kuroto’s trust.

We’ll see what happens next episode.

Overall, I liked this episode very much. It was interesting and exciting. It definitely hurt to see Eiji and Hina not knowing each other. But that makes the next episode even more exciting!

http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/03/recap-kamen-rider-zi-o-episode-9-genm-master-2016/feed/ 0 15836
The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition 17 – Leg 5 – Gabon http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/02/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-5-gabon/ http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/02/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-5-gabon/#respond Sat, 03 Nov 2018 00:00:26 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15829
IntroductionLeg 1Leg 2Leg 3Leg 4Leg 5Leg 6Leg 7

Leg 17.05 – “You’re not supposed to kill it!”


Teams set off on the 5th Leg of the Race by opening the first clue telling them they’ll be flying to Libreville, Gabon!

Teams will all be on the same Turkish Airlines flights via Istanbul, arriving in Libreville at 10:35pm.


Once in Libreville, teams must make their way to Marche du Mont-Bouet. BUT! The market opens at 8am! The cluebox will not be filled until tomorrow morning. That cluebox will have the Detour: Shopping or Haul.


In Shopping, teams will be given a shopping list in French and English. Using the provided amount of money, teams must search the market for items and pack them into a box to be given to a local school. Once approved, they will be given the next clue. If the provided money runs out before they can buy all their listed items, teams must use their own money.

This is also the Trigger Point for this Leg of the Race. If any teams have to use their own money, the U-Turn or Yield will be activated on the next Leg.


In Haul, teams must locate this marked truck and deliver two boxes of fruits each to three marked stalls in the market. Once they have collected receipts from all three vendors, they can exchange them for their next clue.


That clue will only be a photo of a building and monument. Teams must figure out the photo is of the Ministry of Mines and Petrol building and the Flame of Peace monument.


Here, teams will find the Double U-Turn!

After checking in at the Double U-Turn, teams must now hop onto a charter flight to Iguela! There is room for three teams on each charter flight.


Once they touch down in Iguela, teams must choose a marked vehicle and direct their driver to take them to Loango National Park.

Here, teams will find ANOTHER! Detour! Catch or Spot.


In Catch, teams will join a group of sport fishermen who will accompany them on the water to catch, and then release, three different species of fish. Once they’ve released three fish, they will receive the next clue.


In Spot, teams will be given a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which they will use to take photographs of different animals who freely roam in this national park. Once they present their photos to the guide at the lodge, they will be given their next clue.

That clue is a Double Road Block! Listen to Tradition or Celebrate Tradition.


Gabon is rich in folklore and mythology with an oral tradition that lasted until the 21st century. The team member who will Listen to Tradition will first listen to a local who will describe to them the different masks used by the Fang tribe and for which occasions. That team member must then relay the story and descriptions to their teammate who will Celebrate Tradition by searching the area for the correct masks.

Once teams have presented the three correct masks, they can make their way on foot to the Loango Lodge…


The Pit Stop for this Leg of the Race!

The first team to check in here will win P200,000 courtesy of Shell V-Power Nitro+.

The last team to check in here… WILL NOT be eliminated and must choose a Non-Elimination penalty envelope:

“Director’s” Commentary

#NewCountryAlert! Yay!

So, I definitely wanted to have a Leg in Africa on this Route. And Gabon has been on my wishlist for a while. So I decided to have it here. I definitely think a much better Leg (or Legs) can be put together on an actual scouting trip. But this is a very full Leg and only fair for it to be a Non-Elimination Leg.

Both sides of the first Detour are definitely typical market tasks. Both straightforward and nice tasks for teams to do right in the morning and hopefully in a crowded area.

The bulk of the Leg though should be the stunning 4K UHD drone-ready location of Loango National Park. Not too sure about getting to Loango from Libreville though. But we’ll just go with what we have. lol

The next Detour has us getting the full experience in this stunning landscape. First, sportfishing is very popular here in Gabon. So definitely having a task involving that. And of course, a task experiencing the amazing wildlife as well.

The highlight of the Leg though should be this Double Road Block. It’s definitely a familiar task from different TARs. But I think it should be great here. A wonderful cultural task that is more challenging with the memorization and communication needed by the teams.

And of course, the Pit Stop at the Lodge.

Overall, a solid Leg in Gabon!

http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/11/02/the-amazing-race-philippines-dryedmangoez-edition-17-leg-5-gabon/feed/ 0 15829
Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (18) 38 – “You promised to make me big!” http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/10/28/recap-power-rangers-super-ninja-steel-episode-18-38-you-promised-to-make-me-big/ http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/10/28/recap-power-rangers-super-ninja-steel-episode-18-38-you-promised-to-make-me-big/#comments Sun, 28 Oct 2018 10:21:51 +0000 http://dryedmangoez.com/?p=15824 Recap: Power Rangers (Super) Ninja Steel, Episode (18) 38 – Magic Misfire

Preston is leading magic club at school when Victor accompanies Monty to the club for the first time. Monty hypnotizes Victor into thinking he’s a chicken. But Victor causes chaos in the classroom when a bee starts buzzing around. Mr. Lunt arrives and is upset magic club has wrecked his classroom. He declares no more magic club in his room.

Preston tries to put the bee to sleep, but instead puts Mr. Lunt to sleep.

Principal Hastings walks in and is shocked Mr. Lunt is sleeping on the job. She fires him on the spot.

General Tynamon demands Madame Odius pay up. But instead, Madame Odius opens up Tynamon’s face to reveal his true form, and size. She wants Tynamon to bring Mick to her using a new weapon she’s created.

Over in the shopyard, the five Rangers are practicing a new power barrier when Preston arrives, still sad about causing their teacher to be fired. The Rangers decide to figure out a way to get his job back.

They go around the school asking their classmates to sign a petition to get his job back. Preston presents the signatures to Principal Hastings. She acknowledges them, but there’s a no tolerance policy on sleeping.

Just then, Redbot calls them about buzzcam activity in Hillcrest Quarry. The Rangers hurry over.

Mick sees Tynamon scurrying over into the shop. He goes to look and Tynamon zaps him right in the head.

The Rangers arrive in the quarry to face Brax who is serving as a distraction to allow Tynamon to accomplish his goal.

The Rangers and Brax battle. They decide to try their element shield they were practicing earlier. As the others maintain the barrier, Brody battles Brax inside. But Brax is too much for him and Brody’s Power Star is damaged, forcing him to demorph.

The Rangers poof themselves back to safety. But Brax knows Tynamon has captured Mick.

Redbot says the damage to Brody’s Power Star is similar to what Foxatron did to their Zord Stars. So it can be fixed, but will take a while, especially without Mick. They think Mick’s just off prepping for class.

Preston comes in and says Mr. Lunt is almost done packing so they should go say goodbye. Calvin says he almost wishes Principal Hastings also makes a mistake so she can see how it feels. Preston has an idea.

Later, the Rangers are in their ninja uniforms as they stealthily allow Preston to put Principal Hastings to sleep and cause the copier to spit out all the paper. They take her keys and place them next to Mr. Lunt’s car while Hayley distracts him by thanking for helping her.

Hayley points out the keys on the ground. Mr. Lunt sees they are Principal Hastings. He hands them to Hayley, but she says she has to go. That forces Mr. Lunt to head back inside the school where he finds it a mess and Principal Hastings asleep.

The Rangers watch as Mr. Lunt wakes Principal Hastings up. He offers to help her clean up the mess.

Principal Hastings realizes she was too harsh on him earlier and tells Mr. Lunt about Preston starting a petition as well.

“I’m a fool for not listening to them!”

Principal Hastings asks Mr. Lunt to stay.

The Rangers head back to the command shop, but Brody and Redbot aren’t done with repairs and there’s buzzcam activity downtown. He hands them the LionFire Armor Star to help while he can’t join them.

Madame Odius says she’ll embiggen General Tynamon so he doesn’t have to use the robot body anymore only after he kills all the Rangers for good.

The Rangers arrive and morph. Preston goes LionFire and Levi goes Superstar. The two of them deliver final strikes at General Tynamon. But not even a scratch on him.

Preston and Levi are able to grab hold of General Tynamon, allowing Hayley to shoot at Tynamon’s face, revealing his true form.

Brody arrives and Tynamon asks Madame Odius to Gigantify him.

The Rangers hop into Ninja Fusion Zord. Then they summon the LionFire zord so they can form the Ninja Ultrazord. Preston leads them in the final attack and General Tynamon explodes.

Back at school, Mr. Lunt thanks Preston for what he did for him. Mr. Lunt also says the magic club can still use his classroom. Brody and Calvin talking about their chicken sandwiches turns Victor into a chicken again.

But Redbot suddenly calls the Rangers and tells them to hurry back to the command shop.

Redbot plays them a message from Mick who says he is going to visit his parents who are sick. The Rangers wish him and his parents well.

They, however, still don’t know he’s actually under Madame Odius’ control. He will help her create a satellite system that will broadcast her mind control device across the world.

Madame Odius laughs and says the Rangers better sleep well tonight because it’ll be their last!

Episode Thoughts

So there’s basically two parts to this episode. First, we have the standalone story of Preston putting his teacher to sleep. It was actually a pretty good plot. It showed how a little, magical mistake could really have huge consequences. And here, it was Mr. Lunt losing his livelihood. That’s pretty huge and certainly a huge dilemma for the Rangers.

The resolution of it was pretty good too. Principal Hastings also allowed to give the lesson on not jumping to conclusions or acting too rash. And for Preston, it was to be careful with his magic. But also the real danger of them being Rangers with powers even.

The mission to put Principal Hastings to sleep was such a random use of the awesome ninja uniforms. But we gotta take ’em where we can get ’em. I really wish they were able to use them more during the season(s).

The greater arc part of the story is finally we are getting Madame Odius’ endgame. (With only two episodes left!)

We really haven’t been too sure about how Madame Odius was going about her endgame. Really, we didn’t even know what her goal was other than controlling the universe which is very generic of course. And this mind control satellite feels like a simple MOTW-type of plot and not the climax to a season-long story.

I feel like they should’ve used Tynamon much more considering how big a part of Ninninger he was. They also could’ve done a lot with revealing he was a tiny action figure inside a robot. Ninninger didn’t really do much with that and it just felt like they threw that in there. But Ninja Steel could’ve done a great story with it here instead of all the filler eps we got.

Overall, on its own, this was a pretty great, fun and exciting episode. But not so much an effective way to truly build up to the finale.

http://dryedmangoez.com/2018/10/28/recap-power-rangers-super-ninja-steel-episode-18-38-you-promised-to-make-me-big/feed/ 5 15824