Recap: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Episode 9.10 – "We got too many beefs."

Recap: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, Episode 9.10 – The Gang Squashes Their Beefs

Sunny 910

Dennis and Mac head to Mondo Video to rent the unrated director’s cut of Thunder Gun Express which has some extra, longer dong. They’ll be watching it for Thanksgiving. But when they get to the counter, who comes out from the back but the McPoyles. They’ve bought the store and are ready to corner the market on home video sales. Continue reading

Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.05 – "I think you might be a dog."

Recap: Supernatural, Episode 9.05 – Dog Dean Afternoon

Supernatural 905

The Bros are investigating a murdered taxidermist. They suspect the heads of a local animal rights group, but turns out they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Considering every single bone in the taxidermist’s body was broken and the hippie animal rights couple’s eyes seemingly getting sprayed with snake venom, they suspect a snake-like monster. Continue reading