Hindsight Review: TV5's Beki Boxer is One of the Best Filipino Series in Years

Beki Boxer

No spoilers! Click here for my First Impression Review and click here for my Check-In Review.

I have no reservations with my proclamation in that headline. I absolutely believe TV5’s Beki Boxer is one of the best, most enjoyable and most creative scripted Filipino series, drama or comedy, in years. Continue reading

Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 18 – If I Call Your Name

ToQger 18

Ticket is happy Zaram, an ex-Shadow, won’t be ToQ-6. But Conductor thinks they should let him be the sixth member as he appears to be very strong.

The ToQgers watch them arguing. Right asks why one person would have two opinions and Ticket immediately says they’re not just one person. “He’s just talking to himself,” Hikari says.

“That’s rather harsh…” Continue reading