Commentary: The Double Standards of Philippine TV (And Its Current Sorry State)

When Wowowillie went off the air in October 2013, people were celebrating the fact that class would finally be restored to Philippine noontime television. Gone would be Willie Revillame and his sexy dancers, on-air tampos and Filipino sob stories.

It is now May 2014. And in just the last week, Philippine noontime has seen indignant hosts, gays choking after getting polvorons stuffed into their mouths and being insulted and an old man feeling up a pretty young thing.

No, Willie Revillame isn’t back on television. But by those descriptions, you could very well be thinking of Kuya Wil, right?

And yet, barely a social media peep out of such so-called entertaining displays. But why? Because we all know if it really were Willie Revillame talking back to his director or network, making inappropriate jokes or making sexual advances toward a pretty young girl, you’d definitely hear about it. The MTRCB would be involved. All-knowing celebrities would tweet their sanctimonious disapproval.

Actually, that did happen. It regularly happened. But you don’t see the same faux outrage against the likes of Vice Ganda or Joey de Leon.

Wowowee, Wowowillie and everything in between was trash. Pure garbage. Unclassy. Nonsense. Waste of time. Yet Eat Bulaga and It’s Showtime are both beautiful pillars of the celebrity-based Filipino society. That’s the popular opinion, right?

Now I’m not writing this to defend Wowowee-tachi or Willie Revillame.

Well, I am. But that’s not my main point here. I’m writing to look at just why such double standards exist. Continue reading

Recap: Ressha Sentai ToQger, Station (Episode) 10 – Tokacchi Dies at Sunset

ToQger 10

Tokacchi is running to the next station alongside the Ressha to build his endurance. He stops to wave at the Ressha when Conductor and Ticket blow the whistle.

He notices a little boy in a baseball uniform sitting nearby and looking at him. He says he’s just waving to his friends on the train. The boy thinks Tokacchi’s a weirdo since he didn’t see any train. Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Gaim, Episode 27 – When You Know the Truth

Gaim 27

Kota falls unconscious. Micchi hops down, ready to fire the final shots to finish him off. But Kaito stops him. What the hell are you doing? Why did you turn on Kota?

None of your business, Micchi says. But if he’s not stopped now, Kota will only continue to get in Kaito’s way too. He’d also benefit from them finishing Kota off now. Continue reading