Friday Night Lights 5.13 – Texas Forever… Always

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Friday Night Lights – The Series Finale Airs Tonight on DirecTV

The final episode of what will certainly be one of the very best television programs ever airs tonight on DirecTV’s The 101 Network. While the final season begins its broadcast run on NBC, Friday, April 15th, the tribute articles and retrospectives are already popping up. So why not give those tear ducts some needed exercise before the floodgates open tonight by reading some of the wonderful articles around the internets.

Texas Forever: 12 Things Television Can Learn From ‘Friday Night Lights’
By Maureen O’Ryan at TVSquad

TVGuide’s Three Part Interview with the Cast and Crew:
Part 1: Friday Night Lights Comes to An End: Producers and Cast Remember Building Dillon
Part 2: Friday Night Lights Comes to an End: The Cast on Series-Saving Fans, Graduation, Panther Hate
Part 3: Friday Night Lights Comes to an End: The Cast Says Good-Bye with Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

Friday Night Lights’ Final Score: Bridging America’s Divides
By Time’s James Poniewozik

‘Friday Night Lights’: A look back at its greatness and its greatest moments
By HitFix’s Alan Sepinwall

Friday Night Lights 5.12 – The Sun is About to Set in Dillon

Tim is in his boxers and throwing everything out of his trailer in the middle of the night.

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Friday Night Lights, Episode 5.11 – The March

It’s a Welcome Home party for Tim. Becky goes to Tim who looks very lonely looking out into the backyard. He asks her what her boyfriend thinks about her working at the Landing Strip. She says he’s fine with it.

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Friday Night Lights, Episode 5.10 – Don’t Go

Shane State just moved up to Division I last winter and are now looking for someone to give “the keys to the kingdom.” Whoever that’ll be will get complete control… over everything.

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Friday Night Lights, Episode 5.09 – Much Needed Gut Check for Everyone

In Chicago, Julie tells Matt she had a really good weekend. But she wants to stay. Matt says that’ll be fine.

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Friday Night Lights, Episode 5.08 – Fracture… More Like Broken and Shattered

Vince and family are watching his first interview on the local news. Everyone’s happy, except for Jess who asks why Vince didn’t recognize his fellow teammates. Pops says Vince can’t help it if he’s the star. She Continue reading