The Amazing Race " 26 " (or beyond!), Legs 1 and 2 – San Francisco → Albay → Ilocos Norte!

You’d think when The Amazing Race moved to Fridays, it would never be pre-empted or delayed, let alone by an awards show. But that’s what happened this week.

And already halfway through TAR25 (which has been the best season since TAR17!), it looks 50/50 that they’ll be making their long awaited return to the Philippines this season. Bertram’s tease in that TARPH promo in May must have meant TAR26.

And speaking of, CBS made the surprising, but welcome announcement that TAR26, first of all, would actually exist. But also that it would have a 90-minute premiere after Survivor‘s premiere in February.

So with no TAR this week, I started thinking about what TAR could do for its 90 minute premiere to help bring in new viewers and bring back old viewers who may have tuned out. Throwing in my wishlist for a San Francisco > Philippines opening Leg and here we go! Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 34 (Leg 6, Day 4) – "Pagkatapos mo ako pahirapan, pasalamat ka mabait ako."

Teams must first stop at the Yield Board in front of Fort San Pedro before heading to the Mandaue Municipal Hall.

AJ & Jody arrive at the cluebox and find the Detour
In Martial Art, teams must make their way to Boardwalk Complex in Mandaue to learn a 14-step Eskrima Martial Art routine. Once they learn the routine, they must defeat an Eskrima Grand Master to get their next clue.
In Art of Cooking, teams will head to Mandaue Public Market to learn how to make Poso rice pockets. Once the owner of the stall is satisfied, they’ll get the next clue. Continue reading