Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 1, Episode 5 – “They liked my shampoo, that’s about it.”

Episode 5 – Death by Lentils

The Amazing Race Canada 105

Teams must search the S.S Klondike for their next clue. Teams also learn there is a U-Turn ahead.

Jet & Dave read the next clue telling teams to fly to Regina, Saskatchewan. They decide to have a lady call two taxis to endear themselves to Holly & Brett who are right behind them. Continue reading

Recap: The Amazing Race Canada 1, Episode 4 – “Keep it together… yourself, I mean.”

Episode 4 – “Grab a ‘Nug”

The Amazing Race Canada 104

Teams must fly to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. At the airport, Vanessa & Celina get two young guys to let them cut in front of a looong line at the ticket counter. Continue reading