Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 2, Episode 5 – "Make him go more 'haw'."

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 2, Episode 5 – “Who designs these torture tests!?”

TAR Canada 205 TAR Canada 205

Teams get started on the 5th Leg of the Race and find out they are returning to Canada, this time flying to the Yukon.

Once there, teams will drive brand new Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duties to Sky High Ranch. Teams are also given one Loonie onto their Scotiabank Gold American Express Card.

This is the Leg Natalie & Meaghan need to hand over the Express Pass. They decide to give it to Pierre & Michel, but with some conditions. They won’t U-Turn each other, but they hope Pierre & Michel can help them out and U-Turn someone who might be on their butts in the future. Continue reading

The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition – Leg 9 – Hong Kong & Kathmandu, Nepal

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Leg 9 – “Kailan pa akong marunong mag-cook!?”

During the Pit Stop, teams were taken from the Marble Mountains to the Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort for a short breather from the Race before they set off on the final stretch.

Teams open up the first clue of the Leg telling them to fly to Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Australia vs New Zealand, Episode 1 – "I gotta have two legs to run the Race!"


Grant Bowler welcomes us to Survivor a new season of The Amazing Race Australia. But this time, it will be a Race between five teams from Australia and five teams from New Zealand.

The teams are driven to the Starting Line in Uluru and Grant lays out the Race. There are 10 Legs in the Race and the winners of each Leg will win prizes “like never before.”

Grant tells them their first clues are on their backpacks. He raises his hand and the Racers get ready to go… Continue reading