Friday Night Lights, Episode 5.11 – The March

It’s a Welcome Home party for Tim. Becky goes to Tim who looks very lonely looking out into the backyard. He asks her what her boyfriend thinks about her working at the Landing Strip. She says he’s fine with it.

We get a flash of the scoreboard for their first playoff game. The Lions Continue reading

Friday Night Lights, Episode 5.10 – Don’t Go

Shane State just moved up to Division I last winter and are now looking for someone to give “the keys to the kingdom.” Whoever that’ll be will get complete control… over everything.

And to them, that someone is Continue reading

Friday Night Lights, Episode 5.09 – Much Needed Gut Check for Everyone

In Chicago, Julie tells Matt she had a really good weekend. But she wants to stay. Matt says that’ll be fine.

The Lions have apparently just Continue reading

Friday Night Lights, Episode 5.08 – Fracture… More Like Broken and Shattered

Vince and family are watching his first interview on the local news. Everyone’s happy, except for Jess who asks why Vince didn’t recognize his fellow teammates. Pops says Vince can’t help it if he’s the star. She Continue reading

Friday Night Lights, Episode 5.07 – Perfect Record… But Dirty

It’s rivalry week in Dillon. Buddy sets up camp with a group of guys that’ll guard the field from evil Panthers (like what happened last year).

Coach goes to meet an old friend for lunch. It’s Jason Street! He mentions how weird it is to see Coach in red and black. (“Don’t be a smart ass.”)

Jason shows Coach a Continue reading

Friday Night Lights, Episode 5.06 – Swerve

It’s Sunday and everyone is at their respective churches. Luke’s parents are already wearing their figurative TMU Proud Parent sweaters even though Luke isn’t as sure as he was about getting an offer.

The Taylors and father and son Garrity catch up outside and Buddy jokes about Julie and Junior looking like a nice little couple. Across town, Aunt Byrd invites the Howards over for Continue reading

Friday Night Lights Episode 5.05 – Kingdom

“My way is the right way, the good way, the smart way. It’s the path to salvation gentlemen!”

Coach is cooking bacon in his office when Vince comes to tell him about talking to coaches at TMU even though that’s not allowed since he’s still a Junior. Coach says not to tell anyone and he’ll take care of it. Continue reading

Friday Night Lights, Episode 5.04 – Keep Looking

Mindy continues to become increasingly annoyed by having Becky in her home. Soon, Becky’s father calls her to demand she goes back to her own home, but of course, she doesn’t want to. He’s on his way home himself.

Later, Mindy comes home with baby Stevie. Upset, she asks Becky to evaluate her. She lifts her already short skirt up and Continue reading

I’m Going to Miss American Television!

So… I am really going to miss new episodes of The Amazing Race and Friday Night Lights. I’m probably not going to make Supernatural before they go on their ridiculously long annual midseason hiatus. Will Todd and Asha hook up on Outsourced? What else will drive Michael Scott to fly high? How many more Walking Dead are there out there? Am I going to miss the big reveal of Dee’s baby daddy?

Well, I’m going to miss all of it because I’m going to be in the Philippines for the next month. During sweeps! But there will be plenty of things to look forward to here at Some new reviews and some hopes and dreams for the future.

And hopefully, I might be able to find a way *wink*wink* to catch up on all these shows while in the Philippines, especially The Amazing Race since it actually airs there, but I doubt it. =]

So see you all in December! Have a fun November sweeps! And enjoy some good television!

Friday Night Lights 5.02 – You Gotta Earn the Right to Whine

The Lions win is the talk of Texas on Monday, but Coach doesn’t want the team to get all wrapped up in thinking about championship rings. (Let’s win some games first!)

In the cafeteria, the Lions are raffling off the players to the rally girls. One girl picks Vince’s jersey, but (surprise!) he apologizes to her and gives the jersey to Jess. Aww. Now the girls are pushing Becky to choose a jersey. A certain someone sits up and starts getting very hopeful. (We know where this is going right?)

Becky pulls a jersey out aaanndd… she gets Continue reading