An Open Letter to Mr. Peter Berg

Dear Mr. Berg,

I have been a huge fan of Friday Night Lights. From the first time I watched the pilot episode and was amazed by what I had just stumbled upon up to the final moment when Coach and Mrs. Coach walked off the football field in Philadelphia and the lights turned off for the last time.

Every time I’ve written about Friday Night Lights , I’ve noted the many aspects of the show that I believed resonated with so many viewers including myself; the sincerity, the realism, the humility and maybe most importantly, the universality of the show’s characters, stories and themes.

Friday Night Lights never sought to divide, I thought, instead Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Wizard, Episode 6 – To a Beautiful Flower

Haruto asks for his usual plain sugar at the donut cart and finds out the employee (when are they gonna get names!?) is in love as evidenced by all the power stone bracelets he bought from the girl. He happily runs off to meet her. Continue reading

Recap: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Episode 8.01 – Pop-Pop: The Final Solution

Mac has an announcement. Due to his “sudden and unfortunate weight loss,” the bar is at a security risk. So as head of security, his first move is… his new pair of glasses to be used during his ocular patdowns. He’ll now be able to determine a subject’s threat level without them feeling his retinal assessment. Charlie thought the glasses were so the subjects won’t see how scared Mac is. Continue reading