Hindsight Review: TV5's Beki Boxer is One of the Best Filipino Series in Years

Beki Boxer

No spoilers! Click here for my First Impression Review and click here for my Check-In Review.

I have no reservations with my proclamation in that headline. I absolutely believe TV5’s Beki Boxer is one of the best, most enjoyable and most creative scripted Filipino series, drama or comedy, in years. Continue reading

Hindsight Review: GMA's Carmela and Rhodora X Dropped the Ball

One spoiler, but it doesn’t really matter.

Carmela and Rhodora X premiered at the end of January. While I was lukewarm with Carmela, I saw a lot of potential in Rhodora X.

Color me not surprised that not one, but two Filipino drama series end up having disappointing runs. This is definitely nothing new with Filipino soap operas. But going into new shows, of course, you’re very hopeful. It is unfortunate, but never unexpected that they end up completely dropping their balls multiple times before they bid farewell. Continue reading

Hindsight Review: GMA's My Husband's Lover Opens the Door

No Spoilers.

GMA Network raised plenty of eyebrows with their groundbreaking, but controversial drama My Husband’s Lover. Having wrapped up its much talked about run last week, the series’ influence and impact may not yet be truly felt. That’s because its biggest and maybe most important accomplishment will be how it opened the door to countless possibilities in Philippine entertainment and the greater Filipino culture. Continue reading

Hindsight Review: KBS’ Shark is an Absorbing and Emotionally Compelling Journey

KBS Shark

Huge finale spoilers!
For the non-spoilery First Impression Review, click here.

Ending exactly the way it started, the final episodes of KBS’ Shark (Don’t Look Back: The Legend of Orpheus) showed off the talents of its strong cast and glided through a script filled with “quiet tension, emotion, mystery and thrills.”

Visually beautiful and emotionally gripping, Shark‘s finale mostly wrapped up what was a fully engrossing and ultimately tragic journey of a man hellbent on revenge.

It was a painful journey for everyone involved, but most especially for our tragic hero, Yi Soo. It wasn’t necessarily an action-packed, shoot em’ up, fistfight-type of finale. There were no last minute stabbings on roofs (That Winter!) or last minute cars ramming into phone booths (Nine Time Travels!).

But Shark‘s finale was able to carry just as much dramatic and emotional weight and heft with a simmering, though never boiling over, string of events that would culminate in what would be a heartfelt, but tragic ending. Continue reading

Hindsight Review: tvN’s Nine – Nine Time Travels – Simply Epic

Nine Time Travels

HUGE!!!! Spoilers. Stay away if you don’t want to have the entire series spoiled!
Instead, click here for my non-spoilery First Impression Review or click here for the very spoilery, but only up to episode 10 Check-in Review.

How can you even start talking about tvN’s drama Nine: Nine Time Travels? Where to even begin?

First off, maybe by echoing my sentiments in my Check-in Review. Just ten episodes in and it was clear Nine was going to be more than just a fun time-hopping ride. Merely halfway through the series and it was already shaping up to be a “a genre-bending, game changer.” It was “mind-blowing” and “thought provoking.”

I went on my Philippine vacation before the final six episodes aired with no way to watch them until I got back, thinking, “I hate to do it, but I have high expectations for the last 10 episodes. Not expectations about what’ll happen next, but expectations that the series will continue to be as or even more amazing as it has been so far.”

Still fighting off the jetlag, I excitedly sat down to watch those final episodes and now that it is all over, my opinion hasn’t changed. It’s only been reinforced, if not strengthened. Continue reading

Hindsight Review: Willing to Engage in Emotionally Satisfying “Psychological Warfare” for That Winter the Wind Blows

Winter Wind Blows

For the non-spoilery First Impression Review, click here.

I want to preface this Hindsight Review by saying it will probably be just as convoluted as the show’s ending. But hopefully, this Review will be just as satisfying as the show’s ending, in spite of its perplexing nature.

But what is easy is seeing why That Winter the Wind Blows has become the most talked about drama of the year so far. The SBS drama series’ ratings win against its more hyped competitors was a testament to its great writing and excellent performances. And that is definitely not a common occurrence in Korean dramaland.

That Winter the Wind Blows started off with an incredibly poetic aura about it. It’s stunningly breathtaking visuals were matched by both the deep and intriguing writing and the powerful performances of its lead actors. Continue reading

Hindsight Review: tvN’s Charming Flower Boy Next Door a Satisfying Journey with Plenty of Heart

Flower Boy Next Door

Lots of spoilers! For my First Impression Review, click over here.

tvN’s Flower Boy Next Door did not disappoint. It started out as a sweet and charming romantic comedy and it ended a sweet and charming romantic comedy.

That isn’t always the case. Sometimes Korean dramas start out all light and fluffy then turn into a melodrama, or vice versa.

But Flower Boy Next Door maintained its sweet and warmhearted tone throughout, telling the love story of Go Dok Mi and Enrique Geum while also helping the other characters find love as well. The series was cute and fun with touches of drama that never overwhelmed its lighter side. Continue reading