Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.22 – "Is this the most wonderful day or what!?"

Recap: Grimm, Episode 3.22 – Blond Ambition

“Turn back, turn back, thou pretty bride, within this house thou must not abide. For here do evil things betide.”

Grimm 322

The Gang is at the Zimmer Mountain Lodge for the wedding rehearsal. The judge who’ll preside over the wedding wonders if Nick will be wearing those sunglasses tomorrow. Everyone (Monroe, Rosalee, Juliette, DeEetta, Rosalee’s mom, Monroe’s parents, Hank and Bud) says yes, he will. Continue reading

Highlights from Phil Keoghan's Live Chat About The Amazing Race

Phil had a live chat with fans yesterday (which you can watch here) and here are some of the very interesting highlights: Continue reading